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  • Enhabit Home Health & Hospice’s Rocky Start On The Public Market

    Enhabit Home Health & Hospice (NYSE: EHAB) is the newest face on the home health public market. External factors have made it far from a red-carpet welcome. Its cost per visit shot up in the second quarter, the proposed home health rule is hanging over its head and – all the while – it’s dealing […]

  • The Next Frontier In Home-Based Care Recruiting: Gen Z And Millennial Workers

    There are a number of potential avenues to take to address the staffing needs in home-based care over the next decade. But one that will absolutely have to be taken is the one that leads to more millennial and Generation Z workers entering the space. To do that, home-based care providers are doing a few […]

  • Why Home Care Providers May Need to Rethink No-Hire Clauses 

    Home care providers have always taken measures to ensure that they’re able to hold on to staff – especially amid labor shortages – through clauses in client services contracts prohibiting the direct hire of a caregiver.  Now, various government agencies are cracking down on these measures. “Government authorities, such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), […]

  • At-Home Care Company Papa Lays Off 15% Of Workforce

    Papa, a company that provides in-home companionship services for older adults and their families, has laid off 15% of its workforce. Its CEO, Andrew Parker, announced the news late Wednesday on LinkedIn. “Today was a tough day for Papa. In light of the current environment and our long-term goals, I made the difficult decision to […]

  • Home Health Providers Continue to See Telehealth as Staffing Tailwind

    With the market for home-based care continuing to grow, providers need to make sure their employees are ready for a digital future in the space. They also need to focus on what their employees want out of a career, and should be able to pivot and adapt as the industry evolves. Those were the main […]

  • Majority of States Lacked Caregiver Hazard Pay, Sick Leave During Pandemic

    More than half of U.S. states did not support direct care workers with hazard pay or paid sick leave policies during the first 18 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new study from the New York-based direct care worker advocacy organization PHI revealed. Home-based care workers were among those overlooked when it came to policy […]

  • Home Health Staff Poaching ‘Unavoidable,’ But Providers Are Still Fighting Back

    With the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel finally visible, home-based care agencies will now have to worry about checking their peripherals once they reach the other side. Government watchdog agencies are expected to come hard for providers in 2022 and beyond. The Biden administration released a 68-page report Monday pertaining to the […]

  • Why Hospitals with Nearby Home Health Agencies Have Higher Readmission Rates

    A new study from researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center found that hospitals with a greater local supply of home health agencies were associated with increased readmissions. One of the reasons readmission rates were higher in those areas may be due to frequent staffing changes and other interruptions in care, according to the study’s lead […]

  • How One Home Care Agency Is Using “Un-Retirement” Trend to Its Advantage

    The COVID-19 pandemic brought on a lot of changes to the American workforce. One slightly unexpected revelation that both employers and employees discovered was a full scale shift of priorities for many in the labor market. That was especially true in the home-based care space. Seniors Helping Seniors COO Daniel Jan told Home Health Care […]

  • How Home Health Providers Are Training Staff to Improve Patient Survey Scores

    With a number of home health regulatory changes coming once the calendar flips to 2023, agencies are focusing on getting a head start adjusting their staff to changes. Many leaders consider major regulatory shifts as an issue that needs to be dealt with from the top, down. But that’s not necessarily the case. The Home […]

  • Addus Hoping Improved Recruitment Numbers Will Translate to Organic Growth

    By leveraging improved recruitment numbers and the surplus of resources from state governments, leaders with Addus HomeCare Corporation (Nasdaq: ADUS) are hoping the tail end of 2022 could be a big one in terms of M&A and organic growth. Addus’ EVP and CFO Brian Poff sounded optimistic about the company’s growth plans – as well […]

  • New Home-Based Care Provider Banks on Old-School Tactics for Growth

    The leaders of Brooklyn-based Galaxy Home Care are hoping their extensive experience in home-based care – including on the front lines – will allow them to thrive while at the helm. They’re also hoping more old-school approaches – like word-of-mouth advertising and hiring offices – will guide their growth in the new world of home-based […]

