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  • Pharma can now track the most relevant patent info – fast and at scale

    Since its initial release in January 2021, AI-fueled Patent Expansion in Reaxys has won the respect of pharmaceutical companies trying to stay ahead of their competitors by keeping track of the latest patents around drug discovery and new therapeutics. With a recent expansion that allows Reaxys to also loop in information from images found in patents, it’s […]

  • Expert Forum Examines the Patent Content Expansion Plan for Reaxys

    User feedback is instrumental to the evolution of Reaxys. Not only in articulating what works and what is missing, but also in guiding the direction of newly developed capabilities to meet user information needs. For decades, Reaxys has offered highly interconnected chemistry knowledge spanning domains critical to the pharmaceutical industry. The scope and granularity of […]

  • Competitive Intelligence Gets a Boost with Reaxys Patent Expansion

    The insights only found in patents can provide a crucial competitive advantage for innovative companies. In response to customer demand, Elsevier recently announced a major expansion of the patent content available to users of Reaxys, our chemistry information solution. Users can now get relevant patents for pharma and chemical R&D from 105 patent offices and […]