Cerner, Banner Health, Xealth Partner to Simplify How Clinicians Prescribe Digital Health

Cerner, Banner Health, Xealth Partner to Simplify How Clinicians Prescribe Digital Health

What You Should Know:

– Cerner Corporation today announced with Xealth new
centralized digital ordering and monitoring for health systems, starting with
Banner Health, to foster digital innovation.

– Health systems can prescribe digital therapeutics, smartphones, and internet apps directly within the EHR to address areas such as chronic disease management, behavioral health, maternity care, and surgery prep.

Cerner, today announced it’s building on the recent collaboration with Xealth to offer health systems new centralized digital ordering and monitoring for clients. These capabilities are designed to help health systems choose, manage, and deploy digital tools and applications while offering clinicians access to remote monitoring and more direct engagement with patients. Phoenix-based Banner Health, one of the country’s largest nonprofit hospital systems, is one of the first Cerner clients to use the new capabilities to benefit its clinicians and patients.

Prescribe Digital Therapeutics Via EHR

With the new capabilities, health systems can prescribe digital therapeutics, smartphones, and internet applications to address areas such as chronic disease management, behavioral health, maternity care, and surgery prep. This access to a more holistic view of the organization’s digital health solutions supports the clinical decisions doctors make every day and provides real opportunities to improve medical outcomes and enhance efficiency, meet the increasing demand for telehealth and offer remote patient monitoring.

For example, the new capabilities can help simplify how
clinicians prescribe tools such as mobile mental health apps to monitor anxiety
triggers or a glucose device to help trace blood sugar levels for diabetes

Digital solutions will be available in a single location in
the electronic health record where health systems can use apps based on
clinical and financial metrics. A wide array of digital health tools is
integrated with Xealth’s offering today and the list is ever-growing. Early
examples of companies that have previously deployed in health systems using
Xealth include Babyscripts, Glooko, SilverCloud Health, Welldoc, as well as
Healthwise Inc., GetWellNetwork and ResMed that have existing relationships
with Cerner.

“As digital tools are increasingly included in care plans, health systems seek a way to organize and oversee their use across the health system. We anticipate the emergence of digital and therapeutic committees to govern digital tool selection similar to how pharmacy and therapeutic committees have historically governed medication formularies,” said David Bradshaw, senior vice president, Consumer and Employer Solutions, Cerner. “Digital health has extraordinary potential to reshape the way we care for patients and, working with Xealth, we are answering the need and helping providers create more engaging and effective patient experiences.”

Why It Matters

Digital health has great potential to make an immediate difference, especially as it relates to automating patient education, delivering virtual care, supporting telehealth, and offering remote patient monitoring. Health systems with a digital health program and strategy in place have the ability to respond faster and more efficiently.

“Now, more than ever, extending care teams to meet patients where they are is critical,” said Mike McSherry, CEO and co-founder, Xealth. “As digital health programs roll out, they should elevate both the patient and provider experience. Cerner building out a digital formulary, with Xealth at its core, is listening to its strong clinician base by delivering tools to enhance patient care, without adding additional steps for the care team.”

Top 20 Innovative Digital Therapeutics Companies of 2019

The recent decades have shown an accelerated development and evolution in the technology world, leading to unexpected growth in digital health companies. The Digital Therapeutics companies aid patients to schedule appointments, view medical records and seek medical advice without visiting clinics or hospitals. With the aid of health information technology, wearable devices, telehealth, telemedicine, and personalized medicine HCPs can make better insights for treatments and early diagnosis of life-threatening diseases. Additionally, the technologies with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities enable accurate diagnosis and treatment to enhance the delivery of health care. Our team at PharmaShots has categorized a list of 20 innovative digital therapeutics companies placed in alphabetical order.

Founded Year: 2011                                   Total Employees: 16

Headquarter: Washington, US

Therapy Areas: Neurology                       

2Morrow is a digital health company developed by Brandon Masterson and Jo Masterson focusses on delivering wellness and behaviour change programs via smartphone apps for aiding healthcare issues including smoking, vaping, weight, stress/anxiety, and chronic pain. 2Morrow Health is a digital health platform allowing usage of ACT developed in collaboration with Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center targeting key chronic disease drivers and conditions. In Oct 2019, 2Morrow in collaboration with Washington State Department of Health developed and launched its first digital health app for quitting vaping in young and adults.

