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  • Virtual Primary Care Reimagined With A Virtual First Health Plan

    Robert Bressler, SVP of Primary360, Teladoc Health The promise of primary care on improved health outcomes has been proven over time. At the core of this equation is a robust and longitudinal patient-provider relationship. These positive relationships often improve patient satisfaction, yielding higher engagement and utilization of primary care services.  However, recent studies suggest people […]

  • First Stop Health Launches Virtual Primary Care for Access to Urgent Care

    What You Should Know: – First Stop Health® (FSH), a virtual care provider in the areas of telemedicine and virtual mental health, today announced the availability of Virtual Primary Care for its clients and members throughout the U.S.  – Virtual Primary Care gives members convenient, fast and affordable access to high-quality care while helping to […]

  • CVS details plans for primary care centers 

    At its first investor day since the start of the pandemic, CVS Health detailed plans to open primary care centers and integrate them with its other health services. At the same time, CVS plans to close 900 stores as it focuses on this new strategy.

  • The Healing Power of Even Virtual Human Connection

    By HANS DUVEFELT Almost two years into this new age of varying degrees of self quarantine, I am registering that my own social interactions through technology have been an important part of my life. I text with my son, 175 miles away, morning and night and often in between. I talk and text with my […]

  • We Use Too Many Medications: Be Very Afraid of Interactions

    By HANS DUVEFELT I happened to read about the pharmacodynamics of parenteral versus oral furosemide when I came across a unique interaction between this commonest of diuretics and risperidone: Elderly dementia patients on risperidone have twice their expected mortality if also given furosemide. I knew that all atypical antipsychotics can double mortality in elderly dementia patients, but […]

  • Medicine is a Moving Missile, Aiming for a Dangerous, Elusive Target

    By HANS DUVEFELT (Desperate times called for desperate measures.) In the tech world, we have come to expect our devices to become outdated and obsolete very quickly. The biggest tech companies in the world didn’t even exist a few years ago. Bitcoin, a virtual currency which at least I can’t wrap my head around, seems […]

  • We Shouldn’t Tolerate Sloppy Allergy Lists

    By HANS DUVEFELT The medication and allergy lists seem like they would be the most important parts of a health record to keep current and accurate. But we all see errors too often. I think it shouldn’t be possible to enter an allergy without describing the reaction. Because without that information the list becomes completely […]

  • American Primary Care is a Big Waste of Time (When…)

    By HANS DUVEFELT Before Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1450, books in Europe were copied by hand, mostly by monks and clergy. Ironically, they were often called scribes, the same word we now use for the new class of healthcare workers employed to improve the efficiency of physician documentation. Think about that for […]

  • Pearl Health Raises $18M to Support Independent Primary Care Physicians

    What You Should Know: – Pearl Health, a New York City-based primary care physicians (PCP) group today announced it has raised $18M in Series A funding led by a16z, with AlleyCorp and Kevin Ryan participating.  – Co-founded by Dr. Jeffrey De Flavio (founder of Groups: Recover Together), Michael Kopko (Oscar Health, Bridgewater Associates) and Ankit […]

  • Alpha Medical Lands $24M for Women’s Virtual Primary Care Platform

    What You Should Know: – Femtech company Alpha Medical, today announced it has raised $24M in Series B funding to expand its market share in women’s virtual primary care. Alpha Medical recognizes that women’s healthcare needs reshaping to include reproductive health, primary and urgent care, and mental health services. – Alpha Medical leverages a unique […]

  • I Am a Decision Maker, Not a Bookkeeper

    By HANS DUVEFELT Perhaps it is because I love doctoring so much that I find some of the tools and tasks of my trade so tediously frustrating. I keep wishing the technology I work with wasn’t so painfully inept. On my 2016 iPhone SE I can authorize a purchase, a download or a money transfer […]

  • CareFirst unveils virtual-first primary care practice

    The practice, which initially will only be offered to CareFirst BCBS commercial members, provides an array of services, including preventive care, insurance navigation and behavioral and mental health services. Patients will be referred to in-person care with local providers when needed.

