Takeda Pharmaceutical

Taking aim at the brain, Takeda strikes up cell therapy R&D alliance with Immusoft

Takeda Pharmaceutical is partnering with startup Immusoft in a research alliance aiming to develop B cell therapies that cross the blood-brain barrier to treat rare neurometabolic disorders. Depending on the progress of the research, Takeda could pay its new partner more than $900 million.

Takeda broadens gene therapy scope, turns to Poseida for non-viral approach

The progress of gene therapies continues to be stymied by safety risks associated with the viruses used to deliver them. Takeda Pharmaceutical is partnering with Poseida Therapeutics in a bet that the biotech’s non-viral technologies could offer a safer alternative.

Takeda therapy gets speedy FDA nod for lung cancers with rare genetic signature

Takeda Pharmaceutical drug mobocertinib was approved by the FDA to treat non-small cell lung cancer in patients whose tumors carry a rare genetic signature. With the approval, Takeda can offer an oral alternative to a recently approved Johnson & Johnson drug that targets the same mutation but is given as an infusion.

Novartis “one transplant for life” drug flunks test in kidney transplant patients

A Novartis drug intended to prevent organ rejection has failed to beat out the standard of care therapy in a Phase 2 study in kidney transplant patients. Other clinical trial failures announced ahead of the Labor Day weekend include a Forte Biosciences atopic dermatitis drug, as well a cancer therapy from Takeda Pharmaceutical.

Takeda to buy out Maverick in $525M bet on bringing T cells to solid tumors

Takeda Pharmaceutical and Maverick Therapeutics have been R&D partners since 2017. In buying out its partner, Takeda acquires technology and drug candidates that could offer advantages compared to CAR-T therapies, including the potential to treat solid tumors.

Ovid drug reduces seizure frequency in two rare forms of epilepsy, according to early Phase II data

The data from a Phase II pilot and an extension study of soticlestat, also known as OV935 or TAK-935, showed short- and long-term reductions of seizure frequency in patients with CDKL5 deficiency disorder and Dup15q syndrome.

Platform study designed to rapidly screen potential Covid-19 drugs enrolls first patients

Three of the companies making drugs used in the Phase II I-SPY COVID-19 study – Amgen, AbbVie and Takeda – announced the patient enrollments Monday. The study, which will enroll up to 1,500 critically ill patients, could test around 10 drugs.