Category: 3D Cell Cultures

  • Cell Line Development and Characterization: An Ocean of Opportunities for Service Providers

    The growing pipeline of monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, enzymes, biosimilars and other therapeutic proteins have created an ever- increasing demand for highly- productive and stable cell lines. Many of the recombinant biotherapeutic products, produced in cellular systems, have been translated into commercial successes; these include ALPROLIX®, ELOCTATE® and ELAPRASE®.  Given their impact on the overall quality […]

  • 3D Cell Cultures: Rejuvenation amidst COVID-19

    As per the experts, one of the key reasons for the failure of therapeutic candidates in clinical trials is the use of conventional 2-dimensional (2D) cell culture systems in early research studies. The 2D systems are severely limited in a number of aspects. For instance, only 50% of the cell surface is exposed to the […]