Formosa and AimMax Report Results of CPN-301 in the P-III Trial for the Treatment of Inflammation and Pain after Cataract Surgery


The P-III trial evaluates APP13007 vs PBO in a ratio (1:1) in 378 patients with inflammation and pain following cataract surgery
The trial met 2 1EPs of producing rapid & sustained clearance of ocular inflammation and cure of ocular pain that was statistically & clinically superior, 26.5% vs 5.1% of patients showed sustained ACC count from POD8 through POD15, patients had ACC count on POD15 (58.6% vs 15.7%)
Additionally, 68.0% vs 23% showed sustained ocular pain grade (pain-free) as early as POD4 through to POD15, 77.3% vs 43.7% were ocular pain-free at POD4, was well tolerated with a similar safety profile, no serious AEs were reported & showed comparable profiles of change in IOP from baseline

Ref: PRNewswire | Image: Formosa 

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