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  • Top 10 Career Options for Pharmacy Graduates

    There are widespread misunderstandings about pharmacists’ job that make many prospective students give up on their dreams. But we are here to bring some light about what pharmacists do and don’t do. If you ask 10 different people “What do pharmacists do?”, they will all reply “They sell medications in drug stores”. But if you […]

  • How Different Crimes Can Affect Your Nursing License in Georgia

    Navigating your way to a career in the medical field is not easy. You may have spent late nights studying for exams and long hours working in a medical institute. But, you are finally here about to get your nursing license in the state of Georgia. When applying for a nursing license or getting your […]

  • Evaporation Index – The Key to Excellence in Execution

    By – Varun Lakshmanan. It’s a well-known fact that execution is the key to success for any strategy. Board rooms and corporate meetings can produce the best strategy and roadmaps; however, what differentiates the successful ones is the quality of execution. When we talk about implementing a marketing or sales strategy, especially in large pharmaceutical […]