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  • Using personalized healthcare marketing strategies to boost patient retention

    As patient expectations shift, providers that offer a personalized healthcare marketing experience will be more likely to attract and retain satisfied consumers. The pandemic accelerated this shift. As a result, the traditional ways of healthcare marketing are starting to fall short. For example: A healthcare marketing strategy that’s designed for an “average consumer” results in […]

  • Zing Health Secures $25M to Accelerate SDOH-Driven Medicare Advantage Plans

    What You Should Know: – Medicare Advantage provider Zing Health raises $25M from Town Hall Ventures and Leavitt Equity Partners, two leading investors focused on growing innovative healthcare businesses. Zing Health Holdings, a Chicago-based physician-led Medicare Advantage insurance company focused on serving vulnerable populations underserved by traditional insurance models, today announced that Town Hall Ventures and Leavitt […]

  • What does the connected generation (Gen C) expect from providers?

    As the digital healthcare revolution takes hold, do assumptions about a generation gap still hold true? Do Millennials and Gen Z have different expectations of healthcare providers compared to Baby Boomers and Gen X? In today’s hyper-connected world, the differences are a matter of degree. We’re all Gen C now. Futurist Brian Solis coined the […]

  • Decentralized Clinical Research Will Be A Paradigm-Shifting Trend

    Zeenia Framroze, Director of Strategy and Business Operations at Sharecare The field of clinical research is on the precipice of change, and for good reason. Traditional clinical trials and processes are primarily confined to sterile, isolated clinical settings that are often narrow in scope and provider-centric. Researchers of tomorrow, however, already are identifying accurate and […]

  • Expert Q+A: how top providers are using digital patient recruitment tools

    Mass relocations during the pandemic caused seismic shifts in healthcare markets. With millions of Americans moving and reshuffling to be closer to family or take advantage of remote working opportunities, healthcare providers have extra work on their hands to ensure their patient base holds steady. Some attrition is inevitable; however, as more patients relocate, providers […]

  • Search & Referral Platform Aunt Bertha Rebrands as findhelp

    What You Should Know: – Aunt Bertha, an Austin-TX-based search and referral platform for social services in the US, announced it has rebranded as findhelp – a name shift that helps customers, organizations, and those seeking care to instantly understand the company’s mission: to connect all people seeking help and the programs that serve them with dignity […]

  • Social Determinant of The Healthcare Professional: Why We Cannot Wait

    JohnMatthew Douglas, President And Founder at iPressForward, LLC The following list provides examples of the social determinants of health, which influence health equity in positive and negative ways: Income and social protection, Education, Unemployment, and job insecurity, Working life conditions, Food insecurity, Housing, basic amenities and the environment, Early childhood development, social inclusion, and non-discrimination, […]

  • Getting a holistic picture of patients with social determinants of health

    This is the fifth in a series of blog posts that will highlight how the patient journey has evolved since the onset of COVID-19. This series will take you through the changes that impacted every step of the patient journey and provide strategic recommendations to move forward. In this post, explore the fifth step—treatment, and […]

  • Healthy Alliance IPA, Unite Us Launches NY’s First Social Care Network

    What You Should Know: – Healthy Alliance IPA and Unite Us, today announced a strategic partnership to create New York’s first statewide coordinated care network for addressing social needs – one of the first networks of its kind in the country.  – This growing partnership will convene regional community leaders and thousands of local community-based […]

  • Healthcare Data & Analytics Platforms: Shifting from Siloed Capabilities

    Bradley Hunter, Research Director at KLAS Research Ryan Pretnik, Research Director at KLAS Research Lois Krotz, Research Director at KLAS Research Historically, analytics capabilities for healthcare organizations have been offered in siloed solutions. These solutions provide quick insights but not the longitudinal patient, financial, and operational views organizations need to truly move the needle in […]