  • Home Care Franchise Finds Recruiting Success Through Nontraditional Means

    Staffing still might be the biggest challenge for Briggs Home Care, but the company is taking a unique approach in order to recruit new talent. Instead of going down the traditional path to find new caregivers, the Iowa-based home care provider has started to cast a wide net for workers by reaching out to church […]

  • The Case for Contract Labor in Home-Based Care

    Home-based care agencies have bemoaned contract labor over the past couple of years, especially as COVID-related staffing shortages have forced them to tap into these talent pools. New info commissioned by Boston-based health care staffing solutions platform IntelyCare paints contract labor in a different light, however. According to research put together by Oliver Wyman and […]

  • How the EMS Workers Can Supplement the Home-Based Care Workforce

    When Medically Home announced that it had received another round of funding money in January, the $110 million in the form of a strategic investment was led by a diverse group of companies. Kaiser Permanente and the Mayo Clinic were again partakers after they had already made significant investments into Medically Home in the past. […]

  • Amedisys Working on Reimbursement Pilots, ‘Hunting for a Nice Home Health Deal’

    Home health and personal care services provider Amedisys Inc. (Nasdaq: AMED) is experimenting with a new model that better fits the Medicare Advantage-heavy environment of today. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based Amedisys has started to pilot a new model that takes into account the case rate on a per admission basis, which will hopefully drive down […]

  • Home Care Provider BrightStar Care Ready to Align Itself with Larger Network

    For a while now, home care giant BrightStar Care has gone above and beyond the standard franchise model. It introduced senior living communities into its network to assist seniors with their care transitions while maintaining those clients. Recently, it has launched its new “care homes,” a twist on those senior living communities. BrightStar has always […]

  • Home-Based Care Leaders Discuss Staffing-Woe Mitigation, ‘Ghosting’ in Recruiting

    Though staffing remains the top challenge for the home-based care industry, providers agree that there isn’t one universal panacea.. Instead, there are various approaches that have yielded results for different agencies across the country. One of these approaches is making sure that potential clinicians and caregivers know about the job opportunities that exist within home-based […]

  • How Homewatch CareGivers Plans to ‘Create’ More Home-Based Care Workers

    Homewatch CareGivers (HWCG) — one of the larger home care franchises in the U.S. — is trying to remain innovative as it navigates the same external headwinds as everyone else. For instance, it’s made recent partnerships with meal preparation company Chefs for Seniors, payroll software company Viventium and the long-term care convener The Helper Bees. […]

  • Aveanna Not Putting ‘Cart Before the Horse’ When Raising Wages

    Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: AVAH) has maintained a disciplined approach to raising wages since it went public. Its gross margins are driven by the difference between the hourly rate it’s paid and the wage it pays its caregivers, like many other home-based care providers. And a company policy has ensured it has kept its […]

  • Home-Based Care Providers Seeing Inflation Force Caregivers to Choose Wages Over Mission

    Strong reimbursement rates for Aveanna’s services in nearly half the states the company operates in have been a welcome change so far this year for the company. Its turnover and retention rates have also been in line with company projections, despite ongoing labor issues. “Although we continue to face near-term caregiver supply constraints like many […]

  • Home Care Industry Sees Client Growth Rate Spike, Caregiver Growth Rate Drop

    The home care industry is changing. Its role in the overall health care system is growing, but the question is whether home care providers are doing enough to keep up with that growth. This is reflected in the contrast of client and caregiver growth. Its reflected in the urgency to get into value-based models, despite […]

  • Best Life Brands CEO on the Staffing Crisis in Home Care

    The most challenging issue in home-based care continues to be staffing, a fact that every provider that makes up the space is aware of. Home care’s turnover rate is about 65%. Additionally, as the population of seniors continues to grow and more people wish to age at home, the size of the caregiver pool is […]

  • Encompass Health Focused on Home Health Hiring, Medicare Advantage Relationships

