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  • Children as young as 8 should be screened for anxiety: US task force

    New guidance from a leading panel of experts on health in the U.S. says that children as young as 8 should be screened for anxiety. The recommendation from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) says that children between the ages of 8 and 18 should be examined for anxiety and that minors between the […]

  • Blue Note leukaemia DTx gets FDA breakthrough tag

    A prescription digital therapeutic (DTx) for leukaemia patients developed by Blue Note Therapeutics has been awarded breakthrough device status by the FDA. The DTx, called BNT200, is described as a first-of-its-kind DTx to treat anxiety and depression in adults with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) who are hospitalised for a regimen of high-intensity induction chemotherapy. Breakthrough […]

  • Most Women May Experience at Least One False-Positive Mammogram

    Odds are most women will get at least one false-positive mammogram, but, thankfully, most women who are called back for further testing of a suspicious mammogram finding do not end up having cancer after all.  In response to the Swiss Medical Board’s recommendation against women of any age getting routine mammograms, critics suggested that instead […]

  • Digital therapeutics world first for Big Health in Scotland

    UK-based Big Health has passed a digital health milestone after Scotland became the first country to make anxiety and insomnia digital therapeutics available on a national basis. NHS Scotland will offer the digital health firm’s Sleepio and Daylight, and the cognitive behavioural therapy they provide, to all adults via their GP or online self-referral greatly […]

  • Anxiety, Worry or Fear? Disappointment, Grief or Depression?

    By HANS DUVEFELT Especially in these strange and uncertain times, many people feel uneasy. Some of them come to us with concerns over their state of mind. In primary care, our job is in large part to perform triage. We strive to identify patients who need referral, medication or further evaluation. We also strive, or […]

  • Happify launches Ensemble DTx for depression, anxiety in US

    Happify Health has launched a prescription digital therapeutic (DTx) – called Ensemble – that can assist the treatment of people with both major depressive disorder and generalised anxiety disorder in the US market. The 10-week smartphone or PC based programme is the first and only prescription DTx for both indications, which according to the digital […]

  • In Western Europe, hospitals look to quell the mental health epidemic among staff

    The Covid-19 pandemic pushed healthcare workers to their breaking point worldwide. In Western Europe, hospitals responded by offering free counseling and sharing videos on meditation and relaxation techniques, among other resources. But these efforts need to continue as it is likely the mental health epidemic will grow from here on out.

  • To help tackle healthcare worker burnout, start talking about it

    Healthcare staff are working through immense loss, grief and uncertainty to provide care during the Covid-19 pandemic. As organizations think about how to support their staff, speakers at a MedCity INVEST panel said they must first talk about it openly and provide a safe space for workers to discuss their feelings.

  • We’re all in this together!

    Overcoming Anxiety in the pandemic times!! The year has been a tough journey for all of us. It has taught us many lessons that are going to stay with us for the whole of our lives. Thus, DelveInsight has decided to take you all on a ride full of experiences – some bitter and some […]

  • VC fund dedicated to psychedelic meds launches in UK

    In the last few years, biopharma companies focusing on psychedelic medicines have been springing up like mushrooms – magic or otherwise – and venture capital money is starting to follow. Today sees the launch of the first investment fund in the UK devoted to psychedelic healthcare, with plans to invest in “revolutionary mind-altering medicines to […]

  • 70% Taking Common Antidepressants Suffer Sexual Side Effects

    What’s the latest on treating depression with the spice saffron? Years ago, I covered a head-to-head comparison of saffron versus Prozac for the treatment of depression in my video Saffron vs. Prozac, and saffron seemed to work just as well as the drug. In the years since, five other studies have found that saffron beat […]