  • How CVS Caremark plans to address health disparities

    CVS Caremark recently launched efforts to better prevent, detect and treat sickle cell disease, HIV and cardiovascular disease. CVS Caremark CMO Sree Chaguturu shared how the PBM launched this effort at the engagement track at HLTH, hosted by MedCity News

  • HLTH21: Uber Health, Papa Partner to Improve Social Determinants of Health

    What You Should Know:  – Papa, a nationwide provider that pairs older adults and families with Papa Pals for companionship and assistance with everyday tasks, and Uber Health, Uber’s HIPAA-enabled solution for health care organizations, announced a social determinants of health (SDoH) partnership aimed at reducing barriers to transportation access. – Papa and Uber are […]

  • The Post-COVID-19 Patient Journey: What’s next for healthcare?

    COVID-19 transformed the patient journey, and it’s clear when we evaluate every step. Data and technology gave patients the convenience, flexibility, and control to get care on their terms, and these changes will be here to stay. From marketing to scheduling to payments and more – providers and payers have ample opportunities to respond to […]

  • SDOH Strategies All Provider Organizations Should be Adopting Now

    Joe Nicholson, III, DO, Chief Medical Officer, CareAllies There is growing concern among many well-respected providers about the consequences of fewer preventive services over the past 1½ years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As patients slowly start to resume care throughout 2021 and into 2022, experts predict we will see a spike in […]

  • CVS Caremark Expands Efforts to Tackle Health Disparities

    What You Should Know:  – CVS Caremark announced an expansion of its efforts to address health disparities among patients, starting with certain conditions including sickle cell disease, HIV, and cardiovascular disease. – CVS Caremark is working with its clients to create health equity strategies for PBM members with certain conditions that disproportionately affect patients of […]

  • 4 data-driven healthcare marketing strategies to re-engage patients after COVID-19

    This is the first in a series of blog posts exploring how the patient journey has transformed as a result of COVID-19. This series will take you through the changes that impacted every step of the patient journey and provide strategic recommendations to move forward. In this post, we explore the role of healthcare marketing […]

  • How COVID-19 changed the patient journey: A call for digital transformation

    COVID-19 changed every aspect of the patient journey – placing unprecedented demands on the healthcare system and accelerating the need for digital transformation industry-wide. Telehealth, touchless engagement, and self-service scheduling became the new normal; however, this created new stress on operations, administration, and finance. While this new normal comes with many challenges, data and digital […]

  • The State of Patient Access 2.0: 4 opportunities to strengthen the digital experience

    “93% of providers say creating a better patient experience remains a top priority, up 3% from last year.” – Experian Health’s State of Patient Access, June 2021 Download now In November 2020, we surveyed patients and providers for their sentiments on how patient access changed because of the pandemic. During this time, patients welcomed the […]

  • Unite Us Acquires Health Analytics Platform Carrot Health

    What You Should Know: – Unite Us, a New York City-based company connecting health and social care services, today announced the acquisition of Carrot Health, an action-oriented health analytics company focused on removing barriers to health and optimizing care. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed. – The combination of predictive analytics powerhouse Carrot Health and Unite Us’ end-to-end […]

  • How payers, providers are tackling homelessness & extending care access

    Homelessness, a key social determinant of health, is on the rise, prompting action from payers and providers. Though their efforts are varied, ranging from subsidizing housing to making it easier for those living in encampments or temporary housing to access care, they have a common goal.

  • Hackensack Meridian Health partners with NowPow to create SDOH referral program

    The NowPow referral platform, which is integrated into the New Jersey-based health system’s EHR, will enable clinicians and other care team members to provide patients — whose socioeconomic conditions are negatively affecting their health — with referrals to community resources, like food banks or rental assistance.

