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Is Olive Oil Good for You?

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“Is olive oil good for you?” That’s probably not a question that crosses your mind when you grab that bottle of olive oil to cook with. Olive oil is ubiquitous, after all. It’s the go-to oil for almost any recipe, whether you’re cooking something savory… Read More »Is Olive Oil Good for You?

What Are GMO Foods?

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What do Hawaiian papaya, zucchini, and yellow squash have in common? Besides being nutritious and delicious, these fruits are examples of foods that may sometimes be genetically modified. While you’ve likely heard a lot of debate about GMO foods in recent years, it’s not always… Read More »What Are GMO Foods?

3 Day Refresh Reformulation

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If you’re one of the million-plus people who have experienced the cleansing awesomeness of 3 Day Refresh, you know it’s a perfect way to clean up your nutritional act from time to time. The specially formulated shakes, fiber drink, and whole foods eating plan are… Read More »3 Day Refresh Reformulation