AbbVie Report Results of Rinvoq (upadacitinib) in a P-III AD Up Study for Patients with Atopic Dermatitis


  • The P-III AD Up study involves assessing Rinvoq (15/30mg) + TCS vs PBO + TCS in patients (aged≥12) with the mod. to sev. AD who are candidates for systemic treatment. Patients receiving PBO + TCS were switched to either upadacitinib (15/30mg) + TCS @16wks.
  • Results: @16wks. EASI 75 (65%/77% vs 26%); vIGA-AD 0/1 (40%/59% vs 11%); Improvement in Worst Pruritus NRS≥4 (52%/64% vs 15%)’ high TCS-freedays
  • Rinvoq (qd) is a selective and reversible JAK inhibitor studied in several immune-mediated inflammatory diseases and has received the US FDA’s approval for patients with mod. to sev. active RA having inadequate response or intolerance to MTX. The therapy is under P-III study for AD, RA, PsA, axSpA, CD, UC, and giant cell arteritis

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