  • A Man With Sudden Onset of Gastroparesis

    By HANS DUVEFELT Leo Dufour is not a diabetic. He is in his mid 50s, a light smoker with hypertension and a known hiatal hernia. He has had occasional heartburn and has taken famotidine for a few years along with his blood pressure and cholesterol pills. Over the past few months, he started to experience […]

  • As Doctor Burnout Climbs, Can We Save Primary Care?

    By RONALD DIXON Week after week, I hear from colleagues in diverse specialties about how exhausted they are from practicing medicine. It’s no surprise that they are looking for careers outside of medicine. The demands and strain are unsustainable. So it’s also no surprise that a recent survey showed 40% of primary care clinicians are worried that their […]

  • Anxiety, Worry or Fear? Disappointment, Grief or Depression?

    By HANS DUVEFELT Especially in these strange and uncertain times, many people feel uneasy. Some of them come to us with concerns over their state of mind. In primary care, our job is in large part to perform triage. We strive to identify patients who need referral, medication or further evaluation. We also strive, or […]

  • Burnout? Not Even Close!

    By HANS DUVEFELT I am a 68 year old family physician in rural Maine. This morning I read yet another article about physician burnout, this time in The New York Times. (I’m not linking to it, because they have a “paywall”.) I did not end up exactly where and how I expected to be at […]

  • Health Insurance is a Stumbling Block in Many Patients’ Thinking

    By HANS DUVEFELT I have a patient with no health insurance but a brand new Mercedes. He says he can’t afford health insurance. He cringes at the cost of his medications and our office visit charges. His car cost a lot of money and I know that authorized Mercedes dealers charge around $140/hour for their […]

  • Antidote Health Raises $12M to Build First Virtual HMO in the U.S.

    What You Should Know: – AntidoteHealth, a New York City-based telehealth provider making quality healthcare accessible to all Americans, today announced it has raised $12 million in seed funding to build an AI-based virtual Health maintenance organization (HMO). The seed round was led by iAngels, Well-Tech Ventures, and Flint Capital, along with other angel investors.  […]

  • EHRs Are Workarounds, Rerouting the Way Physicians Work

    By HANS DUVEFELT IT GUY: Hey, Doc, don’t make up workarounds, use the EHR the way it was designed. DOCTOR: Listen, your whole EHR is a workaround itself – around the way medicine is practiced. – Hans Duvefelt, MD This was a tweet I posted a while ago. I expected it to either go viral […]

  • HIMSS21 Day 2 Roundup: CVS Health Virtual Primary Care, M&A Activity, Funding, More

    Raintree Systems Mourns the Passing of its CEO, Richard Welty Raintree Systems, a software development company that provides value-based solutions for the healthcare industry, announces the passing of the company’s Founder and CEO, Richard Welty. Terrence Sims, former Chief Operating Officer and current President of Strategic Growth & Marketing has been appointed Interim CEO.  Mergers & […]

  • CVS Health Rolls Out Nationwide Virtual Primary Care Solution

    What You Should Know: – Aetna, a CVS Health company, today announced the launch of Aetna Virtual Primary Care, which reimagines the primary care experience and makes it easier for people to get the health services they need, anytime, anywhere.  – Aetna Virtual Primary Care is powered by Teladoc Health’s longitudinal, physician-led care team model, and […]

  • Vera Whole Health Lands $50M from JP Morgan’s Morgan Health

    What You Should Know: – Today, Morgan Health, JPMorgan Chase’s business focused on improving employee healthcare, today announced a $50M investment in Vera Whole Health, a CD&R portfolio company that is leading the critical shift to value-based employer-provided healthcare across the United States. – Vera is the only care model with the capability to deliver […]

  • The Call to Be a Primary Care Doctor

    By HANS DUVEFELT I suspect the notion of calling in narrower specialties is quite different from mine. Surgeons operate, neurologists treat diseases of the nervous system, even as the methods they use change over time. Primary care has changed fundamentally since I started out. Others have actually altered the definition of what primary care is, […]