  • Cerner Launches Social Determinants of Health Solution to Advance Health Equity

    What You Should Know: – Cerner today announced a new solution, Cerner Determinants of Health, designed to help providers address healthcare inequities. – Cerner Determinants of Health is a dashboard and supporting set of tools, integrated into the Cerner electronic health record, to help clinicians pinpoint disparities and suggest goals and resources within the patient’s care plan […]

  • Boost vaccination rates with frictionless self-scheduling

    It’s time to accelerate the pace of COVID-19 vaccinations. Healthcare experts are increasingly concerned about the rapid spread of the highly contagious delta variant, which now makes up over 83% of COVID-19 cases. This variant is estimated to be 60% more transmissible than previous strains, and while vaccination doesn’t eliminate the risk, it does reduce […]

  • Boost vaccination rates with frictionless self-scheduling

    As the country strives to ramp up the pace of COVID-19 vaccinations, providers need to take new approaches to drive registration volume. Healthcare experts are increasingly concerned about the rapid spread of the highly contagious delta variant, which now makes up over 83% of COVID-19 cases. This variant is estimated to be 60% more transmissible […]

  • WellSky Acquires Healthify to Enhance Social Determinants of Health

    What You Should Know: – Seamless coordination between providers, community-based organizations, and payers is the key to delivering value-based care at scale. To better connect providers, identify social determinants of health, search for social services, and coordinate care with community partners, WellSky has acquired Healthify. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed. – Together, WellSky and Healthify will connect providers across and within communities to […]

  • Marshfield Clinic Health System to Launch Rural Health Equity Initiative

    What You Should Know: – Marshfield Clinic Health System, one of the largest rural, integrated health systems in the country, is partnering with NowPow and a broad range of community organizations to connect patients with local resources to improve their health and quality of life. – Marshfield Clinic Health System and NowPow are working together […]

  • Applying A Hedge Fund Mentality for Investing in Social Determinants of Health

    Matt Lambert, M.D., Chief Medical Officer – Curation Health While I am a practicing clinician, I am a firm believer that improvements in healthcare most often come from borrowing the best ideas from other business models. For example, I have sometimes borrowed from software company and payer colleague insights to describe value-based care (VBC) reimbursement […]

  • The Crucial Role of SDOH Data in Value-Based Care

    Rahul Sharma, CEO of HSBlox Roughly $4 trillion is spent on healthcare annually in the U.S.  Despite this massive expenditure, roughly 80% of health outcomes are attributed to social, behavioral and environmental factors, known as social determinants of health (SDOH).   What has been far less clear is how providers and payers can fully harness SDOH […]

  • Aunt Bertha Secures $27M to Expand Referral Platform for Social Services

    What You Should Know: Today, Aunt Bertha, the nation’s leader in closed-loop social care networks and the company behind, announced it has raised an additional $27M in investment funding led by Warburg Pincus, had significant participation from existing investors including Pershing Square Foundation, Techstars Ventures, Noro-Moseley Partners, Digitalis Ventures and The Social Entrepreneurs’ Fund (TSEF). – The financing […]

  • Making Telehealth Accessible to Underserved Communities Requires a Multifaceted Approach

    Over the last year, people across the U.S. have adopted telehealth in record numbers, signaling what people in the industry have long believed — virtual doctor visits and prescription delivery has the potential to truly increase access to high-quality, convenient care.  The meteoric rise of telehealth has also come with its challenges, one of the […]

  • UnitedHealthcare’s new social determinants effort spans 23 programs

    The payer’s Community Catalyst initiative includes 23 programs that involve collaborations with various community-based organizations and health centers. They tackle different types of social determinants of health issues, including food insecurity among seniors and the health needs of those in public housing.

  • The Key to SDOH: Health literacy

    As a country, we must do a better job supporting people and communities throughout their health journey because communities with greater access to information and increased levels of health literacy will ensure better health outcomes.