    Encompass Health reported a strong financial first quarter for 2022 despite continued staffing constraints in its home health business. On Wednesday, Encompass Health reported total revenue of $1.33 billion for Q1 2022, up 8.4% compared to $1.23 billion in Q1 2021. Its home health revenue checked in at $224 million, up 2.3% from $220 million […]

  • Why the Shifting Trends In Home Care Recruitment Could Be Problematic

    The way in which home care agencies are finding and hiring caregivers is evolving. Over time, word-of-mouth recruitment via current employees is having a lesser impact on overall hires, while job hiring sites like Indeed are having a greater impact. Of the top 10 caregiver recruitment sources last year, Indeed – between free and paid […]

  • Majority of Home-Based Care Professionals Not Seeing Staffing Improvements

    An overwhelming majority of home-based care professionals say that the hiring environment is not improving at the start of 2022. In a LinkedIn survey conducted by Home Health Care News, 62% of 377 total respondents said the hiring environment is not getting better, while only 21% said it was getting was. About 16% said they […]

  • What Innovative States Are Doing to Recruit, Retain Workers in Home-Based Care

    Several states around the country are taking unique measures to combat the direct care workforce crisis in home-based care. And it would benefit other states and agencies to follow suit, according to a new report from PHI. There are more than 4.6 million direct care workers in the U.S., according to the report. Broadly, “direct […]

  • New York State Budget Leaves Home Care Providers ‘Vulnerable’

    For months, organizations and individuals alike have rallied and advocated for higher wages for home care workers in New York. The Fair Pay for Home Care Act – which gained considerable traction in the state – seems to have hit a wall. And although higher home care worker wages are a part of the state’s […]

  • The Various Approaches Needed to Address Workforce Challenges

    As workforce shortages remain a challenge for home-based care providers, industry stakeholders are finding that combating the issue in a myriad of ways is the best route. “We consider [workforce] the number one priority in home care and hospice,” Bill Dombi, president of the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC), said during a […]

  • IntelyCare Raises $115 Million, Aims to Grow Home Health Footprint

    IntelyCare, a Boston-based health care staffing solutions platform, announced Wednesday that it has raised $115 million in Series C funding. It plans to use the new funding to expand its footprint to new states while investing heavily in its AI-based platform and data-science technology. And even though IntelyCare launched its home health efforts in the […]

  • Pennant Group Still Values All Service Lines, But Home Health Momentum Hard to Ignore

    As a provider of home health, hospice and senior living, the Pennant Group Inc. (Nasdaq: PNTG) still sees value in all of the settings it manages. But Derek Bunker, its chief investment officer, had a different tune when touching on the company’s home health footprint versus its senior living communities at the Oppenheimer Healthcare Conference […]

  • Volume, Value-Based Care Key Growth Levers for Addus in 2022

    Even though it has been hit hard by labor pressures, Addus HomeCare Corporation (Nasdaq: ADUS), believes it may have found ways to at least combat recruitment struggles. In turn, the company is optimistic about its organic, volume-based growth in 2022. The top three executives from the Frisco, Texas-based home health, hospice and personal care services […]

  • Aveanna Using Uber-Like Workforce Model to Manage Caregiver Turnover

    The caregivers at Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: AVAH) and the drivers at Uber (NYSE: UBER) have something in common. Specifically, Aveanna has set up its app to give its private-duty caregivers more autonomy over their work schedule. “While they’re all employees of Aveanna, they sometimes look and feel more like an independent contractor,” Tony […]

  • Immigration Pathway Could Boost Home-Based Care Workforce

    Home-based care agencies in the U.S. have thrown a lot at the wall these past two years to try to ease their staffing situations. They’ve tried to nab workers from other sectors of health care. They’ve done everything to keep their own workers from entering other industries, such as retail or fast food. But logically, […]

  • ‘Perfect Storm’ of Staffing Challenges Continues to Batter Home-Based Care Operators

