Inivata and Collaborators Report Results of RaDaR MRD Test in (CHiRP) Study for the Treatment of Breast Cancer


The (CHiRP) study evaluates RaDaR personalized MRD assay in patients with high-risk, early-stage HR+ HER2- breast cancer. The study was supported by AstraZeneca & conducted in conjunction with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
The 83-patient cohort’s ctDNA in blood samples were examined using RaDaR assay through patient-specific primer panels with a median follow-up was 2yrs. from 1st blood sample, 10% of patients had MRD+ results, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology & presented at ASCO 2022
6 patients (7.2%) developed distant metastatic recurrence & ctDNA was identified with an m-ctDNA lead time of 12.4mos, 2 MRD+ patients had not experienced clinical recurrence. These findings confirm the RaD

Ref: GlobalNewswire | Image: Inivata

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