  • Driving member engagement with health plan data analytics

    As Spotify and Amazon can attest, digital technology plus personalization is a winning formula. Consumers want anytime-anywhere access to the services and products they enjoy, without having to sift through irrelevant information. They want tailored recommendations that will make their life easier. More than eight in ten consumers say they’re more likely to choose businesses […]

  • How NLP Can Uncover Social Determinants of Heart Disease

    David Talby, CTO, John Snow Labs Heart disease is the leading cause of death for people of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States. Cardiovascular disease-related deaths—which occur every 36 seconds—cost our country about $219 billion each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). People with poor cardiovascular health […]

  • Unite Us Nabs $150M, Reaching $1.6B Valuation to Address Social Determinants of Health

    What You Should Know: –   Unite Us, the tech company creating coordinated care networks nationwide, has just announced a $150M Series C round of funding led by ICONIQ Capital, bringing its valuation at $1.65 billion.   – Unite Us is leading the care transformation movement towards whole-person health with its core product, Unite Us Platform, an outcome-focused coordination software sconnecting community-based […]

  • Care coordination startup Unite Us raises $150M

    Unite Us, a New York-based technology company that makes coordination of care software, passed a $1.6 billion valuation. It build networks with local providers and works to connect members with community resources.

  • Achieving Financial Sustainability: A Connected Community of Care’s #1 Goal

    Dr. Keith Kosel, Vice President at Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation (PCCI) “Show me the money!” No one old enough to have seen the 1996 movie, Jerry Maguire, will ever forget that memorable phrase. That simple but powerful phrase could apply to every person who punches a clock for a living and just about every […]

  • City of Milwaukee Taps NowPow to Improve Health Equity & Outcomes

    What You Should Know: – IMPACT, a designated provider of 211 information and referral services in Southeastern Wisconsin, today announced a groundbreaking collaboration with local health systems, community organizations and NowPow to power one of the nation’s most comprehensive, community-wide systems to connect health and social care and track outcomes. – As part of the […]

  • Q&A: Segmenting your patient population for the COVID-19 vaccine

    While the various waves of vaccine priority may be largely defined, the ability for many providers to segment their patient populations based on those designations isn’t always simple. Without accurate data, there’s a risk that some vulnerable patients will be missed out. We interviewed Mindy Pankoke, senior product manager at Experian Health, about the challenges […]

  • Arizona to Implement a Statewide Social Determinants of Health Closed Loop Referral System

    What You Should Know: – Health Current, Arizona’s health information exchange (HIE), today announced the selection of NowPow as the vendor of choice for Arizona’s closed-loop referral system (CLRS) to address social determinants of health (SDOH) needs in Arizona. – By connecting healthcare and community service providers on a single statewide technology platform, this new […]

  • Telehealth Helped Me Beat COVID-19, But It’s Just A Start

    Lisa Romano, MSN, RN, Chief Nursing Officer at CipherHealth I was the voice of social distancing, a proponent of mask-wearing from the very start. Still, after months of keeping distance from loved ones, the idea of a quick, safe, outdoor family gathering on a beautiful fall day, even if we weren’t going to be wearing […]

  • Supercharge your COVID-19 vaccine management plan with digital solutions

    If President Biden’s two trillion-dollar stimulus package is approved by Congress, support will include funding for a national vaccination program. While the arrival of the vaccine is an immense relief, the logistics for rolling it out across the country present a major challenge. Even at a rate of one million shots administered per day, it […]

  • A Patient Engagement Strategy Needs to Deliver a Holistic Experience

    Chris Evanguelidi, Director, Enterprise Healthcare Market for Redpoint Global Inc. Researchers from Johns Hopkins published a study in October on the impact of the pandemic on health care delivery. Among its findings, the data show a 21.4% decrease in primary care visits in Q2 of 2020, compared against the average volume of Q2 visits for […]

  • Why CMS Will Lead the 2021 Kidney Care Revolution

    Chris Riopelle, CEO of Strive Health After an unprecedented year, kidney care providers, including nephrologists, dialysis facilities, and care extenders are expecting 2021 to follow suit. We will see an overhaul in reimbursement and major industry shifts, partly led by CMS, that will require providers to advance their capabilities in a way that will usher […]

