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  • Vaccines were not part of AstraZeneca’s grand strategy, so what’s the plan now?

    Having built a big operation during the pandemic it could stick or twist but either way investors will soon want a decision What’s AstraZeneca’s strategy in Covid treatments? In the short term, there is no confusion: the company will continue pumping out vaccine doses, will keep signing partnerships and will try to ignore churlishness in […]

  • Miracles may not be in the pipeline at GSK but it’s too soon to panic | Nils Pratley

    The CEO’s best policy is to ignore the noise. The decluttering demerger plan looks solid and is backed by shareholders It was not a knockout quarter to put Elliott Management, the big, aggressive and newly arrived US activist hedge fund, back in its box. GlaxoSmithKline’s revenues fell 18% as patients, sensibly, delayed their GSK shingles […]

  • Why a fresh AstraZeneca fightback is required in Covid vaccine info row | Nils Pratley

    Drugmaker isn’t entirely blameless but making it a political football for EU’s failures is simply ugly The European Union ought to be delighted. The “discovery” of a “stockpile” of 29m vaccine doses in Italy is really a non-discovery. The consignment is held at an authorised plant, available for inspection, and is merely awaiting quality sign-off. […]