Founded Year: 2011                                Total Employees: 33

Headquarter: Massachusetts, US

Therapy Areas: Neurology                    

Akili Interactive is a prescription digital medicine company delivering solutions through video game experiences targeting improvement in cognitive dysfunction and brain-related conditions. The company has also received multiple Series B and C funding from multiple companies including Amgen Ventures, Baillie Gifford, Jazz Ventures. In Mar 2019, Akili signed an agreement with Shionogi to develop and commercialize AKL-T01 & AKL-T02 for ADHD and cognitive dysfunction related symptoms in children with ASD respectively in Japan and Taiwan. In Jun 2020, Akili’s EndeavorRx (AKL-T01) received the CE Mark approval as a digital treatment for children with ADHD.

Founded Year: 2015                                         Total Employees: 20                      

Headquarter: Massachusetts, US

Therapy Areas: Neurology, Cardiology, Respiratory, Oncology

Biofourmis is a global leading company founded by Kuldeep Singh Rajput and Wendou Niu addressing personalized predictive care by developing and delivering software-based cost-effective therapies. In Oct 2019, The US FDA approved Biofourmis’ Biovitals Analytics Engine an AI and ML-enabled monitoring device targeted to identify chronic conditions with heart failure, COPD, and atrial fibrillation. In Apr 2020, Biofourmis acquired Takeda’s digital oncology tool, Gaido Health will combine remote monitoring, patient surveys, and analytics to monitor cancer patients at home and detecting signs of complications. In Jul 2020, Chugai and Biofourmis partnered to develop a digital solution utilizing Biofourmis’ Biovitals platform for pain management in patients with endometriosis.

Founded Year: 2011                                Total Employees: 33

Headquarter: Massachusetts, US

Therapy Areas: Neurology                    

Cara Care is a US-based company which offers mobile application enabling users to track their nutrition, symptoms, stress, mood, medication, and individual factors. In Jun 2019, the company raised Series A funding of 47M from Johnson & Johnson Innovation and Asabys Partners for the expansion of mobile companion apps for people suffering from digestive health or GI issues. Cara Care is a free app with self-tests, diagnostics, and tracking tools to help individuals, couples, and families dealing with digestive health issues.

Founded Year: 2012                                Total Employees: 70

Headquarter: NewYork, US

Therapy Areas: Neurology                      

Click Therapeutics is developed by David Benshoof Klein involved in developing, validation, and commercialization of software as prescription medical treatments for multiple therapeutic areas including insomnia, acute coronary syndrome, migraine, overactive bladder, and chronic low back pain. Sanofi Ventures granted $17M to Click Therapeutics and will be utilized in enhancing its platform and pipeline of prescription digital therapeutics to treat a wide range of diseases. Click’s CT-101 (clickotine) is a launched digitally held program for people to quit smoking.

Founded Year: 2011                                Total Employees: 33

Headquarter: Tokyo, Japan

Therapy Areas: Lifestyle Diseases                       

CureApp is a Tokyo based digital health startup founded by Kohta Satake and a leader in the medical apps. In Feb 2018, the company received $14M funds for the reduction of lifestyle diseases globally from BNV and KII including Itochu Corporation plus Cyberdine. Additionally, CureApp is the first firm to launch DTx clinical studies in Japan also completed P-III trial for the first product of nicotine addiction, currently under regulatory review in Japan. In May 2020, Jichi Medical University and CureApp collaborated to initiate P-III trial of “Digital Therapeutics” for patients with hypertension in Japan.

Founded Year: 2010                                Total Employees: 142

Headquarter: California, US

Therapy Areas: Endocrine/Metabolic Diseases                       

Glooko is a US-based firm founded by Yogen Dalal that focusses on transforming digital health for diabetic patients in connection with their health care professionals also enabling telehealth and clinical research. In early 2017, Glooko received Series C funding of $35M from Georgian Partners to accelerate growth, expand international footprints, and deepen expertise in data analytics. In Feb 2019, Glooko collaborated with Novo Nordisk for connected insulin pens the NovoPen 6 and NovoPen Echo Plus. In Jul 2020, Glooko collaborated with Sanofi to provide Free Remote Care solutions to upload and share their diabetic data with HCPs, viewed easily on the Glooko software platform.

