A Few Days Off to Cook Stuff

I’ll be taking time off until early next week for the Thanksgiving holiday. As we go on into December I will indeed post a recipe or two, as is traditional around here. I made the chicken pot pie in this recipe last weekend, and I’m making this chocolate pecan pie today, as I have the day before Thanksgiving for at least twenty years now. It’s for dessert tomorrow, along with a pumpkin pie which I’ll make this afternoon as well. I’ll add a photo to this post later today for proof! Along with the pies, tomorrow’s meal will feature a roasted brined turkey, a vat of homemade cranberry sauce, pan-roasted Brussells sprouts, asparagus, homemade mashed potatoes and turkey gravy, creamed pearl onions with sage, stuffing with celery, apples, sausage, and cranberries, and our usual Iranian basmati rice side dish with slivered almonds and pistachios, saffron, dried barberries, and orange zest. 

I hope my American readers who celebrate the holiday have a good long weekend, and I’ll see everyone next week, where there will indeed be More Science. For now, into the kitchen!