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  • Turning Point and EQRx Collaborate to Evaluate Elzovantinib + Aumolertinib in Patients with EGFR Mutant Met-Amplified Advanced NSCLC

    Shots: The companies collaborated to assess Turning Point’s elzovantinib (TPX-0022) in combination with EQRx’s aumolertinib in patients with EGFR mutant MET-amplified advanced NSCLC Turning Point will sponsor and conduct a P-Ib/II clinical trial to evaluate the safety, tolerability and preliminary efficacy of the combination regimen and will assume all costs associated with the trial whereas […]

  • UCB Collaborates with Microsoft to Accelerate Drug Discovery and Development

    Shots: The collaboration will merge Microsoft’s computational services, cloud and AI with UCB’s drug discovery and development capabilities The companies intend to discover and develop medicines for people living with severe diseases in immunology and neurology. The collaboration follows UCB and Microsoft’s collaboration around COVID-19 Microsoft will provide AI technology and applied scientists to work […]

  • Takeda Collaborates with Ensoma to Accelerate Next-Generation In Vivo Gene Therapies

    Shots: Ensoma to receive $100M in up front & preclinical research payment, $10M in equity investment, and is eligible to receive $1.25B as development and commercialization milestones along with royalties on sales of each product Takeda to get an exclusive WW rights Ensoma’s Engenious vectors for up to five rare disease indications. Ensoma to conduct […]

  • Sanofi Collaborates with i2O Therapeutics to Evaluate Oral i2O Therapeutics

    Shots: The companies collaborated to investigate oral delivery of Sanofi’s Nanobody based medicines, which are currently available in IV & SC formulations The collaboration will advance the formulation of therapies that are traditionally limited to injections. Nanobodies are the therapeutic proteins based on camelid-derived immunoglobulin single variable domains & have potential to treat multiple diseases […]

  • Hologic Collaborate with Google Cloud to Advance Screening in Cervical Cancer

    Shots: The companies collaborated to integrate Google Cloud’s ML technologies with Hologic’s Genius Digital Diagnostics System to transform screening and accelerate the eradication of cervical cancer across the globe The alliance promises to migrate the system’s data management infrastructure to the cloud, and the two companies will also work to further develop its deep learning […]

  • CureVac Collaborate with UK Government to Develop Vaccines Against SARS-CoV-2 variants

    Shots: The collaboration combines expertise, resources and technology from both parties to develop and manufacture variant vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 variants. CureVac is expected to supply 50M doses of variant vaccines to the UK, following the regulatory approval The VTF and the CureVac will deploy mRNA platform to assess multiple SARS-CoV-2 variants and are expected to […]

  • GSK Collaborate with CureVac to Develop Next Generation mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

    Shots: CureVac to receive $90.14M up front, $90.14M as milestones on the achievement of specific milestones. GSK will be the marketing authorization holder for the vaccine (Ex-Switzerland) and will have exclusive rights in all countries except Germany, Austria and Switzerland Additionally, GSK will support the manufacture of ~100M doses of CureVac’s first generation COVID-19 vaccine […]

  • Gilead Signs an Option and License Agreement with Gritstone for HIV Vaccine

    Shots: Gristone to receive $60M at closing, including $30M up front and a $30M as an equity investment at a premium and is eligible to receive up to ~$725M as option exercise payments and milestones along with royalties on sales of therapy Gilead will be in charge of conducting a P- I study for the […]

  • Roche Collaborate with Cambridge Quantum Computing to Develop Quantum Algorithm for Drug Discovery and Development

    Shots: CQC collaborates with Roche to design and implement noisy-intermediate-scale-quantum (NISQ) algorithms for early-stage drug discovery and development The collaboration will employ CQC’s quantum chemistry platform ‘EUMEN’, to augment the Roche’s AD research efforts The multi-year collaboration will combine the expertise of both CQC and Roche to advance the application of quantum computing to pharmaceutical […]

  • Ervaxx and Cardiff University Collaborate to Develop Novel T-cell and T-cell Receptor-based Immunotherapeutics Targeting Dark Antigens

    Shots: Cardiff University will receive milestone payments that advance from the discovery collaboration into clinical development and royalty payments on sales of any products that reach the market. Ervaxx will fund this program Ervaxx gains an exclusive license to Cardiff University patents claiming T cells and TCRs reactive to cancer-specific antigens and has the right […]

  • Servier and MiNA Therapeutics Collaborate to Develop saRNA Therapies for Neurological Diseases

    Shots: MiNA to receive $267.6M in up front, exclusivity fee on first neurological target and will be eligible to receive research, development, regulatory and commercial milestones along with royalties Servier will lead pre/ clinical development of lead candidates and will have the rights to commercialize any products that emerges from the collaboration The collaboration integrates […]

  • Lilly and Merus Collaborate to Discover Novel T-Cell Re-Directing Bispecific Antibodies

    Shots: Merus to receive $40M up front, $20M as an equity investment, ~$540M as development & commercial milestones making it a total of $1.6B for three products, along with royalties, following the commercialization of therapies Merus will lead discovery and early-stage research activities while Loxo Oncology at Lilly will be responsible for additional research, development, […]

  • Takeda and KSQ Collaborate to Develop and Commercialize Novel Immuno-Oncology Therapies

