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  • Turmeric with Black Pepper: What It’s Good For and How to Take It

    Historians have gathered evidence showing that people—from long ago and from around the world—have used herbs, often in a sophisticated way. Quinine from Cinchona bark, for instance, was used to treat the symptoms of malaria long before the disease had even been identified, and the raw ingredients of a common aspirin tablet have been a […]

  • Amla (dried Indian gooseberry) vs. Lipitor for Lowering Cholesterol

    Extracts of amla (Indian gooseberry) were pitted head-to-head against cholesterol-lowering statin drugs and the blood thinners aspirin and Plavix. Indian gooseberries, otherwise known as amla, have been touted as everything from a cancer fighter to a hair tonic to a refrigerant. (A refrigerant? Like Freon?) Amla’s even been labeled a snake venom detoxifier—but based on […]

  • Drugs for Migraine

    Date:  October 5, 2020 Issue #:  1608 Summary:  An oral nonopioid analgesic is often sufficient for acute treatment of mild to moderate migraine headache without severe nausea or vomiting. A triptan is the drug of choice for treatment of moderate to severe migraine headache pain in most patients without vascular disease. Early treatment of pain […]

  • Chasing Brilinta payoff, AZ details THALES data in ischemic stroke

    AstraZeneca has lifted the veil on the large-scale THALES trial of its antiplatelet drug Brilinta in stroke, the company’s last big hope for recouping its substantial investment in the medicine. Earlier this year, AZ released top-line results from the study, saying that adding Brilinta (ticagrelor) to standard therapy with aspirin for patients with acute ischemic […]