“We Must Eliminate the Noise,” Reflected Cerner’s New President and CEO

What You Should Know: 

– During the opening keynote at Cerner Health Conference, Cerner’s new President and CEO, David Feinberg, M.D., expressed the need to improve the usability of health records to help patients avoid unnecessary tests and medications, enable nurses and doctors to eliminate errors and predict what’s to come to improve the health of communities around the world.

– “Healthcare technology needs to be reliable, understandable, complementary – we all must work to address and eliminate the noise in healthcare,” Feinberg told thousands of caregivers, innovators and other healthcare professionals during his first keynote address. “In the last few years, we’ve seen amazing medical breakthroughs – smart pills that remind users they’ve already taken their medication, AI to detect lung cancer more accurately and vaccinations developed and deployed in months instead of years. But still, the noise remains.”

– During his keynote, Feinberg noted Gartner recently acknowledged Cerner’s work to tackle clinician burnout by highlighting a key tool in this effort, Essential Clinical Datasets. Now scaled to many healthcare facilities around the world, these are data elements essential to be documented for a patient within the EHR so the care team may provide quality care. Defining this dataset is critical to streamlining the data needed from patients and reducing the documentation burden of caregivers.