Roche Collaborates with Celleron Therapeutics for Emactuzumab to Treat Patients with Tenosynovial Giant Cell Tumor


  • Celleron will receive an exclusive global right for the clinical development, manufacturing, and commercialization of emactuzumab (formerly RG7155 and RO5509554). The companies expect the closing of an agreement by the end of 2020
  • 86% of TGCT patients treated with emactuzumab responded to the drug, with 68% of people experiencing a PR within 6 weeks of starting the treatment. The license agreement demonstrated Celleron’s dedication to the development of cancer medicine and its transformational potential for patients inflicted with cancer
  • Emactuzumab (RG7155) is an IgG1 mAb, designed to target and deplete macrophages in the tumor tissue.  The therapy targets TAMs by binding to CSF-1R on the cell surface and blocking its activation by CSF-1

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