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  • The Money Keeps On Flowing In

    I was talking with some colleagues the other day about the current funding environment in biopharma, which is. . .well, “robust” might be one word, although some old-timers might prefer words like “crazed”. But I have to examine my own attitudes a bit. I’ve been thinking for years that the amount of money pouring into […]

  • EQRx Goes Public

    Early last year (in those retrospectively blissful pre-pandemic days) I wrote about a startup called EQRx, whose stated mission is to provide lower-cost alternatives to existing drugs. I did not find their business plans very convincing, since they seemed to me to involve some hand-waving steps about how much faster drug discovery these days, and […]

  • The Money Keeps On Comin’

    I enjoyed this post by Bruce Booth on the biopharma funding landscape. But I think we would all agree that. . .well, it’s been weird the last few years. This has been a long, long boom in the amount of money that’s flowed into this sector, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like […]

  • Stock Cults and the Coronavirus

    Let’s take a few minutes to talk about biopharma stocks in general – or to be more precise, about some of the people who invest in biopharma stocks. There’s a lot of weird behavior in this area, and the pandemic has amplified it. I refer specifically to the “stock cult” mentality that will be familiar […]

  • Formulating RNA – And Owning It

    Headlines appeared last night about Moderna losing a patent case that affects its coronavirus vaccine work. I know from long experience on this blog that any discussion of patent and IP issues has an effect on my readership traffic numbers that looks like I’m paying folks not to click on my links that day, but […]