Category: 60 Seconds

  • Cutting through the Noise

    The pandemic has given us a surge of opportunities to take fresh looks at how we live, work and play with huge changes of pace and direction being funnelled through technology. Digital muscled its way to centre stage as we plunged into lockdowns and its life and sanity-saving qualities were immediately clear. It also helped […]

  • Building internal strength

    Creating certainty in a landscape still convulsed by the pandemic is a lofty ambition, but pharma companies can use the disruption to develop positive internal change, as well as shoring up sales. While industry has variable influence over the reshaping of contacts with clinicians who have latched onto the benefits of telemedicine and virtual meetings, […]

  • Focussing on pharma’s blind spot

    Industry’s free pass to its target audience has been shredded by the pandemic leaving the sales force compass struggling to find effective routes. It has exposed a blind spot that was previously covered by engagement success rates and comfortable repeat business. Only now are we seeing the downside of a lack of finesse along the […]

  • Seizing opportunities with perfectly pitched messages

    Personal relationships have been the dominant force in sales for generations but the pandemic has ripped up this conveyer belt of convenience. More than 60% of clinicians are happy to either connect solely via technology or via a hybrid arrangement and there is no going back. The pharmaceutical industry became stuck in a groove of […]

  • Practice makes perfect

    The seismic shift away from face-to-face meetings caused by the pandemic has given the pharmaceutical industry a fundamental challenge around engaging with clinical staff. Sales representatives are finding it difficult to chisel out any personal time from doctors whose diaries are dominated by virtual connections. Every moment in front of a clinician is prized so […]

  • Sales coaching: preparing for the new reality in pharma

    COVID-19 has been a catalyst for a huge amount of change across the pharmaceutical industry, acting as an accelerant for progress in its use of digital technology and prompting a reassessment of how the sales function should work. The pandemic’s first effects on pharma sales were swift and immediate, as lockdowns were put in place […]