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  • Nykode vaccine shows its worth in cervical cancer trial

    Adding Nykode Therapeutics’ VB10.16 vaccine to treatment with Roche’s cancer immunotherapy Tecentriq resulted in disease control in two-thirds of patients with advanced cervical cancer. The combination of vaccine and checkpoint inhibitor had an overall response rate of 21% in the phase 2 VB C-02 trial involving 39 patients with HPV16-positive cervical cancer, including two complete […]

  • AstraZeneca’s Imfinzi fails in cervical cancer bid

    AstraZeneca’s hopes of developing its PD-L1 inhibitor Imfinzi for cervical cancer have been hit by a failed phase 3 trial of the drug alongside chemotherapy as a first-line treatment for women with locally-advanced tumours. The CALLA trial compared Imfinzi (durvalumab) with chemoradiotherapy (CRT) to CRT alone in an all-comer cervical cancer population – regardless of […]

  • Overtreatment of Ductal Carcinoma In Situ

    Nine out of ten women don’t realize that some breast cancers would never have caused any problems or even become known in one’s lifetime. This is an issue ductal carcinoma in situ has brought to the forefront. The whole point of cancer screening is to “detect life-threatening disease at an earlier, more curable stage. Effective […]

  • PharmaShots Interview: Genmab’s Jan van de Winkel Shares Insight on the Tivdak (tisotumab vedotin-tftv) for the Treatment of Recurrent or Metastatic Cervical Cancer

    In an interview with PharmaShots, Jan van de Winkel, co-founder, President, and CEO at Genmab shared his views on the US FDA’s Accelerated Approval of Tivdak (tisotumab vedotin-tftv) with Seagen for the Treatment of Recurrent or Metastatic Cervical Cancer Shots: Genmab and Seagen have reported the US FDA’s accelerated approval which is based on the […]

  • Those Who Claim the Greatest Benefit From Mammograms May Ironically Suffer the Most Harm

    The mammogram paradox is that women who are harmed the most, are the ones who claim the greatest benefit. While false-positive results, pain during the procedure, and radiation exposure may be among the most frequent harms associated with mammogram screening, overdiagnosis “is now recognized as the most serious downside of population breast screening.” Overdiagnosis is […]

  • Agenus Reports the Withdrawal of BLA for Balstilimab to Treat Cervical Cancer

    Shots: The company has reported the voluntary withdraw of balstilimab’s BLA in patients with cervical cancer, following the US FDA’s recommendation & the decision follows the full approval of pembrolizumab The company will discontinue its ongoing BRAVA trial evaluating Balstilimab & plans to launch expanded access programs to provide patient access to balstilimab in multiple […]

  • FDA clears Seagen, Genmab’s Tivdak ADC for cervical cancer

    Antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) specialist Seagen has claimed its fourth product approval in the US, getting the nod from the FDA for Tivdak as a second-line monotherapy for recurrent or metastatic cervical cancer. The accelerated approval for Tivdak (tisotumab vedotin) is for women whose cancer has progressed on or after first-line chemotherapy, according to the two […]

  • Sanofi, Regeneron prep filings for Libtayo in cervical cancer

    Sanofi and Regeneron’s checkpoint inhibitor Libtayo has become the first immunotherapy to improve survival when used as a second-line therapy in cervical cancer, setting up regulatory filings later this year. A phase 3 trial of the PD-1 inhibitor in cervical cancer patients who had progressed after first-line chemotherapy has been stopped early after an interim […]

  • Are Lectins in Food Good or Bad for You?

    Might lectins help explain why those who eat more beans and whole grains have less cancer? Lectins are to blame for the great “white kidney bean incident” of 2006 in Japan. One Saturday evening, a TV program introduced a new method to lose weight. The method was simple: toast some dry, raw, white kidney beans […]

  • Seagen and Genmab file ‘trojan horse’ drug with FDA for cervical cancer

    Seagen and Genmab have announced they have filed their antibody-drug conjugate tisotumab vedotin with the FDA for patients with recurrent or metastatic cervical cancer. The companies are asking for an accelerated approval based on phase 2 data, which will have to be confirmed by data from a larger trial that will provide survival data. The […]

  • Hologic Collaborate with Google Cloud to Advance Screening in Cervical Cancer

    Shots: The companies collaborated to integrate Google Cloud’s ML technologies with Hologic’s Genius Digital Diagnostics System to transform screening and accelerate the eradication of cervical cancer across the globe The alliance promises to migrate the system’s data management infrastructure to the cloud, and the two companies will also work to further develop its deep learning […]

  • What About the Trans Fat in Animal Fat?

    The years of healthy life lost due to our consumption of trans fats are comparable to the impact of conditions like meningitis, cervical cancer, and multiple sclerosis. But, if “food zealots” get their wish in banning added trans fats, what’s next? I explore this in my video Banning Trans Fat in Processed Foods but Not […]

  • How to Treat Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) with Diet

    Given the role that oxidant free radicals are thought to play in aging and disease, one reason fruits and vegetables may be so good for us is that they contain antioxidant compounds. As you can see at 0:20 in my video Benefits of Marjoram for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), different vegetables and herbs have different […]

  • The Role of Meat and Dairy Viruses in Cancer

    “Nearly 20% of cancer cases arising worldwide can be linked to infectious agents, including viruses.” Seven viruses are now conclusively tied to human cancers, and, as new viruses enter into human populations, the incidence and causes of cancer will likely change accordingly. The foundation of modern tumor virology was laid more than a century ago […]