Category: Blog Housekeeping

  • Blog Switchover In Progress

    So this will be the last post here until sometime next week, as the entire Science site does a behind-the-scenes changeover to a new publishing platform. Redirects from all old links to the previous posts should be in place on the re-emergence, along with a new look to the blog, a new commenting system, and […]

  • Some Upcoming Changes

    There are some upgrades going on behind the scenes here, and I wanted to let everyone know that by the end of the month, things will look a bit different. The Science journal family is switching to a single publishing platform (articles, blogs, the lot), and that will mean that the blog will look a […]

  • An Announcement About the Comment Section

    In many parts of the US, things are returning to normal thanks to the steep drop in coronavirus cases, which in itself is very likely due to a combination of vaccination and warmer outdoor weather. I very much hope that we can continue this process on into the fall under the threat of new variant […]

  • Days Off

    I’ll be taking a few days off here (nothing to do with the aducanumab approval – this has been planned for a while!) So barring some truly mighty developments, I’ll see everyone here on Monday. Who knows what we’ll be talking about by then! The post Days Off first appeared on In the Pipeline.

  • A Word on Blog Topics

    I’ve had some queries that make me think that a brief meta-blog entry might be in order. I’m still fielding a lot of coronavirus queries, not all of which by any means make it up here to the blog. And at the same time, I’m also getting a lot of suggestions that are more in […]

  • Regular Posting Resumes Monday

    Just wanted to put up a quick note – lots of “real life” (and real work) has been kicking in this week, so what started out as an intended light posting schedule has turned into zero. Probably not such a bad thing! But regular blog posting resumes on Monday – there’s plenty of stuff to […]

  • Thanksgiving Break 2020

    So I’ll be taking time off until probably Monday, unless we get any big news. Thanksgiving season is here, and although we don’t have as big a crowd as usual here (of course), I will soon head into the kitchen to make the same chocolate pecan pie I do every year. Every so often someone […]

  • Weekend Recipe: Marinated Pork Roast

    I realize that I’ve picked up a lot of new traffic to the blog over the last few months, so today’s post perhaps needs some introduction. Over the years here I’ve often posted recipes during breaks and holidays – the old saying is that you should never trust an organic chemist who can’t cook, and […]