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  • Patrick Radden Keefe on exposing the Sackler family’s links to the opioid crisis

    The journalist tracked the billionaire arts philanthropists’ role in the OxyContin scandal in his gripping bestseller, Empire of Pain. He talks about reputation laundering – and why the bad guys are still getting away with it In December 2021, Patrick Radden Keefe travelled to London from New York to attend the Business Book of the […]

  • Don’t strip the Sackler name from museums. It’s a visceral reminder of human greed

    New York’s Metropolitan Museum has cut public ties with the Purdue Pharma opioid-crisis family. But its name is now as thought-provoking as much of the world’s art A moment of silence, so we can all appreciate how gracious the Sackler family is. Yes, the family business, Purdue Pharma, is infamous for aggressively marketing the prescription […]

  • US author to give away £10,000 prize cash over role of sponsor in opioid crisis

    Investigative reporter Patrick Radden Keefe will give money from business book of the year shortlisting to charity over involvement of McKinsey firm The American writer Patrick Radden Keefe has said he will give away the £10,000 he was awarded by a book prize whose sponsor helped to sell the opioid painkiller OxyContin. Radden Keefe’s damning […]