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The role of mindfulness in healthcare from behavioral health to physical therapy [Sponsored]

Clinicians used to wonder if there was a role for mindfulness meditation in healthcare. But after the Covid-19 pandemic laid bare the overwhelming need for practical solutions in behavioral health, the question has shifted to what role it can play.

How payers are using predictive analytics and virtual care to improve care delivery [Sponsored]

As part of its Envision U.S. Healthcare Summit, Microsoft conducted interviews with executives at Aetna CVS Health and Humana to highlight some of the ways these companies are adapting to consumerization of healthcare.

The power of digital ecosystems to improve pharma supply chain operations [Sponsored]

A panel discussion from a recent Microsoft summit offered insights on how tech companies are closely collaborating with the pharma industry as they seek to repair and improve manufacturing supply chain issues exposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Digital transformation: Reimagining clinical trial management [Sponsored]

Decentralized clinical trial approaches helped the pharma industry navigate through Covid-19. Now it is becoming increasingly clear that there’s a need for a hybrid approach to decentralized clinical trials that considers the perspectives of patients and the impact to clinical trial sites.

MedCity Pivot podcast: Using virtual-first care to improve the patient and clinician experience [Sponsored]

The Covid-19 pandemic has propelled virtual healthcare into our daily lives, although the quality of that experience varies. But one emerging trend from the scaling of telehealth is virtual-first care, as Wheel CEO and founder Michelle Davey explained.

Cancer care poses challenges for employers; Transcarent shares vision for how it can help [Sponsored]

As they seek to support their staff, self-insured employers are turning to innovative programs to balance evidence based programs with the need to manage healthcare costs.

Convergence of medtech and health tech: Helping providers plan procedures and easing patient anxiety [Sponsored]

A pediatric health system enlisting mixed reality and 3D printing technology illustrates how clinical collaboration and patient education can improve patient outcomes for complex procedures.

MedShift CEO shares vision for growth [Sponsored]

A veteran of GE Healthcare, Joe Gasque talks about how he’s growing the company’s niche position in the high-paced aesthetics industry, offering services to surgeons, practitioners, medical device and injectables manufacturers.

BrightInsight launches new digital disease management solution for biopharma and medtech [Sponsored]

BrightInsight developed the Disease Management Solution to help biopharma and medtech companies bring their Software as a Medical Device (SaMD)  to market faster, according to BrightInsight CEO and Co-founder Dr. Kal Patel.

At BIO, French delegation highlights its plans for healthcare and biotech development [Sponsored]

The French delegation at BIO on June 13-16 has a compelling story to tell about biopharma and medtech growth and investment in France and the U.S. Here’s a preview of some of the companies that will be at the convention, events they will host and why you should check them out.

Surescripts webinar highlights: Interoperability progress depends on how you look at it [Sponsored]

Register to view a webinar, sponsored by Surescripts, highlighting progress made on interoperability and what’s needed to improve and expand it.

The rise of virtual-first care: How it could drive cost savings and improve patient outcomes [Sponsored]

In a webinar sponsored by Wheel, health tech executives will explore how telehealth is increasingly becoming the first point of interaction between patients and providers and the potential for hybrid care models to improve the patient experience, health outcomes, and deliver cost savings.

3D printers have proved their value to hospitals for limb-saving surgery, Covid-19 supply chain issues, and more [Sponsored]

A recent webinar sponsored by Formlabs underscored the value of 3D printing from a clinical perspective and offered insight on how commercial and regulatory players are thinking about this space.

Exploring the next chapter of interoperability [Sponsored]

A webinar, sponsored by Surescripts on April 28, will include: Surescripts CEO Tom Skelton, Epic CEO Judy Faulkner, Healthcare Leadership Council President Mary Grealy, McKesson Prescription Technology Solutions President Nathan Mott, and UC San Francisco Assistant Professor of Medicine A. Jay Holmgren. Register today!

ViVE conference highlights commitment to health equity through tech, previews the next chapters of interoperability [Sponsored]

The ViVE conference last week was a refreshing collection of discussions exploring how much progress has been made in healthcare transformation and the enormous amount of work yet to be done.

Vibe at ViVE: Health tech executives share new developments at inaugural conference [Sponsored]

Hear from healthcare executives such as CVS Kidney Care President Lisa Rometty, Komodo Health CEO Dr. Arif Nathoo, and McKesson Ventures Partner Michelle Snyder on how they’re thinking about digital transformation in healthcare in a series of interviews at ViVE.

Price transparency, virtual care and timely access to data take on many forms at ViVE 2022 [Sponsored]

Some of the overarching trends across many of the health tech companies at ViVE included making healthcare access more flexible, user friendly and more transparent as well as improving the user/customer experience.

RubiconMD CEO shares insights on behavioral health and outlines rural health initiative [Sponsored]

Gil Addo, CEO and co-founder of RubiconMD, is taking part in a discussion on value-based care and access to healthcare in rural communities at the ViVE conference by HLTH and CHIME in Miami Beach March 6-9. In an interview, he discussed behavioral health and rural health initiatives.