    Staffing remains far and away the most pressing challenge for home-based care providers, a recently released report from Homecare Homebase and Home Health Care News found. But changing payment models and regulatory policies are still proving difficult as well. The findings are sure to be familiar to those in the home-based care industry, but they’re […]

  • Addus Steadfast on Growing Home Health Segment, Hit Hard By Labor Pressures

    Addus HomeCare Corporation (Nasdaq: ADUS) is the latest publicly traded home-based care company to disclose just how hard it was hit by workforce-related issues during the Omicron surge. LHC Group Inc. (Nasdaq: LHCG) executives revealed Thursday that cost constraints due to labor issues cost the company approximately 2,500 admissions and a loss of $13.8 million […]

  • Capacity Constraints Prove Costly for LHC Group

    LHC Group Inc. (Nasdaq: LHCG) executives believe that almost all of the company’s problems are short term in nature. Nonetheless, those problems cost the business significantly in the fourth quarter and in early 2022. Capacity constraints and high labor costs were major headwinds for LHC Group, as they were for most of the other large […]

  • Home-Based Care Costs Increased More Than Any Long-Term Care Setting in 2021

    The cost of home health care and home care increased more than it did in any other provider setting in 2021. That’s according to Genworth Financial Inc.’s (NYSE: GNW) annual cost of care survey, which showed that while the cost of all long-term care services increased in the last year, home-based care was especially impacted […]

  • Wage Mandates for Home Care Workers Gain Steam Behind Societal Support, Advocacy

    Home-based care workers are generally underpaid. That’s something almost everyone in the industry can agree on. Getting them more money, however, is another issue. Regardless, the labor situation is worsening. A survey published by the John A. Hartford Foundation Wednesday found that Americans strongly support raised wages for direct care workers. Specifically, 73% of survey […]

  • Open your healthcare organization’s digital front door

    According to a recent survey by PYMNTS, many patients want digital healthcare management tools. 76% of survey respondents said they were “very” or “extremely” interested in using at least one digital method to manage interactions with their healthcare providers, rising to 86% among younger patients. This finding echoes Experian Health’s research from our State of […]

  • Bayada to Lay Off Nearly 700 Employees, Close Four Locations

    Bayada Home Health Care is laying off 682 workers in Florida while closing five of its locations in the state. The Business Observer was the first to report the news. The locations hit hardest by the layoffs are Brooskville, Brandon and New Port Richey, where 306, 150 and 144 workers will lose their jobs, respectively, […]

  • Home Health Workforce Has Rebounded from Pandemic Lows, But Not Entirely

    Nurse employment data during the first 15 months of the COVID-19 pandemic shows that the health care labor market tightened overall, but certain workers and settings were affected more than others. That’s according to a new analysis published by Health Affairs on Tuesday that analyzed aggregate data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics from […]

  • Help at Home, Interim, CareAcademy Execs Discuss Home Care Staffing Situation

    The COVID-19 emergency, vaccination mandates and other challenges have served as a powder keg in relation to the staffing pressures home care providers were already facing. Yet some providers – including Help at Home and Interim HealthCare – have been able to at least partially defuse the explosive situation via dedicated recruitment and retention strategies. […]

  • LHC Group Puts Price Tag on Labor Challenges, Announces $250M Repurchasing Program

    Home health providers have felt the full force of the U.S. nursing shortage this year. But it’s important to remember that some of those pressures are short term in nature and tied to the public health emergency, LHC Group Inc. (Nasdaq: LHCG) President and COO Joshua Proffitt said Monday. That’s especially true in regard to […]

  • What Home Care Employers Can Learn from Walmart, Amazon

    For an overwhelming majority of caregivers, access to further education is a factor when determining if they’ll accept a job offer at a home care agency. Additionally, the likelihood of caregivers staying at their current agency increases when they’re offered resources to further their education. That’s according to a new survey conducted by CareAcademy, a […]