  • Why digital doctors are crucial for the future of primary care

    Our primary care system is weathering a storm on several fronts. Demand is skyrocketing, with GPs delivering millions more appointments than in previous years and workload far outstripping pre-Covid-19 levels. Dr Dan Bunstone explores how innovation can help GPs overcome the current capacity squeeze in primary care and tackle patient backlog. Despite the misconception that general […]

  • The Call to Be a Primary Care Doctor

    By HANS DUVEFELT I suspect the notion of calling in narrower specialties is quite different from mine. Surgeons operate, neurologists treat diseases of the nervous system, even as the methods they use change over time. Primary care has changed fundamentally since I started out. Others have actually altered the definition of what primary care is, […]

  • Can the Practice of Primary Care Medicine ever be Practical Again?

    By HANS DUVEFELT When I first lost power and then saw my generator fail during a storm last winter, two other failures struck. As I scrambled to fill my water containers for the horses, the failing generator delivered just enough electricity for dim lights and a slow trickle of water. And then, when the power […]

  • Cano Health buys Doctor’s Medical Center for $300M

    Senior-focused primary care provider Cano Health acquired Doctor’s Medical Center for $300 million, which adds around 54,000 new members and 18 medical centers to its roster. This is the second major acquisition for Cano Health in less than a month. The company bought University Health Care for $600 million in mid-June.

  • The Science of Clinical Intuition

    By HANS DUVEFELT In 2002, Dr. Trisha Greenhalgh published a piece in the British Journal of General Practice titled Intuition and Evidence – Uneasy Bedfellows? In it she writes eloquently about the things Christer Petersson and I have written articles on and emailed each other about. He mentioned her name and also Italian philosopher Lisa Bortolotti, and […]

  • Why I Seldom Recommend Vitamins or Supplements

    By HANS DUVEFELT People here in northern Maine, as in my native Sweden, don’t get a whole lot of natural sunlight a good part of the year. As a kid, I had to swallow a daily spoonful of cod liver oil to get the extra vitamin D my mother and many others believed we all […]

  • Did Covid and Telemedicine Finally Make the Physical Exam Obsolete?

    By HANS DUVEFELT Left to my own devices, I would be selective about when and how much of a physical exam I do: either not at all or very detailed for just those things that can help me make the diagnosis. I have no patience for boilerplate normal exams. Any doctor who uses the term […]

  • Post-COVID Telehealth in Europe: What Works for Primary Care? – Analysis

    The European primary care telehealth market has been transformed since the outbreak of COVID-19 more than 15 months ago. But which countries have developed an ecosystem that is primed for long-term growth that will bring value and improved processes to both healthcare providers and patients? A key starting point is to define the vendors that […]

  • One Medical Acquires Value-Based Primary Care Group Iora Health for $2.1B – Health M&A

    What You Should Know: – Today, One Medical (NASDAQ: ONEM) announced its intent to acquire Iora Health, a value-based primary care group for serving roughly 38,000 Medicare patients through digital health and 47 in-person medical offices in ten markets across the United States for about $2.1B in stock. – Iora Health’s relationship-driven primary care model […]

  • The Art of Medicine is Not an Algorithm

    By HANS DUVEFELT The Art of Medicine is such a common phrase because, for many centuries, medicine has not been a cookie cutter activity. It has been a personalized craft, based on the science of the day, practiced by individual clinicians for diverse patients, one at a time. Unlike industrial mass production, where everything from […]

  • What Does Your Patient Need to Hear You Say Right Now?

