Category: ~$1.8B

  • DiaSorin to Acquire Luminex for ~$1.8B

    Shots: DiaSorin to acquire Luminex for $37.00/ share in an all-cash transaction, with 23% premium based on closing stock price of Luminex on 24 Feb, 2021, making a total equity value of $1.8B The acquisition will boost DiaSorin’s presence in the molecular diagnostics space in the US with the addition of Luminex’s molecular diagnostics multiplexing […]

  • Roche to Acquire GenMark Diagnostics for $1.8B

    Shots: Roche to acquire all outstanding shares of GenMark’s for $24.05/ share in cash, making a total deal value of $1.8B with a premium of ~43% to GenMark’s closing price on Feb 10, 2021. The acquisition is expected to be completed in Q2’21 The acquisition will boost Roche’s molecular diagnostics portfolio and will expand the […]

  • Novo Nordisk to Acquire Emisphere Technologies for $1.8B

    Shots: Novo Nordisk to acquire all outstanding shares of Emisphere for $1.35B and also acquires royalty stream obligations to the firm’s biggest shareholder (MHR) for $450M, making a total deal value as $1.8B Novo Nordisk eliminates its future royalty obligations to Emisphere and MHR & obtains full access to the Eligen SNAC technology platform, thus […]

  • Roche Signs a License Agreement with Dyno to Develop AVV Gene Therapy for ~$1.8B

    Shots: Dyno to receive upfront and is eligible to receive ~$1.8B milestones including development and commercial milestones along with royalties on any product emerges during the collaboration Dyno will be responsible for the design of novel AAV capsids with improved functional properties for gene therapy while Roche and Spark will conduct preclinical, clinical, and commercialization […]