Abeona Signs a License and Inventory Purchase Agreements with Taysha for ABO-202 to Treat CLN1 Disease (Infantile Batten disease)


  • Abeona to receive $7M including $3M up front, $4M inventory purchase price, including GMP-sourced CLN1 plasmid and is eligible to receive $56M as clinical, regulatory, and commercial milestones along with royalties on sales of ABO-202
  • Taysha gets an exclusive WW right to IP developed by scientists at the UNC and Abeona and Abeona know-how relating to the research, development, and manufacture of ABO-202. Abeona will continue the development of the P-I/II clinical trial protocol and manufacturing process and has received FDA clearance of its IND application that is anticipated to enter the clinic in 2021
  • ABO-202 is a novel, one-time gene therapy for CLN1 disease, designed to deliver a functional copy of the PPT1 gene and has received the US FDA’s ODD, RPD and EMA’s OMPD

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