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  • Clarity and openness are key to vaccine confidence | Letters

    Readers respond to the latest recommendations about the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine Your editorial calling for clarity on the AstraZeneca vaccine’s side-effects risks both being unclear and undermining confidence (The Guardian view on the AstraZeneca vaccine: confidence from clarity, 7 April). You imply that the rate of potentially serious cerebral venous sinus thrombosis is 0.0001%. The […]

  • Boris Johnson slammed for saying “greed” is behind UK vaccine success

    Boris Johnson’s sense of humour seems to have got him into trouble again, at the most delicate of times. The Prime Minister reportedly told Conservative backbench MPs on a Zoom call that “capitalism” and “greed” was behind the success of the UK’s COVID-19 vaccination programme, before backtracking after realising he had made a blunder and […]

  • Vaccine wars: the week that rocked the UK’s Covid jab rollout

    After a week of bans, U-turns and warnings of supply shortfalls, public confidence in vaccination has been dented. Can Britain get back on the fast track out of lockdown? Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage For Stacey Harris, the hardest part of organising vaccinations over the last couple of months has been […]

  • BioNTech co-founder says gender equality made vaccine possible

    Özlem Türeci credits firm’s more than 50% female workforce for speed at which first viable jab created The co-founder and chief medical officer of BioNTech has credited its speed at producing a viable vaccine to the fact its workforce is more than 50% female. Speaking on International Women’s Day, Özlem Türeci also said the fact […]