  • Home Health Agencies Are Making a Mark on the US Economy

    Home health agencies continued to make a major contribution to the U.S. economy last year, despite the harsh headwinds brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, home health agencies contributed toward 1.49 million jobs in 2020, according to the most recent Home Health Chartbook, released annually by the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation […]

  • Alleviate the healthcare staffing crisis with automation

    After more than a year of stop-and-start elective services, providers are ready to cut through the backlog and help patients get their healthcare back on track. Unfortunately, growing staff shortages mean many providers are struggling to meet consumer demand. Unemployment may be falling overall, but the number of people employed in healthcare dropped by more […]

  • Walmart Snags Ochsner Executive; Amedisys Names New Hospice Leader

    Walmart’s latest health care hire Walmart has reportedly snagged Dr. David Carmouche from Louisiana-based Ochsner Health to lead its expansion into retail health care. Walmart officially kicked off its health care strategy in 2019 when it opened its first 10,000-square-foot health center in Dallas, Georgia. That initial location even included an on-site connection to home […]

  • Post-Acute Care Staffing Platform ShiftMed Raises $45 Million to Fuel Expansion

    ShiftMed – a mobile platform that acts as a liaison between health care providers and workers – announced Wednesday that it has raised $45 million in funding. The McLean, Virginia-based company has experienced explosive growth of late. While it began 2021 in just 10 markets across the country, it will finish the year in 56. […]

  • Millions of Workers Lost Their Jobs During the Pandemic. An ‘Immeasurably Small’ Number Turned to Caregiving.

    Most in-home care providers tried searching for silver linings during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the tragic circumstances, for example, some predicted that the economic instability caused by COVID-19 would translate into new recruitment opportunities for workforce-challenged providers. “If restaurant and hospitality workers were laid off, maybe they would find a new […]

  • Honor Closes $370M in Financing, Plans to Triple Home Care R&D Investment

    Honor is back in the spotlight in a big way, just two months after it announced its industry-shaping acquisition of Home Instead. The San Francisco-based company announced Tuesday it has raised $70 million in Series E funding, in addition to securing $300 million in debt financing. Honor has earmarked the funds to further invest in […]

  • ‘For Many Providers, It’s Welcome News’: Breaking Down the White House Vaccine Mandate

    After President Joe Biden announced Thursday a new, six-pronged approach to his administration’s COVID-19 strategy that requires most home health workers to be vaccinated against the virus, many questions and concerns remain. More clarity is likely to come to light as specific agencies deal with the next steps following the mandate’s release, like the Department […]

  • Home Care Workforce Still Facing Widespread Economic Instability

    The home care workforce more than doubled in size over the past 10 years, jumping from just over 1 million workers in 2010 to more than 2.4 million in 2020. Similar growth will be needed during the coming decade, with the population of U.S. adults 65 and older projected to skyrocket from 49.2 million individuals […]

  • Staffing Shortages Force Home Health Giant Bayada to Deny 64% of Referrals in Key Markets

    Aging services providers are holding their collective breath as Congress moves toward a vote on the budget reconciliation package, which could designate massive amounts of money to home- and community-based services. And those funds are more than needed, a group of leaders said during a Tuesday press conference hosted by the Washington, D.C.-based advocacy organization […]

  • ‘Mass Exodus’ of Nursing Home Staff Likely to Impact Home Health Providers

    The Biden administration announced last week that all nursing home staff must be vaccinated against COVID-19, or operators would risk losing Medicare or Medicaid funding. That prompted concern among nursing home stakeholders and rumors that home health providers’ staff may not be far behind. Since the announcement, survey data is beginning to prove why vaccinating […]

  • White House Takes on Non-Compete Agreements, Potentially Hurting Home-Based Care Employers

    President Joe Biden’s recent executive order on “Promoting Competition in the American Economy” has, overall, 72 separate initiatives that it is looking to push forward. But one of the main ones takes on something that is very prevalent in home-based care, often from the executive level on down: non-compete agreements. Specifically, the executive order requests […]

  • Alliance, Royal Care Slash Caregiver Turnover by Investing in Creative Benefits