Founded Year: 2017                                Total Employees: 142

Headquarter: NewYork, US

Therapy Areas: Musculoskeletal, Pulmonary

Kaia Health is a US-based company founded by Konstantin Mehl which helps in chronic conditions including back pain and COPD with technology plus a human touch. Kaia has two digital health AI platforms i.e. Digital Biomarker and Motion Coach for improving quality of life. The Digital Biomarker assesses patients’ multiple activities including motion, balance, and stability with their smartphones. The Motion Coach is an AI-based real-time performer which analyze the movements and guide users through training. In Jun 2020, the company received Series B funding of $26M from Optum Ventures, Idinvest, and capital300 to expand and grow its core digital therapy platforms for MSK conditions including new therapy areas.

Founded Year: 2011                                Total Employees: 92

Headquarter: California, US

Therapy Areas: Chronic Diseases

Lark Health is a digital care platform founded by Julia Hu and Jeff Zira. In May 2020, the company collaborated with HealthPartners for providing an AI-enabled diabetes management program at no cost. Lark Health also received Series C funding of $80M provided by Warburg Pincus, with participation from Accel, Partech, IQ Capital, Salesforce Ventures, and ABN AMRO Ventures. The company has multiple programs addressing chronic diseases including Behavioral Health, Hypertension Care, Diabetes Care program, and Diabetes Management Program.

Founded Year: 2012                                Total Employees: 39

Headquarter: California, US

Therapy Areas: Neurology

Neuro Track is a mobile behavior company focusses on the combination of digital techniques with human behavior. In Apr 2019, the company received a $3.3M fast-track grant from the National Institute on Aging invested to study the effects of its Cognitive Health Digital Therapeutic program in patients at risk for Alzheimer’s and related dementias. Additionally, in Jun 2019, Neuro Track also received a Series C funding of $21M from Khosla Ventures and other contributors.

Founded Year: 2008                                Total Employees: 1310

Headquarter: California, US

Therapy Areas: Neurology

Noom is a US-based company developed by Sean Duffy and Petakov. Noom is a leading brand in weight-loss designed by psychologists to create real and sustainable results. In May 2020, Noom hired 100+ health coaches for making lifestyle easy and healthier. Additionally, in May 2020, Noom with its partner LifeScan launched a Digital Diabetes and Weight Loss Management Pilot Program. The company also acquired Opus Growth to strengthen its digital performance marketing capabilities with added offline capabilities. In Jun 2020, the company highlighted its results of Noom Healthy Weight (HW) program which were also published in JMIR Diabetes.

Founded Year: 2011                                Total Employees: 456

Headquarter: California, US

Therapy Areas: Endocrine/Metabolic Diseases, Neurology, Musculoskeletal

Omada Health is a leading digital care company developed by Sean Duffy and Adrian James offering patient-friendly and clinically effective digital health programs for diabetes prevention, type 2 diabetes management, hypertension, behavioural health, and musculoskeletal issues. In Oct 2019, Abbott collaborated with Omada Health to combine their solutions i.e. FreeStyle Libre system & digital care program aiding to create a new paradigm for people withT2D. In May 2020, Omada acquired Physera for its musculoskeletal solution delivering interventions digitally and via telehealth. In 2020 the company also raised $57M as investment fund Perceptive Advisors.

Founded Year: 2013                                       Total Employees: 188  

Headquarter: California, US

Therapy Areas: Neurology

Pear Therapeutics is a US-based company and a leader in prescription digital therapeutics founded by Corey M. McCann developing product candidates across therapeutic areas including severe psychiatric and neurologic conditions. In Jan 2019, the company closed a $64M Series C financing led by Temasek and joined by other existing investors. In Jul 2020 it received a credit facility for up to $50M from Perceptive Advisors, a leading life sciences investment firm. Additionally, in Jan 2020 it entered into a collaboration agreement with Apricity Health to develop two therapies for patients’ precision management undergoing cancer treatment. Recently, in Aug 2020, the US FDA granted clearance for its lead product “reSET-O”, Prescription Digital Therapeutic (PDT) for patients with Opioid Use Disorder.

