Category: Deep Dive: Communications 2020

  • Responding to dynamic shifts in value communications

    OPEN Health’s Beth Lesher and Annemarie Clegg examine what the convergence of medical communications and market access means for pharmaceutical companies. Value in healthcare is a continually changing concept. As the needs of different stakeholders evolve and gain in prominence, pharmaceutical companies must be prepared to address value from various viewpoints using a variety of […]

  • The tools and techniques making virtual patient simulations more realistic than ever

    Patient simulations have been a key tool for educating physicians in some form for hundreds of years – and now cutting-edge technologies are helping them become more realistic and informative than ever. Medscape’s Martin Warters tells us more. Learning from a textbook can only take you so far, and when doctors need to put theory […]

  • Cutting through the noise for HCPs

    In a world producing more content than ever before, getting information to time-poor HCPs can be incredibly difficult – even if they want to find it. Ian Daley and Jonathan Macdonald from EPG Health tell us how pharma can take cues from digital publishing and companies like Amazon to make sure their messages get heard. […]