Sutter Health chief of digital health shares digital health integration insights [Sponsored]

Sutter Health Chief of Digital Health Dr Albert Chan is taking part in a panel discussion about the patient experience at the ViVE conference by HLTH and CHIME in Miami Beach March 6-9. In an interview, he discussed some of the digital health tools they’ve implemented from behavioral health to maternity care and AI.

ViVE Q&A: What can healthcare organizations do to repel ransomware attacks? [Sponsored]

Cybersecurity will be an important part of the conversation at the ViVE conference by HLTH and CHIME, March 6-9 in Miami Beach. An interview with a senior adviser from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency highlights how payers, providers and health tech companies can better protect patient data.

Providers need to make employee well-being a top priority [Sponsored]

Managing the healthcare workforce can be a challenge for providers, particularly in the current environment. There has never been a greater need for a holistic approach to workforce management. DXC Technology offers solutions to a wide range of increasing healthcare industry business needs.

The supply chain crisis is spurring companies to transform production and sourcing strategies to reduce risk [Sponsored]

The report, Resilience in volatility: Modernizing the supply chain, highlights three areas that Fortune 500 and mid-size companies need to address to implement technology such as machine learning, cloud computing and risk management tools to improve production and delivery.

BrightInsight CEO Kal Patel M.D. discusses the future of regulated digital health for biopharma and medtech  [Sponsored]

In order to benefit from the Virtual1Care trend, pharma and medtech companies must ensure that their digital health tools, wrapped around a drug or device, comply with evolving regulations.

Medical education through Twitter? Pharma’s digital strategy for healthcare providers [Sponsored]

“Most Q&As are happening on Twitter. If you’re not doing social listening you’re losing fresh insights into things like disease states.” That was just one of the observations in a new report on how pharma and other life science companies are working with healthcare providers and adapting to improve the patient experience.

Medical device companies should consider embracing connected care platforms [Sponsored]

A recent webinar hosted by MedCity News and sponsored by BioT shared insights on some of the ingredients to successful creation and execution of remote patient monitoring solutions supported by a cloud-based connected care platform with speakers from BioT and Abbott.

100Plus webinar recap: How physician practices can implement an RPM program and succeed [Sponsored]

In a recent webinar sponsored by 100Plus, the healthcare company provided a roadmap on how their RPM program works, including device deployment, collaboration with clinicians, implementation and reimbursement.

The emerging golden era of neuroscience [Sponsored]

Bill Martin, the Global Therapeutic Area Head of Neuroscience at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, shared some of the promising developments in the neuroscience space, such as the rise of neuro-immunology and the industry’s embrace of digital health tools to support drug development in a recent interview.

Reimagine Healthcare: Transform healthcare in the cloud [Sponsored]

Learn how healthcare organizations are working with Microsoft to enhance patient engagement, accelerate healthcare innovation, support collaboration, improve clinical and operational insights and transform healthcare in the cloud.

Imagine a world without disease [Sponsored]

The team behind the World Without Disease Accelerator, part of Janssen Research & Development, one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson, is embracing an ambitious paradigm focused on disease prevention, interception and cure.

Improve patients’ outcomes with AI-powered remote monitoring devices and increase revenue for your practice [Sponsored]

A webinar from MedCity News sponsored by 100Plus scheduled for November 9 at 12pm ET will explore remote patient monitoring to achieve greater patient adherence and clinically meaningful outcomes for conditions such as hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. 

MedCity Spotlight Video: Fredrikson & Byron attorneys discuss Covid-19’s impact on deal-making and value-based care [Sponsored]

In a Spotlight Video interview, Fredrikson & Byron Shareholders and Co-chairs of the firm’s life sciences group, Jeff Steinle and Ryan Johnson, talked about the deal-making environment in healthcare and how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted it. 

Leading hardtech innovation center mHUB opens MedTech accelerator for medical device startups [Sponsored]

The mHUB MedTech Accelerator is a six-month program, based in Chicago, run in partnership with Baxter and Edward-Elmhurst Health Venture Capital. The application deadline is Monday, August 23.

Regulated digital health explained: What you need to know to stay compliant [Sponsored]

Digital health thought leader Mark Tarby, BrightInsight vice president of regulatory and quality management systems, shared his take on what the EU MDR means for connected devices, Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), and the go-to market strategies for the companies behind them.

Pediatric Device Innovators Forum Explores State of Focused Ultrasound [Sponsored]

This free livestream event, hosted by the National Capital Consortium for Pediatric Device Innovation (NCC-PDI), features clinical, regulatory and reimbursement experts discussing the topic “Focused Ultrasound for Pediatric Indications.”

MedCity Spotlight Video: Fruit Street Health on diabetes and telemedicine [Sponsored]

Although it has focused on diabetes management, Founder and CEO Laurence Girard says that the company is growing its telemedicine services to include virtual primary care support for other chronic conditions such as hypertension, mental health and smoking cessation that pair community and clinical components.

INVEST Video Conference: What is the role of AI in health equity? [Sponsored]

With artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are becoming more in vogue in different aspects of healthcare, our panel discusses how can we ensure that AI is leveraged properly so that it advances the goals of health equity.

