Sema4 goes public via SPAC merger

With a goal of making precision medicine the standard of care at health systems, Sema4 struck a nearly $800 million deal with CM Life Sciences to go public. The company, which offers tools that combine genomic and clinical data to glean patient care insights, will get $500 million in cash proceeds to grow its business.

Study: Poor care access, higher costs more likely with private than public insurance

People with private insurance report poorer access to care, higher costs and lower satisfaction as compared to those with public insurance plans, a new study shows. As the debate over health insurance reform continues, policymakers should consider efforts that expand Medicare and increase protections for those with private insurance.

Private health care = higher quality

What is better: public or private health care systems? This is a difficult question to answer. If we compare the British against the US health care systems, they differ for a large number of reasons beyond just public vs. private. Additionally, one must specify what one means by public vs. private. Is this public vs. …

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