    Home care hasn’t always had a reputation for great employee perks or benefits packages, but a handful of providers are beginning to change that. In other sectors, including the technology and startup worlds, perks like free daily meals, access to wellness programs and 401(k) matching, with stock options, are relatively common. Some home care operators […]

  • Senior Helpers Names New COO; SCAN Group Hires First Chief Innovation Officer

    Baxter takes over as Senior Helpers’ COO Senior Helpers has promoted Mari Baxter to the role of chief operations officer. Baxter first joined Senior Helpers as a field operations manager in 2008, back when the home care franchise company only had 40 locations. As Senior Helpers grew, she took on more responsibility, eventually becoming VP […]

  • Help at Home Rounds Out Leadership Team

    Help at Home — the private equity-backed home-based care company rumored to be exploring a public offering — has solidified its leadership team. The Chicago-based Help at Home named board member Chris Hocevar as its CEO in March, with Hocevar replacing former CEO Paul Mastrapa. The company on Thursday announced eight other key C-suite hires, […]

  • 6 Ways to Combat the Workforce Crisis in Home-Based Care

    As Congress debates the merits of President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan, senior care experts are laying the groundwork for why home-based care provisions should be included in it — and why even more needs to be done after.   Specifically, that home-based care provision is $400 billion to fund home- and community-based services. That influx […]

  • Younger Workers May Be More Inclined to Go into Home-Based Care

    A stigma that has taken hold in the nursing industry for years has been that the hospital is the place to be. The home, many previously believed, was where health care workers ended up just before they retired. Much of that notion is tied to the perception that the action in health care is found […]

  • FirstLight Announces New President; Humana Home Care Leader Named CFO

    McAnanly takes over at FirstLight FirstLight Home Care announced Wednesday that it has picked its new president. The appointment comes roughly seven months after FirstLight’s board of directors sought a change in leadership from former CEO Jeff Bevis, who founded the home care company with his son in 2009. Moving forward, the Cincinnati-based FirstLight will […]

  • Caregiver Churn Remains Key Challenge for Home-Based Care Providers

    Home-based care providers had plenty of COVID-19-related challenges to overcome, including personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages and cash-flow difficulties. Yet caregiver churn remains the top concern for many in-home care operators. It’s one of the greatest roadblocks to growth as well. The public health emergency has only compounded the staffing challenges that have plagued providers […]

  • With Home-Based Care Support, DailyPay Secures $500M in Capital

    DailyPay, a company that provides on-demand payment solutions for employees and employers, has secured $500 million in capital. That, in some part, is thanks to home-based care providers buying into the method. The New York-based company recently announced it raised $175 million in a Series D equity round, led by Carrick Capital Partners along with […]

  • Amedisys Turns to Predictive Analytics to Lower Voluntary Turnover

    In the home health business, providers rise and fall with their people. Recruitment and retention difficulties have been the bane of home health operators for years. Even during a once-in-a-generation pandemic filled with health hazards, cash-flow challenges and personal protective equipment (PPE) problems, it was staffing shortages that kept the bulk of organizations up at […]

  • Staffing firm AMN Healthcare buys telehealth provider for $42.5M

    AMN Healthcare bought Synzi, a virtual care provider, to offer customers greater staffing flexibility. The acquisition is a part of the company’s strategy to keep pace with the evolving market, where a greater emphasis is being placed on virtual care delivery and remote patient monitoring.

  • ‘A Huge Victory’: Home Care Turnover Remains Stable at 65.2%

    Turnover rates in the home care industry have taken an up-and-down rollercoaster ride over the past few years, jumping from 66.7% in 2019 to 81.6% in 2018, then falling back down to 64.3% in 2019. Yet in 2020, turnover across U.S. home care agencies remained mostly flat, climbing ever so slightly to an overall rate […]

  • ‘The Conversation Is Way Overdue’: Why the Home Care Staffing System Is Broken

    Families trust home-based care workers with the lives of their loved ones during some of the most vulnerable stretches of their lives. But as at-home care becomes more popular in the U.S., supporting the individuals that make up the workforce will have to be a priority. Without the workforce of home health aides, companions and […]

  • Steward Health v Aya Healthcare: 4 things to know

    The Texas-based health system first sued the staffing firm for “price gouging” amid the Covid-19 pandemic, as wages for nurses shot up from $75 to $160. But the firm countersued, claiming that Steward — which owes Aya over $40 million — previously did not raise objections to its prices.