    By HANS DUVEFELT Today a patient told me a cancer doctor had told her husband that he only had a year to live. She was angry, because she felt that statement robbed her husband of hope and she knew well enough that doctors don’t always know a patient’s prognosis in such detail. “Would you want […]

  • Ro Acquires Modern Fertility to Integrate With Primary Care Platform

    What You Should Know: – Ro, today announced the acquisition of Modern Fertility, one of the fastest growing companies in women’s health. – This acquisition, one of the largest deals in women’s health tech yet, will accelerate Ro’s position as a leader in women’s health and bring Modern Fertility’s fertility tests and reproductive health tools […]

  • “Tell Me More”

    By HANS DUVEFELT Words can be misleading. Medical terms work really well when shared between clinicians. But we can’t assume our patients speak the same language we do. If we “run with” whatever key words we pick up from our patient’s chief complaint, we can easily get lost chasing the wrong target. Where I work, […]

  • Five Weight Loss Myths I am Constantly Fighting

    By HANS DUVEFELT 1) EXERCISE MORE I talk to people almost every day who think they can lose weight by exercising. I tell them that is impossible. I explain that it takes almost an hour of brisk walking to burn 100 calories, which equals one apple or a ten second binge on junk food. To […]

  • Screening for Depression: Then What?

    By HANS DUVEFELT Primary Care is now mandated to screen for depression, among a growing host of other conditions. That makes intuitive sense to a lot of people. But the actual outcomes data for this are sketchy. “Don’t order a test if the results won’t change the outcome” was often drilled into my cohort of […]

  • Sleep Apnea: New Treatment Options You Should Know About

    Sleep Apnea: New Treatment Options You Should Know About One obstacle to diagnosis of sleep apnea is patient fear of treatment options. They may not know that more patient-centric options are now available. The Doctor Weighs In

  • Accolade Acquires Virtual Primary Care Platform PlushCare for $450M

    What You Should Know: – Accolade, Inc. today announced an agreement to acquire PlushCare, a leading provider of virtual primary care and mental health treatment. – Under the terms of the agreement, the purchase price of up to $450 million will consist of $40 million in cash, $340 million in Accolade common stock, and up to an additional $70 […]

  • Please Sign Below: Fraudsters Phishing for Physician Signatures

    By HANS DUVEFELT Almost every day I catch a suspicious fax needing my signature. Often it is an out of state vendor who wants my permission to provide a back brace for a diabetic patient, a continuous blood glucose monitor for a non-diabetic or a compounded (custom made) ointment of some sort that makes no […]

  • The Parallel Realities of Health Care: Ratio and Intellectus

    By HANS DUVEFELT Every patient is unique, with some common basic and measurable features and parameters. For a couple of decades now, healthcare has professed to be patient centered. But the prevailing culture of “quality” (and the reality of getting paid for what you do) has us spending at least half our time documenting for […]

  • What Will It Take for Hospitals to Survive the Pandemic?

    Dr. John Frownfelter, MD, FACP, Chief Medical Officer at Jvion In 1852, Mercy Hospital & Medical Center opened as Chicago’s first chartered hospital. In May, it will close, leaving residents of the surrounding South Side community — poor and mostly people of color — without a place to see a doctor. And it isn’t the […]

  • The Pain Is In Your Brain: Your Knees Know Next to Nothing

    By HANS DUVEFELT A “frozen shoulder” can be manipulated to move freely again under general anesthesia. The medications we use to put patients to sleep for such procedures work on the brain and don’t concentrate in the shoulder joints at all. An ingrown toenail can be removed or an arthritic knee can be replaced by […]

  • Q1 2021 Health IT/Digital Health PC/VE, M&A, IPOs/ SPACs Activity

    The first quarter of 2021 has been one of investor optimism as the vaccine rollout continues ahead of expectations and economic activity begins to accelerate in response.  Within the Health IT industry, the already strong investment and M&A trends seen in 2020 have only accelerated.  Over the course of the quarter, we observed $7 billion in private […]

  • Doxepin, a Little Known Super Drug in My Personal Black Bag of Tricks

    By HANS DUVEFELT A while back I was able to completely stop my mastocytosis patient’s chronic hives, which the allergist had been unable to control. I did it with a drug that has been on the market since 1969 and is taken once a day at a cost of 40 cents per capsule at Walmart pharmacies. […]

  • Does Telemedicine Impede or Help the Patient-Centered Medical Home?

