Days Off

I wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be taking this week off. Next blog post will be on Tuesday the 12th – which by coincidence is the day of the next software rollout behind the scenes here at Science, which is widely hoped to solve the longstanding broken-RSS-feed problem. So there’s something to look forward to! At any rate, I’ll be checking personal email and perhaps showing up on Twitter once in a while over the next week, but otherwise I’ll be off the screens. (And the Twitter account is an issue of its own – the web version seized up and crashed on me a few days ago, and since then has refused my @Dereklowe login under any circumstances. I still have access on the mobile app, but that’s it. It’s a server-side problem; it persists across different machines, different operating systems, and different browsers, and dealing with that will be an adventure all its own, I’m sure. For the time being I’ve put in a backup account, @Dereklowebackup, so that will start tweeting if things break down completely).

There are plenty of interesting topics queued up for my return, and who knows, a couple more will probably surface over the next few days. See everyone then!