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  • Black Women Find Healing (But Sometimes Racism, Too) in the Outdoors

    It would be the last hike of the season, Jessica Newton had excitedly posted on her social media platforms. With mild weather forecast and Colorado’s breathtaking fall foliage as a backdrop, she was convinced an excursion at Beaver Ranch Park would be the quintessential way to close out months of warm-weather hikes with her “sister […]

  • Lifetime Experiences Help Older Adults Build Resilience to Pandemic Trauma

    Older adults are especially vulnerable physically during the coronavirus pandemic. But they’re also notably resilient psychologically, calling upon a lifetime of experience and perspective to help them through difficult times. New research calls attention to this little-remarked-upon resilience as well as significant challenges for older adults as the pandemic stretches on. It shows that many […]

  • Amazon tries its hand at wearables  

    The e-commerce giant made its debut in the wearables market with Halo, a fitness tracker with some unique features. Amazon said the device and its corresponding app can scan a user’s voice for emotions and measures a user’s body composition.

  • Zinc Tablets: A Supplement that Boost Immunity and Health

    In this coronavirus pandemic, where there is no sign of successful treatment or any vaccines, Immunity is our only hope. At least to fight this deadly infection till we have any possible treatment. Amongst various others supplements, Vitamin c and Zinc tablets are the most effective in boosting immunity. And offers various other benefits too! […]

  • The Role of a Healthy Diet in your Daily Life

    A healthy, balanced diet is the Key to a healthy lifestyle. You all must have heard of this line or something around it, far more than you can count. Whether it’s in a doctor’s advice, health articles, or, even in a kid’s science text. But, have you ever stopped and thought, why there is so […]

  • Are we experiencing a natural selection moment in health tech?

    Health tech companies in the wellness industry might face a more difficult market than those in the clinical-grade domain. Benefits offered by wellness companies are those most likely to be viewed as nice-to-have perks that may not bring enough value. 

  • Anti-Pollution Face Masks: How does an N95 one differ from an N99 one?

    In this modern and luxury build world, we are all, one way or the other depends on machines and gadgets. The increasing technology and the growing industrialization have definitely made our lives easier and comfortable. But, along with that luxury, comes the fog of air pollution and the hazardous air quality. Air pollution, especially in […]