    Traditional patient care patterns have been radically altered by the COVID-19 pandemic. And after more than a year of disruption, it’s doubtful that everyone will revert to those patterns after the pandemic. New habits have been formed, and consumers are more willing to pursue the path of least resistance in obtaining care, such as opting […]

  • Firefly Health Raises $40M to Expand Virtual Primary Care Platform

    What You Should Know: – Firefly Health, a virtual-first healthcare company with a mission of delivering half-priced healthcare that’s twice as good, has announced that it has recently closed $40M in Series B financing, led by Andreesen Horowitz (a16z). a16z General Partner Julie Yoo will also join the Firefly Health board. – Led by former […]

  • The Art of the Chart: Documenting the Timeline

    By HANS DUVEFELT The timeline of a patient’s symptoms is often crucial in making a correct diagnosis. Similarly, the timeline of our own clinical decisions is necessary to document and review when following a patient through their treatment. In the old paper charts, particularly when they were handwritten, office notes, phone calls, refills and many […]

  • Clinical leaders behind Walmart’s health strategy depart

    Dr. Thomas Van Gilder, Walmart’s first chief medical officer, will leave the company in May. Walmart’s head of dentistry, Dr. Roshan Parikh, also left the company. Both had a role in helping design some of the first clinics for Walmart Health.

  • COVID Exposed The Dire Need for Real-Time Healthcare Data Sharing

    Birju Shah, Head of Product for Uber Health & Communities Nick Jordan, Founder and CEO, Narrative In a world where technology and Big Data can provide us with instantaneous access to our banking transactions, and our financial information and credit reports can be retrieved with a few keystrokes when applying for a mortgage — trying to […]

  • How the Pandemic is Accelerating the Shift to Alternative Care Delivery Models

    Mark Prather MD, MBA, CEO & Co-founder at DispatchHealth The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how we interact with one another, with businesses, and with the world around us. From social distancing to hand sanitation to remote working, its impact on society is immense. And among the various industries that are experiencing significant change as a […]

  • Ro Nabs $500M to Strengthen Vertically Integrated Primary Care Platform

    What You Should Know: – Ro, the healthcare technology company, today announced it has raised $500 million in Series D fundraising round led by existing investors General Catalyst, FirstMark Capital and TQ Ventures, with significant participation from existing investors SignalFire, Torch and BoxGroup as well as new investors Altimeter, Baupost, Dragoneer, Shawspring, Radcliff, and 776. […]

  • The Art of Clinical Decision Making: Friday Afternoon Dilemmas

    By HANS DUVEFELT The woman had a bleeding ulcer and required a blood transfusion. The hospital discharge summary said to see me in three days for a repeat CBC. But she had a late Friday appointment and there was no way we would get a result before the end of the day. She also had […]

  • Grand Rounds Merges with Doctor on Demand to Create New Virtual Care Company

    What You Should Know: – Grand Rounds, a leader in healthcare quality and clinical navigation, and Doctor on Demand, the nation’s leading virtual care provider, announced their merger agreement, creating a first-of-its-kind integrated virtual care company. – These two premier platforms will offer a patient and provider experience unmatched elsewhere, providing a full suite of […]

  • The Art of Asking: What Else is Going on?

    By HANS DUVEFELT Walter Brown’s blood sugars were out of control. Ellen Meek had put on 15 lbs. Diane Meserve’s blood pressure was suddenly 30 points higher than ever before. In Walter’s case, he turned out to have an acute thyroiditis that caused many other symptoms that came to light during our standard Review of […]

  • Why A Smart Command Center Requires A Health Cloud Platform

    Dr. David Nace, Chief Medical Officer at Innovaccer Aviation, military, NASA, or even utilities like the New York Power Authority—almost all high-consequence, complex organizations have one thing in common: a command center. The concept of a command center or a ‘war room,’ or ‘air traffic control’ has been around for a while. Command centers help […]

  • The Art of Listening: When the Inner Voice Whispers

    By HANS DUVEFELT “I worry, so you don’t have to”, is how I explain to patients when something about their story or physical exam makes me consider that they may have something serious going on. The worst thing you can do is give false reassurance without serious consideration. And the next worst thing you can […]

  • Innovative, Non-Invasive Technologies Advanced Earlier Detection & Monitoring of Liver Disease

    Jon Gingrich, CEO, Echosens North America Leveraging technological advances to facilitate new ways of engaging patients and integrating non-invasive technology into a liver disease program not only serves to improve individual outcomes and reduce costs but also strengthens the financial performance of health systems and provider organizations that include this approach to testing. At a […]

  • How the pandemic transformed primary care for seniors

    Seniors in the U.S. are among the hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and providing them with primary care proved to be a major challenge. But several organizations rose to the occasion, deftly changing their care delivery strategies as the pandemic evolved.