  • Why Hospitals Should Act Now to Create Clinical AI Departments

    John Frownfelter, MD, FACP, Chief Medical Information Officer at Jvion A century ago, X-rays transformed medicine forever. For the first time, doctors could see inside the human body, without invasive surgeries. The technology was so revolutionary that in the last 100 years, radiology departments have become a staple of modern hospitals, routinely used across medical […]

  • CareSource, Healthify Partner to Address Social Determinants of Health in Ohio

    What You Should Know: – Healthify and CareSource are teaming up to build a statewide network of community-based organizations in Ohio. – This new network will provide social services to CareSource’s members throughout the state of Ohio with referrals to address Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). CareSource, a nonprofit multi-state managed care plan has partnered with Healthify to build a statewide network of community-based organizations in Ohio. The […]

  • Is Your Connected Community of Care Truly Making a Difference?

    Dr. Keith Kosel, Vice President at Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation (PCCI) Connected Communities of Care Definition: An innovative method for effective population health management using social determinants of health. A way to streamline effective coordination between medical, government, and community-based organizations. We ask this type of question every day. For example, we may ask― “Is this […]

  • How to Capitalize on Digital Health Momentum in 2021

    Adam Sabloff, Founder and CEO of VirtualHealth As we re-examine the healthcare system in the wake of the pandemic, we are continually identifying opportunities to rebuild parts of the system to new and improved specifications. One critical facet is digital health, where we continue to struggle with what should really be table stakes: the ability […]

  • 30 Executives Share Top Healthcare Predictions & Trends to Watch in 2021

    As we close out the year, we asked several healthcare executives to share their predictions and trends for 2021. Kimberly Powell, Vice President & General Manager, NVIDIA Healthcare Federated Learning: The clinical community will increase their use of federated learning approaches to build robust AI models across various institutions, geographies, patient demographics, and medical scanners. The sensitivity and […]

  • Virginia Gov Announces $10M in CARES Act Funding to Create Statewide Coordinated Care Network

    What You Should Know: – The governor of Virginia announced that the state will allocate $10 million from the federal CARES Act to implement a statewide integrated technology platform, Unite Virginia designed to connect vulnerable Virginians to crucial health and social services. – Unite Virginia will utilize the Unite Us platform to create a statewide coordinated care network to help government agencies, health care providers, and community-based partners ensure medical care and social […]

  • Gleaning Insights for COVID-19: Why Claims and Clinical Data Matter

    Emad Rizk, M.D., President, CEO & Chairman of the Board, Cotiviti As 170 research teams race to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, some that are in late-stage approvals have seen recent progress, but it is still not yet clear when a vaccine will become widely available. Until then, healthcare organizations continue to rely heavily on […]

  • Cityblock Health Reaches $1B Valuation, Raises $160M to Address Systemic Healthcare Inequity

    What You Should Know: – Cityblock Health, a transformative, value-based healthcare provider focused on improving healthcare outcomes for marginalized communities, today announced a $160M Series C round, bringing its total raised to $300M. – Cityblock is a care delivery trailblazer working to right the injustices of a healthcare system that cycles vulnerable communities through frequent […]

  • Banner Health, WellSpan, Others Invest in Virtual Maternity Care Platform Babyscripts

    What You Should Know: – Virtual maternity care platform Babyscripts announced a new round of investments from Banner Health, CU Healthcare Innovation Fund, The Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin Health Network, and WellSpan Health – Using internet-connected devices for remote monitoring, Babyscripts offers risk-specific experiences to allow providers to manage up to 90% of […]

  • How Care Coordination Technology Addresses Social Isolation in Seniors

    Jenifer Leaf Jaeger, MD, MPH, Senior Medical Director, HealthEC Senior isolation is a health risk that affects at least a quarter of seniors over 65. It has become recognized over the past decade as a risk factor for poor aging outcomes including cognitive decline, depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, hypertension, heart disease, impaired immune function, […]

  • Covid-19 brings healthcare inequities into focus

    The Covid-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected some communities more than others. With a renewed focus on inequities, health leaders see an opportunity to drive change to reduce racial disparities in healthcare.

