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  • Rethinking value: why diverse viewpoints matter

    Value is a tricky concept to capture accurately. Given the diverse and complex world that we live in, different people will often hold contrasting views of what constitutes value. Identifying and measuring value is a particularly interesting quandary for life sciences companies, as inevitably each of these viewpoints will interact with the industry in some […]

  • Deep Dive: Market Access

    For life science companies around the world, enabling faster access to innovative drugs and therapies is a complicated challenge. As this issue’s contributors discuss, changes in technologies and processes across the industry are disrupting traditional market access solutions and creating opportunities for companies to explore new avenues for innovation. Read on to find out how […]

  • AXON hires a Global Healthcare Insights and Strategy Lead

    April 4, 2022 – Zaid Siddiqui has been appointed as AXON’s new Global Healthcare Insights and Strategy Lead, an exciting asset for the healthcare communications agency. Zaid brings a decade of experience in the medical sector, with seven years of experience in medical insights and strategy. Zaid is particularly renowned for discovering compelling and strategic […]

  • Amplifying the voices in rare diseases

    There are approximately 300 million people around the world living with a rare disease. Yet, until relatively recently, there was limited focus on this heterogenous population. By their nature, rare diseases are just that – rare – with a wide array of symptoms and severities affecting patients, which makes it challenging for pharma companies to […]

  • AXON marks its spot…with more than an X

    AXON today launched a new brand visual identity to showcase its single-minded commitment to being ‘at the forefront of life-changing communications’. In recent months, the company has rolled out a new vision and purpose to ignite change in healthcare through the power of communication. AXON has translated this vision into a striking visual brand identity, […]

  • Patients want to be heard. Is pharma listening?

    A common theme heard from the advocacy groups AXON works with is “Nothing for us without us,” says Natalie Turner, director at AXON, a global healthcare communications agency. Patients want to be part of the healthcare conversation and genuinely heard by those who make the final decisions, but pharma does not always understand how to […]