Genentech Signs ~$1B Pact with Ribometrix to Develop RNA-Targeted Small Molecule Therapies


  • Ribometrix to receive $25M up front, ~$1B+ as milestones along with royalties on sales of therapies emerges from the collaboration
  • The companies collaborated on the discovery & preclinical development of programs. Genentech will lead further development and commercialization and will have exclusive rights to several predefined targets including an exclusive global license for the development and commercialization of molecules
  • Ribometrix will leverage its discovery platform to identify & optimize small molecule compounds modulating RNA function by targeting 3D RNA structures

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Johnson & Johnson Signs an Agreement with the US Government to Supply 100M Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine Worth ~$1B


  • The US government will pay over $1B for 100M doses of its potential COVID-19 vaccine, Ad26.COV2.S, for use in the US following the US FDA’s EUA
  • The government may also purchase additional 200M doses of Ad26.COV2.S under a subsequent agreement. The company is evaluating one- and two-dose regimens, in its clinical program for the global access of the vaccines
  • J&J expects to meet its goal to supply 1B doses globally through the course of 2021, provided the vaccine is safe and effective. The vaccine will be provided at a global not-for-profit basis for emergency pandemic use

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