Founded Year: NA                                     Total Employees: NA

Headquarter: California, US

Therapy Areas: Neurology

Pivot is created by Carrot, a digital health company with a mission to use mobile technology, behavioral science, and clinical expertise to help people quit smoking. In Jul 2020, AllegisNL Capital invested in financing for the commercialization of its Pivot tobacco cessation program. AllegisNL is supported by one of the largest life insurance companies worldwide. Also, Carrot entered a partnership with #FirstRespondersFirst to extend its Pivot digital tobacco cessation program to frontline healthcare workers for free during the COVID-19 crisis. Pivot will be launched initially in Boston with 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, with the option for national expansion.

Founded Year: 2001                                    Total Employees: 191

Headquarter: Redwood City, US

Therapy Areas: NA

Proteus Digital Health was founded by Andrew Thompson, George Savage, and Mark Zdeblick who invented Digital Medicine, a new category of pharmaceuticals that measures medication treatment effectiveness, helps physicians improve clinical outcomes and patients reach health goals. In Apr 2016, Proteus secured $50M in Series H financing which strengthened the company’s balance sheet. The company struggled to find a market for its digital pill and failed to close a $100M funding round in late 2019 and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Jun 2020. In the latest bid to exit bankruptcy, Otsuka Pharmaceutical is buying Proteus, while a group of companies including Novartis are opposing this bid.

Founded Year: 1989                                        Total Employees: 7500

Headquarter: San Diego, US

Therapy Areas: Neurology, Pulmonary

ResMed is the US-based cloud-connected medical device company founded by Peter Farrell for people with sleep apnea, COPD, and other chronic diseases. In Jul 2019, ResMed completed a $500M private placement debt offering. Additionally, it entered a collaboration agreement with Cerner Corporation along with the integration of its Cerner Millennium electronic health record (EHR) to help providers make more informed treatment decisions, control costs and more easily transition patients from acute settings to out-of-hospital care.

Founded Year: 2015                                    Total Employees: 106

Headquarter: Porto, Portugal

Therapy Areas: Musculoskeletal

Sword Health is a digital health company founded by Virgilio Bento for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders by combining physical therapy with digitally enabled behavioral coaching and continuous education. In Apr 2019, the company raised $8M in a Series A investment round led by Khosla Ventures and several other investors which allowed it to expand its footprints in the US market. Following the previous investment, in Feb 2020, Sword announced the addition of $9M to their Series A investment, bringing their total Series A investment to $17M.

Founded Year: 2014                                     Total Employees: 347

Headquarter: San Francisco, US

Therapy Areas: Endocrine/Metabolic Diseases, Cardiovascular, Neurology

Vida Health is founded by Stephanie Tilenius and targets conditions such as diabetes, depression, anxiety, and high blood pressure, and pairs them with a personal trainer, nutritionist, nurse, therapist, or other relevant support professional. The company’s platform also leverages machine learning to analyze data and personalize each user’s treatment plan. In Apr 2020, Vida Health raised $25M to treat chronic health conditions remotely- particularly around mental health.

Founded Year: 2014                                      Total Employees: 175

Headquarter: San Francisco, US

Therapy Areas: Endocrine/Metabolic Diseases, Cardiovascular

Virta Health is a US-based company founded by Sami Inkinen, Stephen Phinney, Jeff Volek is the first company with a treatment to sustainably reverse T2D without medications or surgery. In Oct 2019, Virta Health partnered with Accolade to expand access to Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Treatment. Additionally, in Jan 2020, the company raised $93M in Series C funding to combat the growing prevalence of T2D, bringing the total equity funding to $166M.

