Category: clinical data

  • GE unveils digital data platform for hospitals, health systems

    GE Healthcare says a longstanding effort to develop a unified data management system for the health sector is close to fruition, with partners now being sought to road-test the platform. Dubbed the Edison Digital Health Platform, the new system is designed to bring together from just about any source within the healthcare ecosystem, backed by […]

  • How new data capabilities can supercharge clinical research

    The UK’s health research data capabilities are rapidly evolving. For example, during the height of the pandemic, NIHR’s integrated health research system was able to compare  COVID-19 hospital caseloads to COVID-19 research activity in real time. This enabled rapid recruitment to multiple COVID-19 clinical trials throughout England/UK.  In a post-pandemic world, how can we use […]

  • How Are Regulatory Agencies Reacting to the Use of Real-World Evidence?

    As we have discussed here previously, real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) offer many potential benefits in every stage of the drug discovery and development process, continuing on into post-market surveillance. With drug developers and other researchers becoming more interested in using RWD and the RWE that results from analyzing it, regulatory agencies have […]