  • Change Healthcare Unveils Social Determinants of Health Analytics Solution

    What You Should Know: – Change Healthcare launches national data resource on social determinants of health (SDoH) for doctors, insurers and life sciences organizations to better understand the connection between where a person lives and how they live their life to the care a patient receives and their health outcome. – 80% of U.S. health […]

  • Lean on Your Connected Community of Care in Times of Crisis

    Dr. Keith Kosel, Vice President at Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation (PCCI) We’ve all experienced crises in our lives. They may be personal in nature (e.g., involving our interpersonal relationships), organizational (e.g., relating to our employment or retirement income), or nature-made (e.g., floods, tornados, or the COVID-19 pandemic). When crises hit our communities, the impacts […]

  • Addressing Social Determinants of Health: IT Solutions to Engage Community Resources

    What You Should Know: – The latest report from Chilmark Research examines the new approaches and tools for utilizing community resources that can address social determinants of health, giving providers the ability to extend care beyond the confines of the clinic. – This research indicates that the next two years will largely bring an expansion […]

  • ASN, HHS Launches KidneyX COVID-19 Kidney Care Challenge

    What You Should Know: – The HHS and the American Society of Nephrology announces the launch of the COVID-19 Kindey Care Challenge. – The $300k challenge aims to identify and share these frontline solutions so all communities can benefit. Winners will receive $20,000 each in recognition of their solutions. The U.S. Department of Health and […]

  • Innovaccer Launches Member Engagement Solution to Scale-Up Digital Transformation Efforts with Payers

    What You Should Know: –  Innovaccer launches member engagement solution for healthcare payers to drive improvement in healthcare cost and quality boosts member satisfaction and enhances member enrollment and retention. – Innovaccer’s solution create member-oriented care plans, enhance connectivity with care managers, and drive interventions for social determinants of health risks through the solution. Innovaccer, […]

  • Healthify, Algorex Health & Excellus BCBS Tap into SDoH Analytics to Address Social Disparities

    What You Should Know: – Healthify in partnership with Algorex Health Technologies, announced the results of new social determinants of health (SDoH) population analysis of Excellus BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) members. – SDoH are non-clinical conditions that significantly affect health outcomes. The analysis identified Excellus BCBS members who are struggling with SDoH such as unstable housing, […]

  • Unite Us Expands Social Determinants of Health Platform to 6 States

    What You Should Know: – Unite Us, the tech company building coordinated care networks nationwide announced a significant expansion to its partnership with Nebraska Health Information Initiative (NEHII), a health information exchange, to six additional states. – This growing partnership aims to break down existing obstacles between clinical and social service providers to allow for […]

  • The new frontline of care: social services

    Radically improving health outcomes for vulnerable populations requires a multifaceted proactive, community-wide approach focused on better understanding social determinants of health and simultaneously addressing social and health inequalities.

  • Healthify Integrates with Altruista Health to Help Payors Address SDoH

    What You Should Know: – Healthify’s social determinants of health (SDoH) infrastructure will be integrated into Altruista’s GuidingCare® platform to support health plans in addressing the social needs of members. – SDoH such as poverty, housing instability, and food insecurity can significantly impact health outcomes, so it is imperative that they are not overlooked. Healthify, a […]

  • Is Your Community Ready for Connected Community of Care Model?