    Shots: KSQ to receive $100M+ as up front and preclinical milestones and up to $400M+/ program in option payment and development & commercialization milestones along with royalties on sales of each approved products The deal includes two KSQ’s previously identified & validated T-cell targets with the potential to introduce two additional targets to the collaboration […]

  • Chi-Med and Inmagene Collaborate to Develop Therapies for Immunological Diseases

    Shots: Chi-Med to receive ~$95M and ~$135M as development & commercial milestones along with royalties on commercialization of each drug candidates. Inmagene to get an exclusive option for four drug candidates solely for immunological diseases If Inmagene exercises the option, it will get the right to further develop, manufacture and commercialize the specific drug candidate […]

  • Almirall and Tyris Collaborate to Develop Next Generation Gene Therapies

    Shots: Tyris to receive up front, research milestone along with research funding and will be responsible for generating clinical lead candidates and will further progress them to clinical development Almirall to get an exclusive option to acquire gene therapies and progress them through clinical development to commercialization The collaboration will integrate Tyris’s non-viral based gene […]

  • Bayer to Fund Five New Startup Companies as Part of G4A Digital Health Partnerships Program

    Shots: The funding focuses on fostering the development of a digital health ecosystem in the fields of cardiometabolic and renal diseases, oncology, and women’s health Bayer G4A partnership program offers 2 digital health collaboration segments. Under its Growth Track, selected early-stage startups receive $118.29M funding to accelerate market uptake and tailored business acceleration clinics and […]

  • Merck and Transcenta Collaborate to Implement Continuous Manufacturing for Protein Therapeutics

    Shots: The companies will co-develop a first-of-its-kind, single-use flow-through polishing system for GMP operation. The collaboration expected to accelerate affordable access to therapeutics for patients in China and globally The agreement will initially focus on developing and designing the process technologies and automation while later focus on the expanded scope of the process and digital […]

  • AWS and Onica Collaborate with Teva to Support its Digihaler Portfolio

    Shots: The three companies collaborated to build & host Teva’s Digital Health Platform which is a cloud-based backend data system, supporting the company’s FDA-approved Digihaler portfolio that consists of built-in sensors and Bluetooth wireless technology which connects to a mobile app that tracks inhaler events and measures inspiratory flow when a patient inhales Onica supported […]

  • Bayer and One Drop Collaborate to Develop Digital Therapies Across Multiple Therapeutic Areas

    Shots: The two partners will jointly enhance the existing platform utilizing One Drop’s know-how and capabilities of the One Drop platform and will co-develop digital health therapies across multiple therapeutic areas                One Drop will receive $98M financing, development fees and commercial milestones while in exchange Bayer will receive royalties on sales. In the future, Bayer […]

  • SK bioscience Collaborate with Novavax to Supply Antigen for COVID-19 Vaccine

    Shots: SK bioscience signs a development and supply agreement for Novavax’ NVX-CoV2373 to supply it globally including the COVAX facility. SK bioscience will manufacture the vaccine antigen component for use in the final drug product SK bioscience will utilize its cell culture and recombinant protein capability, will initiate the production of the NVX-CoV2373 antigen at […]

  • Teva and Alvotech Collaborate to Commercialize Five Biosimilar Candidates in the US

    Shots: Alvotech will lead the development, registration, and supply of the biosimilars, while Teva will be exclusively commercializing the products in the US. Alvotech will receive upfront with subsequent milestone payments over the next several years The companies will share the profit from the commercialization of the biosimilars. The collaboration leverages Teva’s commercial presence and […]

  • Merck and Hanmi Collaborate to Develop Efinopegdutide for NASH

    Shots: Hanmi to receive $10M up front, $860M as development, regulatory approval, and commercialization of efinopegdutide along with royalties on sales of the approved product Merck to receive an exclusive license to develop, manufacture and commercialize efinopegdutide in the US and globally while Hanmi to retain an option to commercialize the therapy in Korea Efinopegdutide […]

  • Roche and UCB Collaborate to Develop UCB0107 for Alzheimer’s Disease

    Shots: UCB to receive $120M and is eligible to receive $2B as cost reimbursement, development, and commercial milestones as well as royalties on sales of the therapies, if Roche proceeds the clinical development. Roche to get an exclusive license to develop and commercialize UCB0107 for AD UCB to fund and perform a POC study in […]

  • Ovid Therapeutics and University of Connecticut Collaborate to Accelerate the Development of OV101 (gaboxadol) for Angelman Syndrome

    Shots: Ovid will collaborate with UConn’s Stormy J. Chamberlain and secures exclusive access to identified genetic sequences for shRNA-based therapy. Ovid plans to leverage its translational medicine capabilities and drug development expertise in Angelman syndrome to advance OV101 into clinical Ovid is developing OV101 for Angelman syndrome to restore tonic inhibition addressing several core symptoms […]

  • Chugai and Biofourmis Collaborate to Develop Solutions for Digitally Measuring Endometriosis Pain

    Shots: The collaboration will deploy Biofourmis’ Biovitals platform to co-develop a novel digital technology for the objective assessment of pain using biosensors and AI-based algorithms. The solutions will be validated in the global study that enrolls 120+ endometriosis patients The digital solution for managing patients with endometriosis in an ambulatory setting will include a wearable, […]