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  • How to Prepare for Google’s Upcoming User Experience Update

    Your website plays an important role in the overall patient experience, especially in the age of COVID-19. As important as interactions with staff, a website is where patients access health information, communicate with healthcare providers, and even make appointments. Google knows this, which is why user experience has always been a part of SEO best […]

  • These 7 Technical SEO Problems Can Cripple Your Website’s Visibility on Google

    Technical SEO mistakes can throttle the effectiveness of your healthcare website and its visibility on Google. What’s more, technical missteps can often invisibly impair the health of your entire website, not just a few pages. Over the years, we’ve conducted hundreds if not thousands of technical SEO audits and in-depth analyses. We’ve observed many commonalities […]

  • Why You Should Demand a Team of Healthcare Marketing Specialists

    Typical healthcare marketing specialists? We recently received an inquiry from the Marketing Director for a 40-location, single-specialty medical practice in the Midwest. Even though it was after hours, I was available so I took the call. Michelle (not her real name) and I hit it off immediately. She told me about her demanding job and […]