    Dr. Keith Kosel is a Vice President at Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation (PCCI) This question initially brings to mind many possibilities such as connection to the latest 5G cellular service, a new super-fast internet provider, or maybe one of the many new energy suppliers jockeying for market share from traditional utility companies. While all […]

  • Accounting for the Social Determinants of Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Andy Aroditis, CEO, NextGate The COVID-19 pandemic is not just a medical crisis.  Since the highly contagious disease hit American shores in early 2020, the virus has dramatically changed all sectors of society, negatively impacting everything from food supply chains and sporting events to the nation’s mental and behavioral health. For some people, work-from-home plans […]

  • Independence Blue Cross, Signify Launches Social Determinants of Health Network in Philly

    What You Should Know: – Independence Blue Cross and Signify Health launches social determinants of health network, CommunityLink to connect data from multiple CBOs to integrate social directly into medical care in the Philadelphia area. – CommunityLink represents one of the first examples nationwide of combining in-home health with social care. Independence Blue Cross (Independence) […]

  • Seniors navigating healthcare technology in a post-COVID world

    Products referenced in this article: Social Determinants of Health Patient Schedule Member Match Coverage Discovery Patient Financial Advisor Patient Payment Solutions With just a few clicks, patients can book appointments, speak to their doctor, access billing information and pay for care, all without leaving their homes. Online health services have been a lifesaver for many […]

  • Bridge Connector Lands $25.5M to Expand Healthcare Integration Platform

    What You Should Know: – Bridge Connector raises $25.5 million in Series B funding to advance interoperability layer for healthcare organizations as demand for integrated health data intensifies during COVID-19 pandemic. – The investment will support the growth of Destinations, the company’s new integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) that connects health data systems using use-case-based interoperability blueprints to […]

  • Innovaccer Launches Perioperative Optimization Platform for Surgeons

    What You Should Know: – Innovaccer launches a perioperative optimization solution for surgeons to realize clinical and financial goals with patient-risk analysis. – The solution redefines surgical planning and post-surgical recovery with machine learning-based patient stratification for optimized surgery experience and personalized patient care management. Innovaccer, Inc., a San Francisco, CA-based healthcare technology company, recently […]

  • Geisinger Launches New Social Care Platform for Pennsylvania Residents

    What You Should Know: – Geisinger inks a partnership Aunt Bertha to launch a new social care platform, Neighborly for Pennsylvania residents. – Powered by Aunt Bertha, Geisinger’s Neighborly platform provides residents in Pennsylvania the ability to easily search and connect with organizations that provide social services including food, housing, childcare, transportation, utility assistance, healthcare, […]

  • Innovaccer, CareSignal Partner to Enable Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring

    What You Should Know: – Innovaccer has recently partnered with CareSignal to address healthcare’s urgent need amidst the COVID-19 pandemic: to create and maintain solid, clinically actionable relationships with patients in a new set of predominantly virtual care. – CareSignal offers evidence-based end-to-end support services for chronic medical conditions such as asthma, CHF, COPD, diabetes, […]

  • Healthify, Ride Health Partner to Offer SDOH-Driven Transportation to Vulnerable Populations

    What You Should Know: Healthify, a social determinants of health company (SDOH), announced a national partnership with Ride Health to offer transportation to medical and non-medical services for people faced with transportation barriers. – Each year, an estimated 3.6 million Americans do not obtain medical care due to transportation issues such as cost, lack of […]

  • Top 3 Priority Areas for Healthcare CIOs in the Age of COVID-19

    What You Should Know: – In the age of COVID-19, healthcare CIOs cite interoperability, cybersecurity, and operationalizing SDOH data priorities as top three priority areas, according to the third annual LexisNexis focus group of CHIME executives. – The survey results also highlighted the importance of a team approach with support across the organization in helping CIOs […]

  • The critical need for community investment

    In comparison to other developed countries, we spend the least amount of money on social care and the most on medical, with the worst overall health outcomes. We must intentionally and strategically reallocate some healthcare dollars to invest in communities.

  • HHS Taps Fenway Health as Pilot Site for Precision Medicine Project

    What You Should Know: – Fenway Health has been selected as the pilot site to participate in the Advancing Standards for Precision Medicine (ASPM) project. – The ASPM project is focused on how healthcare providers can systematically identify the socio-economic factors that may impact the health of patients in order to provide more individualized care […]