The “Secret Sauce” – A Comparison of TSMC and Pfizer

By MIKE MAGEE This week’s Tom Friedman Opinion piece in the New York Times contained a title impossible to ignore: “China’s Bullying Is Becoming a Danger To The World and Itself.” The editorial has much to recommend it. But the item that caught my eye was Friedman’s full-throated endorsement of Taiwan’s “most sophisticated microchip manufacturer in the …

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Health apps could face big fines if they don’t disclose privacy breaches 

The agency reminded health apps and wearables companies that they must disclose any breach of users’ health information, even if they are not a HIPAA covered entity. Companies that fail to disclose a breach could face thousands of dollars per day in fines.

Democrats propose bill to protect privacy, data security amid growing use of pandemic-related tech

As the use of technology proliferates during the Covid-19 pandemic, concerns rise about privacy and health data security. Congressional Democrats have proposed new legislation that would protect individuals’ data rights amid the public health crisis.

Does the Federal Health Information Privacy Law Protect President Trump?

Within one day, President Donald Trump announced his COVID diagnosis and was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment. The flurry of events was stunning, confusing and triggered many questions. What was his prognosis? When was he last tested for COVID-19? What is his viral load? The answers were elusive. Picture the …

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Blackstone’s $4.7B acquisition of Ancestry raises privacy questions

Ancestry, which grew from a genealogy tracking tool to offering DNA tests for a number of healthconditions, reached a deal to be acquired by Blackstone for $4.7 billion. But privacy advocates have raised concerns over the deal — namely, what would happen to users’ health data?