  • 7.4M Direct Care Jobs Will Need to Be Filled by 2029, with Most in Home Care

    The U.S. population is rapidly aging — a topic frequently visited by home-based care providers. But as they do age, direct care workers are going to need to care for them. And that won’t just require 1.3 million more individuals to enter the direct care workforce by the decade’s end; it will also require another […]

  • 83% of Caregivers Went Without Raises, Additional Benefits During the Pandemic

    Caregiver compensation could look different a year or two from now, thanks to a push from the federal government to fund home-based care and invest in its workforce. But for now, the home-based care industry remains filled with a lot of underpaid workers, many of whom have particularly struggled during the COVID-19 crisis. For starters, […]

  • OIG: Pandemic forced hospitals into ‘survival mode’

    A new report from the HHS’ Office of Inspector General lays bare the varied challenges hospitals faced in the past year — and continue to face. These range from challenges in healthcare delivery to staffing shortages to shaky finances.

  • State Bill Aiding Unionization in Home-Based Care Could ‘Set a Precedent’ Nationwide

    Traditionally, the home-based care world has been mostly void of massive unionization efforts among its workers. But that could change soon, thanks to a new ruling out of California related to “Assembly Bill 2455,” which the state passed in 2018. The bill aims to allow home-based care workers’ contact information to be unveiled, which gives […]

  • Home Business President Susan Diamond to Serve as Humana’s Interim CFO

    Susan Diamond — the Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM) executive who has been in charge of building the health insurer’s vast home-based care infrastructure — is taking on an additional role. The Louisville, Kentucky-based company announced Monday that Diamond will be moving into the interim CFO role, effective June 1. Current CFO Brian Kane is stepping […]

  • The Home Health Workforce Has Shrunk by 3.1% Since the Pandemic Started

    It has been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The prolonged crisis has had a substantial impact on the U.S. health care labor pool, including the home health workforce, though to a slightly lesser extent. In February 2020, the nation’s health care employment peaked at nearly 16.5 million jobs, according to nonprofit research […]

  • PE-Backed Help at Home Names New CEO

    Help at Home has a new CEO. The home- and community-based services provider announced Monday that current board member Chris Hocevar has been appointed chief executive officer, effective immediately. Hocevar replaces Paul Mastrapa, who previously served as a consultant and as the leader of Option Care before taking over as Help at Home’s CEO in […]

  • Staffing Reclaims Title of Home-Based Care Industry’s Biggest Challenge

    Apart from the COVID-19 virus, staffing is the single-most challenging aspect of delivering care inside the home, with the national supply of clinicians and caregivers far outweighing service demand. That’s according to the 2021 Home Health Care News Outlook Survey and Report, produced in partnership with home-based care software company Homecare Homebase. More than 350 […]

  • Biden Administration Includes ‘Home Care Workforce Crisis’ in New Pandemic Plan

    President Joe Biden focused on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic during his first full day in office Thursday. In doing so, he once again drew attention to home-based care and getting the current “workforce crisis” under control. “Our national strategy is comprehensive,” Biden said during an address from the White House. “It’s based on science, not […]

  • Inside Care To Stay Home’s Person-Focused Retention Strategy

    The COVID-19 emergency has further compounded the difficulties home-based care providers face when it comes to retention. Still, many organizations have used this time to solidify their efforts around company culture. Care To Stay Home is one example. The company recently topped Fortune’s annual Best Workplaces in Aging Services list for the second year in […]