Founded Year: 2016                                   Total Employees: 61

Headquarter: Houston, US

Therapy Areas: Endocrine/Metabolic Diseases

Vivante Health is a US-based company founded by Dr. Kimon Angelides focuses on digital health solutions to provide personalized, comprehensive care for people with digestive conditions. In Jan 2020, Vivante Health closed a $5.8M Series A1 funding to accelerate its efforts to provide relief to thousands of Americans with chronic GI symptoms, using a digital health solution called GIThrive. Additionally, in Aug 2020, Vivante Health partnered with Bucknell University to provide digestive disease health support to its employees and their families.

Sources: Companies Website & Press releases

Cerner Invests in Xealth to Jointly Develop Digital Health Solutions for Clinicians

Digital Prescribing Platform Xealth Raises $11M to Expand Digital Health Tools

What You Should Know:

– Cerner and Xealth announce a collaboration to foster
tighter physician-patient relationships by giving patients easier access to
digital health tools.

– These assets will be prescribed directly within the physician’s EHR workflow to manage conditions including chronic diseases, behavioral health, maternity care, and surgery preparation.

– Cerner and LRVHealth have together invested $6 million
in Xealth as part of this agreement, with Cerner and Xealth planning to jointly
develop digital health solutions that extend the value of the EHR.

– Already integrated into Epic, the integration puts
Xealth in the EHR of record for more than half of the U.S. hospital systems.

Xealth, a Seattle, WA-based company enabling digital
health at scale, and Cerner
, today announced a collaboration that will bring digital
health tools to clinicians and patients to improve the healthcare experience.
As part of this agreement, Cerner and Xealth plan to jointly develop digital health
solutions that extend the value of the electronic health record
Already integrated into Epic, this integration puts Xealth in
the EHR of record for more than half of the U.S. hospital systems.

In addition, Cerner
and LRVHealth have together invested $6M in Xealth. Cerner joins Xealth
investors including Atrium Health, Cleveland Clinic, Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin, MemorialCare Innovation Fund, Providence
Ventures and UPMC as well as McKesson, Novartis, Philips, and ResMed.

Xealth/Cerner EHR
Integration Details

At its core, the
relationship between Xealth and Cerner aims to give patients their own digital
data so they can be more engaged in their treatment plans. The Xealth platform
is designed to help clinicians easily integrate, prescribe and monitor digital health
tools for patients from one location in the EHR. Care teams will be able to
order solutions directly from the EHR to manage conditions including chronic
diseases, behavioral health, maternity care and surgery preparation. Incorporating Xealth into Cerner’s technology and patient portal
provides easier access to personal health information and gives care teams the
ability to monitor patient engagement with the tools and analyze the effects of
increased engagement on their healthcare and recovery.

The collaboration
between Cerner and Xealth will provide care teams and patients convenience and
help improve care accessibility. Better communications and engagement with key
members of their care team will create an experience that is connected across
settings before, during and after a care encounter.

Why It Matters

During the recent
surge of COVID-19 across the world, tools that automate patient education,
deliver virtual care, support telehealth and offer remote patient monitoring
have become even more prominent, creating new methods to inform care decisions
and keep care teams and patients connected.

“Today, we have the unique opportunity to improve people’s lives by allowing active participation in their own treatment plans,” said David Bradshaw, Senior Vice President, Consumer and Employer Solutions, Cerner. “Patients want greater access to their health information and are motivated to help care teams find the most appropriate road to recovery. Xealth and Cerner are making it easier and more convenient for patients and clinicians to accelerate healthcare in a more consumer-centric experience.”

Incorporating Xealth’s
digital health platform with clinician recommendations has been shown to
increase patient engagement rates as compared to a direct to consumer approach.
The company powers more than 30 digital health solutions, connecting patients
with educational content, remote patient monitoring, virtual care platforms,
e-commerce product recommendations and other services needed to improve health

“In order for digital health to have lasting impact, it needs to show value and ease for both the care team and patient,” said Mike McSherry, CEO and Co-Founder of Xealth. “We strongly believe that technology should nurture deeper patient-provider relationships and facilitate information sharing across systems and the care settings. It is exciting work with Cerner to simplify meaningful digital health for its health partners.”

“Combining our expertise in developing interactive digital solutions that improve the patient experience with Cerner’s world-class platforms creates immense opportunity for our clients to better meet the needs of today’s highly connected healthcare consumer,” concluded McSherry.