ONC Issues First Health IT Standards Bulletin Discussing USCDI & SVAP

ONC Issues First Health IT Standards Bulletin Discussing USCDI & SVAP

What You Should Know:

– The ONC released the first ONC Standards Bulletin, a new communication tool ONC will use to periodically update the healthcare industry about ONC health IT standards and policy initiatives.

– Based on a HITAC recommendation, the Bulletin is part of the
ONC’s ongoing efforts to communicate, coordinate, and promote the adoption and
use of health IT standards to facilitate the access, exchange, and use of
electronic health information.

– The inaugural ONC Standards Bulletin 2021-1 (SB21-1)
discusses the United States Core Data for

Interoperability (USCDI) and the Standards-Version Advancement Process (SVAP).

Draft v2
is the result of wide-ranging public input into the elements that
should be included to enhance the interoperability of health data for patients,
providers, and other users. ONC encourages the public to review this draft
standard, including the list of data elements that didn’t make it into the
standard, and provide comments through the USCDI home page by April 15, 2021.

– ONC also released the Standards
Version Advancement Process (SVAP)
Approved Standards for 2020. Under the
SVAP, health IT developers can incorporate newer versions of health IT
standards and implementation specifications used in certified health IT and
update systems for their customers without undergoing certification testing