  • Disease-Specific Training for Home-Based Care Workers Can Improve Staffing, Boost Quality

    Personal care aides are tasked with caring for seniors with a variety of health conditions — many of which they are not properly trained in. And without the proper training, those aides operate in highly stressful environments without the tools to care for their patients adequately. That can hurt health outcomes, increase the caregiver’s emotional […]

  • ‘We’re Looking for the Best of the Best’: Why Dementia-Focused Home Health Provider Tender Rose Cherry-Picks Top Caregivers

    As the number of Americans living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia rises, more in-home care providers are rolling out specialized services lines focused on memory care and disease-specific needs. Some providers are even building their entire businesses around dementia. One such in-home care company is Tender Rose Dementia Care Specialists, which has been […]

  • Why In-Home Care Agencies Need to Rethink Their Staffing Strategies

    Home-based care agencies have had to lean on technology during the COVID-19 crisis, whether they liked it or not. In some cases, that meant conducting remote visits, even if they weren’t reimbursable under Medicare rules. In other cases, it meant having staff work from home in this new, long-term COVID-19 reality. But telehealth platforms are […]

  • Home Care Careers ‘Are Suddenly on the Map,’ But Recruiting Remains a Challenge

    Recruiting and retention in both the home health and home care industries has always been an uphill battle for providers. In spring, operators had hoped that the job market’s volatility during the COVID-19 crisis would help on those fronts. With tens of millions of individuals forced out of work, they thought, the home-based care labor […]

  • Home Health Turnover Rate Hits 22.18%

    Home health industry turnover rates have once again worsened in 2020, especially for front-line worker positions. That’s according to the latest Home Care Salary & Benefits Report from the Oakland, New Jersey-based Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service, which provides salary and benefits studies for the health care sector. The annual report is published with the […]

  • Nearing 2021 Consolidation Strategy, Trinity Health At Home Keeps Focus on Patient Care

    A member of Catholic health system Trinity Health, Trinity Health At Home currently ranks as the eighth-largest home health provider in the country. It will gain even more market share next year, thanks to an ambitious plan to formally consolidate Trinity’s national network of home health agencies with regionally owned affiliates. Despite the advantages of […]

  • HCAOA Throws Support Behind CareAcademy Program to ‘Reskill’ 1M New Caregivers by 2023

    Just one month after its original launch with venture capital company Kairos HQ, CareAcademy has expanded its caregiver job placement and training initiative. CareAcademy is a Boston-based training platform for home care professionals. The company currently serves roughly 1,000 home care clients and locations. The company’s “Future of Work is Home Care” program aims to […]

  • How Royal Care Improved Its Caregiver Retention Rate to Over 90%

    Over the years, in-home care providers have been forced to become increasingly creative when it comes to retention. One company, Royal Care, has been able to accomplish this in the hyper-competitive New York market, thanks to a unique caregiver perks program. Founded in 1995, Royal Care is an in-home care agency that provides professional nursing […]

  • Finding the Right Employee Compensation Model Under PDGM

    Mapping out a clear pay structure and expectations for field staff is imperative for success in home-based care, particularly as margins become slimmer and the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) takes hold. Compensation structure is one of the biggest influences on providers’ margins — if not the biggest. With that in mind, providers need to find […]

  • PPP Loans Have Helped Save More Than 160K US Home-Based Care Jobs

    The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has helped home-based care providers who received less than $150,000 in loans save more than 160,000 jobs nationwide, according to data from the Small Business Administration (SBA). States such as Texas, California and Florida saw the highest number of home-based care jobs retained as a result of the program. Meanwhile, […]

  • Home Care Agencies Can Curb Turnover Costs with Better Preparation, Job Quality

    Direct care workers are still undervalued, undertrained and have little opportunity for career advancement, according to a new report from PHI. Ultimately, that’s bad for home-based care agencies — and their bottom lines. New York-based PHI is a direct care worker and senior care advocacy organization. PHI typically classifies direct care workers as personal care […]