MedCity Spotlight Video: How Penn Center for Innovation is combating Covid-19 [Sponsored]

As part of MedCity’s 2021 INVEST conference, Cesar de la Fuente, presidential assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania, explains the value of the rapid low-cost diagnostic test he has developed to detect SARS-CoV-2 and how the platform technology can be deployed to detect other diseases cost-effectively.

How are healthcare organizations shifting to digital documents? [Sponsored]

In order to gain insight into how organizations are thinking about digitizing medical documents and the strategy behind those decisions, we’re conducting a brief survey of the MedCity News audience and will publish a report based on this survey’s findings.

Covid-19 was a lightning rod for life science deals last year. What investment trends are taking shape in 2021? [Sponsored]

Peter Meath, Co-Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences for Middle Market Commercial Banking at J.P. Morgan, is bullish that the momentum will continue, particularly with investment trends focused on pain points amplified by the Covid-19 pandemic, from diagnostics development to supply chain management.

Bristol Myers Squibb SVP Ho Sung Cho highlights legacy and ongoing research in protein degradation  [Sponsored]

Cho discusses Bristol Myers Squibb’s research efforts in the field of protein degradation to advance potential treatments for a broad range of diseases. In a recent MedCity Pivot Podcast, he also shared insights on his approach to drug discovery, perspectives on dealing with failure, and some of the work his teams are doing in the …

Bristol Myers Squibb SVP Ho Sung Cho highlights legacy and ongoing research in protein degradation  [Sponsored] Read More »

In MedCity Pivot podcast, biopharma researcher talks about protein degradation, recent success tied to Covid-19 [Sponsored]

Ho Sung Cho, senior vice president of Biodiscovery Therapeutics at Bristol Myers Squibb, talks about lessons learned from drug discovery, recent success tied to Covid-19, and how the company is leveraging its expertise in protein degradation to develop novel therapies for blood cancers, solid tumors and other important therapeutic areas.

How digital health impacts the development and adoption of cancer immunotherapies [Sponsored]

In an interview, BrightInsight Co-founder and CEO Kal Patel, MD, offered a preview of the report, The Role of Digital Health in Immuno-oncology Therapy Development and Adoption.

Push for better patient outcomes drives new standard of care [Sponsored]

In this webinar on Feb. 10,healthcare experts from Desert Oasis Healthcare and iRhythm Technologies will discuss how Zio monitors, designed to be worn for longer duration than holter monitors, represent a new standard of care in remote cardiac monitoring.

What’s needed to make consumerization of healthcare work for patients? [Sponsored]

As healthcare systems strive to recover from losses due to the pandemic, patient acquisition and retention have never been more urgent, and patient experience has never been more critical. A new guide from Bright.MD offers a digital checklist on how to improve the patient experience.

Covid-19’s terrible toll on diabetes patients. What can be done? [Sponsored]

The public health crisis has undermined the economy and made people with chronic conditions more vulnerable and stressed. A validated program that can effectively help people manage their disease is invaluable, especially at a time when in-person physician visits are unavailable.

Transforming the patient experience to enable informed healthcare decisions [Sponsored]

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on healthcare delivery, in many ways it has underscored the need for a healthcare system that can help patients easily navigate healthcare concerns as well as price transparency.

How is population health innovation unfolding in Louisiana? [Sponsored]

With the annual INVEST Population Health virtual conference coming up November 16-18, here’s a look at our collaboration partner New Orleans Business Alliance. It plays a vital role in helping to stimulate the local economy by supporting the development and advancement of the healthcare and biotech infrastructure.

Using digital engagement to solve pain points along the patient journey: How to deliver better outcomes for patients and brands [Sponsored]

Join us November 10th to learn how digital engagement can solve challenges for both patients and the brand and learn other benefits that will improve patient experience and address multiple barriers to medication adherence.

J.P. Morgan on the state of life sciences and strategies to fuel innovation [Sponsored]

In an interview, Peter Meath, J.P. Morgan’s co-head of Healthcare and Life Sciences, Middle Market Banking & Specialized Industries, says the Covid-19 pandemic has cast a bright light on the life sciences industry with startups raising venture funding at record levels as the virus has transformed the way people usually do business in the sector. 

Bind personalized health plan outperforms industry benchmarks for total cost [Sponsored]

When employers offer a health plan with clear pricing, their employees are more likely to consistently choose higher-value, lower-cost care, according to a new Bind analysis using industry-leading national commercial benchmark and risk adjusted data. Register here to hear more.

How can life science companies benefit from hiring a Professional Employer Organization? [Sponsored]

In an interview, TriNet’s Vice President of Life Sciences, Maria Abouseif, talked about the role Professional Employer Organizations play in helping life science companies navigate the COVID-19 public health crisis.

A special presentation from J.P. Morgan for MedCity’s INVEST conference [Sponsored]

Pamela Aldsworth, head of VC coverage and managing director at J.P. Morgan, discusses deals and dealmaking during the pandemic and how startups can survive, in a special presentation to mark MedCity News’ annual INVEST conference.