Category: Dihydroergotamine

  • A New Dihydroergotamine Nasal Spray (Trudhesa) for Migraine

    Date:  December 27, 2021 Issue #:  1640 Summary:  The FDA has approved Trudhesa (Impel Neuropharma), a new dihydroergotamine nasal spray product, for acute treatment of migraine with or without aura in adults. Another dihydroergotamine nasal spray (Migranal, and generics) has been available for many years for the same indication.

  • Drugs for Migraine

    Date:  October 5, 2020 Issue #:  1608 Summary:  An oral nonopioid analgesic is often sufficient for acute treatment of mild to moderate migraine headache without severe nausea or vomiting. A triptan is the drug of choice for treatment of moderate to severe migraine headache pain in most patients without vascular disease. Early treatment of pain […]