  • 4 takeaways from Teladoc’s earnings

    After a year of record growth, Teladoc set expectations for limited growth in its paid memberships and visits in 2021. But the company still sees long-term opportunities with a primary care pilot it is launching and its acquisition of Livongo.

  • Driverless Cars or Keyboardless EMRs? Which Do We Need Most?

    By HANS DUVEFELT I love cars and dislike computers. My car takes me where I need to go, but it also gives me pleasure along the way. I have had it for just about ten years now and I have driven it almost 300,000 miles. It feels like an extension of me. Everything about it […]

  • NHS Digital tweaks e-referral system to hospitals

    NHS Digital has tweaked its electronic referral system, to smoothen the process of  making a hospital appointment. The e-Referral Service (e-RS) is used by primary care doctors to talk to and seek advice from secondary colleagues ahead of making a formal referral. e-RS is an important part of the NHS’ response to the coronavirus crisis […]

  • Vytalize Health Acquires Patient Financial Experience Platform MedPilot

    What You Should Know: – Vytalize Health acquires patient financial experience platform MedPilot to accelerate data-driven engagement technology to its ACO’s Medicare population. – An alumnus of the Cedars-Sinai Accelerator, MedPilot’s platform has already helped over 1 million patients to date and boasts a 97% patient satisfaction score.   Vytalize Health, a leading provider of value-based […]

  • 98point6 Launches New Virtual Behavioral Health Offering

    What You Should Know: – 98point6 announces the launch of its new virtual behavioral health service – 98point6 Primary Care Plus Behavioral Health. – With primary care at the center, 98point6’s new single-stop virtual care solution helps ensure that every patient is fully supported in their mental health treatment journey. – Currently available to commercial […]

  • eConsult gets further £7m to expand NHS digital triage platform

    The digital triage platform eConsult that is widely used by NHS GP practices has closed a £7 million funding ($9.6 million) round to expand the service. This latest funding round led by Calculus Capital follows the £5 million from equity investor Gresham Health in October last year. Last year eConsult launched a combined platform with […]

  • A Patient Engagement Strategy Needs to Deliver a Holistic Experience

    Chris Evanguelidi, Director, Enterprise Healthcare Market for Redpoint Global Inc. Researchers from Johns Hopkins published a study in October on the impact of the pandemic on health care delivery. Among its findings, the data show a 21.4% decrease in primary care visits in Q2 of 2020, compared against the average volume of Q2 visits for […]

  • Volpara Acquires Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Platform CRA Health for $18M

    What You Should Know: –  Volpara Health, an integrated breast care platform assisting in the delivery of personalized patient care has acquired breast cancer risk assessment platform CRA Health. – CRA Health, LLC, is a breast cancer risk assessment company spinoff from Massachusetts General Hospital — a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital. Today the company delivers more […]

  • A New System to Fit A New Economy: How Healthcare Can Recover From COVID-19

    Paula Muto, MD, FACSFounder and CEO, UBERDOC, Inc. We are at a watershed moment. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to reevaluate our priorities both economically and with regard to public health. Living with a healthcare system that was created in response to an emergency measure during World War II, US consumers have struggled for […]

  • Challenges of Operationalizing Remote Patient Monitoring Data

    Roberto Martinez, President, Mexico, Encora Among the many evolving technologies in the healthcare industry, there may be none more important or impactful than remote patient monitoring (RPM) hardware and software solutions. This technology is opening up new possibilities in extended healthcare – saving patients money, limiting visits to the doctor’s office, and providing healthcare professionals […]

