Acceleron Signs a License Agreement with Fulcrum for the Identification of Therapies to Treat Pulmonary Diseases


  • Fulcrum to receive $10M upfront, reimbursement for R&D costs, research, development and commercial milestone of up to $295M for first product commercialized and additional payments $143.5M for all subsequent products commercialized plus royalties on sales of product
  • Acceleron to get rights to access Fulcrum’s product engine and target identification platform for identifying small molecule therapies controlling the expression of genes impacting specific pathways for pulmonary diseases and will take care of all development and commercial activities for developed products
  • The collaboration combines Fulcrum’s skill in identifying drug targets based on modulation of genetic pathways associated with disease and Acceleron’s deep expertise in TGF-beta for the generation of targeted therapies. Acceleron’s ACE-083 is a P-II locally acting myostatin+ agent targeted for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

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