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  • EU imposes Horizon funding block on UK scientists

    UK scientists are being denied from joining the €95 billion Horizon research funding programme as a dispute over the trade border in Northern Ireland gets increasingly acrimonious. The UK’s involvement in the Horizon Europe programme as an associate member was included in the Brexit ‘divorce’ deal with EU, but has not been finalised. Access to […]

  • MHRA seeks comments on post-Brexit clinical trial legislation

    The MHRA has kicked off an eight-week consultation on proposals for changes to laws governing the conduct of clinical trials following the UK’s departure from the EU. The proposals stem from the passage of the Medicines and Medical Devices Act 2021 a year ago, shortly after the post-Brexit transition period ended, which has given the […]

  • Post-Brexit medicines regulation must have international scope

    Post-pandemic, post-Brexit Britain must create a regulatory framework that both defines and aligns with international standards, or risk being left behind. If the UK creates regulatory frameworks that drastically diverge from those of its “science allies”, it could become a late – or even no – launch market for new treatments. The need for companies […]

  • MHRA cuts could affect UK regulatory decisions, say unions

    A 20% to 25% reduction in staffing at the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) risks undermining the ability of the authority to fulfil its role, according to trade unions. In an open letter to Health Secretary Sajid Javid, Prospect, Unite and three other unions say the decision to slash the MHRA’s current […]

  • Deep Dive: Market Access

    It’s fair to say this is the most interesting time ever for market access. Not only has COVID forced companies, governments and healthcare systems to work towards approving drugs and vaccines in record times, the sector is also facing an influx of digital therapeutics and advanced drugs that don’t fit neatly into existing access frameworks. […]

  • The Brexit deal; shot in the arm or kick in the teeth for the pharma sector?

    The UK Government and EU Commission trumpeted their Brexit trade deal, struck at the end of December, as ‘comprehensive’, the ‘biggest yet’.  But a closer inspection of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) renders these statements largely illusory for the pharma sector. While pharma companies grapple with the effects of Brexit, there are undoubtedly […]

  • UK chancellor Sunak urged to boost pharma and biotech in budget

    UK chancellor Rishi Sunak has been urged to recognise the leading role that pharma companies are playing in the economy in this week’s budget. Sunak is due to make his closely-watched budget speech tomorrow (Wednesday) in the House of Commons, starting from about 12.30. The Conservative Party has strong ties with pharma and life sciences […]

  • Sussex medicines firm takes production line abroad in white van to beat Brexit ban

    UK assembly line at standstill as pharmaceutical company sets up in Amsterdam and plans EU expansion A Sussex pharmaceutical company has told how it had to bundle a production line into a white van and take it to Amsterdam to beat a Brexit medicines ban. The impromptu four-wheeled mission to the Netherlands has secured the […]

  • Cancer drugs binned because of Brexit red tape, MPs hear

    Head of Welsh CBI tells committee pharmaceutical firm has had to move production to Dublin A Welsh pharmaceutical company has been forced to throw out hundreds of packs of vital cancer treatments for EU patients because of Brexit red tape on exports, MPs have heard. The company, which has not been named, has now moved […]

  • UK parliament backs EU trade deal, as industry sifts through detail

    The post-Brexit trade deal agreed on Christmas Eve has been overwhelmingly backed by the UK parliament, providing some degree of stability – but also plenty of disruption – for the coming months and years. The UK is leaving the EU’s single market and customs union, but the deal means tariffs on goods won’t be imposed […]

  • Sector by sector: are British firms ready for post-Brexit trade?

    Analysis: From retail to aviation to pharmaceuticals, we look at what will change from 1 January After months of tortuous negotiations between the UK and the EU, a Brexit trade deal was agreed at almost the last minute. But how prepared are UK businesses for the significant changes that will come into force on 1 […]

  • NHS leaders urge UK government to extend Brexit transition period

    NHS leaders have written to the UK prime minister urging him to extend the Brexit transition period by a month to avoid plunging the healthcare service into chaos on 1 January. The letter, published today by the NHS Confederation – a membership organisation representing NHS leaders from all parts of the health service, outlines concerns […]

  • Deal or no deal: how life will look for key industries after Brexit

    Companies are praying a trade agreement can be struck, but must prepare for talks to fail. Which will be most affected? The scene is set for a showdown, and the future of the UK economy is at stake. Will Britain secure a free trade deal with the EU? Or will the prime minister choose to […]

  • UK, EU agree Northern Ireland medicines, food border controls

    The UK and EU have reached an agreement on border checks for Northern Ireland that should guarantee that trade in medicines and food continues without disruption after 1 January – regardless of whether eleventh-hour negotiations result in a trade deal. The agreement means that the UK government will not press ahead with plans to override […]

  • Brexit could hinder access to coronavirus vaccines, says pharma group

    The UK’s pharma industry trade body has warned that Brexit could derail the government’s efforts to get coronavirus vaccines to the population, but welcomed other measures in this week’s spending review aimed at reviving the economy after the pandemic. In the build-up to chancellor Rishi Sunak’s announcement in the House of Commons, the Association of […]

  • Guido Rasi steps down, handing the running of EMA to Emer Cooke

    EMA executive director Guido Rasi has ended his second term at the helm of the EU medicines regulator, with Emer Cooke taking the wheel and becoming the first women in the role. Rasi’s second five-year term came to an end on Friday (13 November), with his second stint dominated by the move of the EMA […]

  • The Guardian view on Brexit bureaucracy: tied up in red tape | Editorial

    Businesses already struggling with the fallout from Covid-19 will be forced to deal with a mountain of new bureaucracy in the middle of a deep recession The government did not quite achieve the Brexit breakthrough it was seeking on Friday, when there was hope that a fast-tracked trade agreement with Japan might be reached. But […]

  • Fearing Brexit chaos, UK asks pharma to build six-week drug stockpile

    The UK government has asked pharma companies to build a six-week stockpile of drugs and find alternative shipping routes to the congested Dover-Calais crossing as the country heads for Brexit at the end of the year. In a letter, Steve Oldfield, chief commercial officer at the Department of Health and Social Care, said the government […]

  • UK warns drug firms to stockpile in case of Brexit disruption

    Companies should ensure six weeks’ worth of drugs for end of transition period, DHSC says Pharmaceutical companies should stockpile six weeks’ worth of drugs to guard against disruption at the end of the Brexit transition period, the government has said. The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has written to medicine suppliers advising them […]