Category: biotechnology

  • Billionaire-backed “rejuvenation” start-up Altos Labs launches operations

    Just months after the venture was unveiled, controversial biotechnology company Altos Labs has officially launched with $3 billion in funding secured from investors. Dubbed an ‘anti-ageing’ company, Altos has gained mainstream attention for its focus on ‘rejuvenation’ and biological reprogramming technology. While the specific research goals have been kept a closely guarded secret, some scientists […]

  • Bring your next life science meeting to life in Winnipeg, located in the centre of Canada

    Manitoba’s capital city is the leading pharma manufacturing centre in Western Canada and has the ecosystem to draw on to host a successful event. Informatics research organizations and cutting-edge R&D centres make Winnipeg an innovative hub. Winnipeg offers more than 7,100 hotel rooms throughout the city, with many of the 1,900 downtown rooms connected by […]

  • Moderna’s $37B market cap is too high, despite COVID-19 vaccine; analyst

    JP Morgan has downgraded its valuation of Moderna, saying its $37 billion market cap is way too high even if its COVID-19 vaccine mRNA-1273 succeeds in clinical trials. Moderna’s share price has rocketed 385% this year, driven by the development of mRNA-1273, but the analysts think there are too many unknowns surrounding the coronavirus pandemic […]