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  • Top Drugs Losing Patent Exclusivity in 2021

    By Kevin E. Noonan — Earlier this month, Eric Sagonowsky reviewed the top ten drugs in the U.S. (in terms of sales) losing patent exclusivity in an article published by Fierce Pharma. These drugs are Lucentis (Genentech/Roche), Bystolic (AbbVie/Allergan), Vascepa (Amarin), Nothera (Lundbeck), Narcan (Emergent Biosolutions), Brovana (Sunovion), Sutent (Pfizer), Saphris (AbbVie/Allergan), Amitiza (Mallinckrodt), and […]

  • Schadenfreude Is Not Always An Unpleasant Feeling

    By Kevin E. Noonan — The Association for Molecular Pathology released a survey last week regarding the state of reimbursement for medical diagnostic testing, according to GenomeWeb. It seems that the state is parlous, with reimbursement for “data analysis, test interpretation, and reporting requirements” being inadequate. This reflects a need for “qualified molecular laboratory professionals” […]