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  • Disrupted medical conferences: 2022 and beyond

    How to make it in the new normal Part 1 of this article discussed the massive disruptions to medical events caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and how attendees’ preferences have shifted as things have shaken out. You can read part 1 here. In part 2, we look at how some affected groups can respond. Pharmas […]

  • Disrupted medical conferences: Lessons learnt

    The new normal is already here. Get used to it. The COVID-19 pandemic has radically disrupted traditional medical society conferences in a way that could scarcely have been imagined in 2019. The vast majority of societies were able to transition their planned physical events to virtual formats within remarkably short periods of time, and some […]

  • Reshaping events in pharma

    Healthcare professional (HCP) engagement experienced significant shifts during the acute phase of the pandemic, as COVID-19 forced a rethink of traditional pharmaceutical sales and marketing practices, including the digitisation of events. With medical conferences and events long a mainstay for pharma-HCP interactions, the pandemic’s travel restrictions, and lockdowns forced these in-person meet-ups to go virtual. […]