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  • Harry and Meghan add voices to fierce critique of west’s Covid vaccine policies

    Pair join Gordon Brown and 126 others in attack on ‘self-defeating nationalism, pharmaceutical monopolies and inequality’ Prince Harry and Meghan, the actor Charlize Theron and the former British prime minister Gordon Brown are among 130 signatories to a letter lambasting wealthy countries’ approach to the Covid-19 pandemic, labelling it “immoral, entirely self-defeating and also an […]

  • Amnesty says COVID jab producers are causing human rights crisis

    Amnesty International has slammed the six pharma companies behind the bulk of COVID-19 vaccine supplies of for not agreeing to waive their intellectual property rights and share the technology behind them. The charity says AstraZeneca, BioNTech, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Novavax, and Pfizer are fuelling an “unprecedented human rights crisis” as a result and their […]

  • Big pharma fuelling human rights crisis over Covid vaccine inequity – Amnesty

    Six companies warned not to put profit before lives as report shows less than 1% of almost 6bn doses have gone to low-income countries Amnesty International has accused six pharmaceutical companies that have developed Covid-19 vaccines of fuelling a global human rights crisis, citing their refusal to sufficiently waive intellectual property rights, share vaccine technology […]