RA Capital Management

RA Capital reveals next play in protein degradation, this time outside the cell

The first wave of biotechs developing drugs that employ targeted protein degradation target disease-causing proteins inside the cell. Biotech startup Avilar Therapeutics, formed by RA Capital Management and led by CEO Dan Grau, is targeting proteins outside of the cell and it’s out of stealth backed by $60 million.

Stealthy biotech Janux nabs $125M and joins chase to direct T cells to solid tumors

Biotech startup Janux Therapeutics has a technology that selectively and safely directs T cells to strike cancer cells and an R&D partnership with Merck. Now it has $125 million in Series B financing as it joins the chase to bring these T cell engager drugs to solid tumors.

Ventus Therapeutics tacks on $100M to take on ‘undruggable’ disease targets

RA Capital led Ventus Therapeutics’ Series B financing, which the startup will use to develop its pipeline of medicines for “undruggable” disease targets. CEO Marcelo Bigal said the cash also gives Ventus the flexibility to consider an IPO.