  • Aledade Secures $100M for Value-Based Primary Care, Reaching $2.1B Valuation

    What You Should Know: – Aledade raises $100 Million in Series D funding to help more primary care practices thrive in value-based care. – The new funding will power the growth of a nationwide network of more than one million patients by further expanding into Medicare Advantage Contracts. Aledade, a Bethesda, MD-based provider of value-based […]

  • UnitedHealth Rolls Out Employer Virtual Primary Care Plan

    What You Should Know: – UnitedHealthcare is rolling out a virtual primary care plan for employers that will be powered by telehealth platform Amwell, CNBC first reports. – The virtual primary care plan will allow patients access to physicians with low or no co-pays for routine care via phone or computer. – The virtual primary […]

  • NeuroFlow Secures $20M for Tech-Enabled Behavioral Health Integration Platform

    What You Should Know: – NeuroFlow raises $20M to expand its technology-enabled behavioral health integration platform, led by Magellan Health. – NeuroFlow’s suite of HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based tools simplify remote patient monitoring, enable risk stratification, and facilitate collaborative care. With NeuroFlow, health care organizations can finally bridge the gap between mental and physical health in order […]

  • Is Your Connected Community of Care Truly Making a Difference?

    Dr. Keith Kosel, Vice President at Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation (PCCI) Connected Communities of Care Definition: An innovative method for effective population health management using social determinants of health. A way to streamline effective coordination between medical, government, and community-based organizations. We ask this type of question every day. For example, we may ask― “Is this […]

  • Meaningful Use of Genomics Requires Informatics Beyond EMRs

    Assaf Halevy, Founder and CEO of 2bPrecise Electronic medical records (EMRs) are widely expected to serve as a cornerstone technology that drives the delivery of modern patient care.  But can the EMR alone support all the informatics capabilities required by an ever-evolving healthcare industry? The rapid growth of precision medicine, particularly the use of genetic […]

  • 12 Telehealth & Virtual Care Predictions and Trends for 2021 Roundup

    Dr. Paul Hain, Chief Medical Officer of GoHealth Telehealth is Here to Stay in 2021 Prior to the pandemic, telehealth was a limited ad-hoc service with geographic and provider restrictions. However, with both the pandemic restrictions on face to face interactions and a relaxation of governmental regulations, telehealth utilization has significantly increased from thousands of […]

  • How to Capitalize on Digital Health Momentum in 2021

    Adam Sabloff, Founder and CEO of VirtualHealth As we re-examine the healthcare system in the wake of the pandemic, we are continually identifying opportunities to rebuild parts of the system to new and improved specifications. One critical facet is digital health, where we continue to struggle with what should really be table stakes: the ability […]

  • For Better Patient Care Coordination, We Need Seamless Digital Communications

    Catherine Thomas: Co-Founder and VP, Customer Engagement, careMESH  Peter Tippett MD, PhD: Founder and CEO, careMESH A recent Advisory Board briefing examined the annual Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Readmission penalties.  Of the 3,080 hospitals CMS evaluated, 83% received a penalty for payments to be made in 2021, based on expected outcomes for a […]

  • Elation Health lands $40M in new funding round

    The technology provider for independent primary care practices plans to use the new funds to further invest in its core platform and add new solutions, such as billing and patient collections capabilities.

  • Cityblock Health Reaches $1B Valuation, Raises $160M to Address Systemic Healthcare Inequity

    What You Should Know: – Cityblock Health, a transformative, value-based healthcare provider focused on improving healthcare outcomes for marginalized communities, today announced a $160M Series C round, bringing its total raised to $300M. – Cityblock is a care delivery trailblazer working to right the injustices of a healthcare system that cycles vulnerable communities through frequent […]

  • Elation Health Nabs $40M for Clinical-First Solution to Power Independent Primary Care

    What You Should Know: – Elation Health, which provides an easy-to-use and affordable clinical technology platform for more than 7 million independent primary care clinicians serving 14M+ patients – including an EHR raises $40M in Series C funding from Al Gore’s sustainable investment firm, Generation Investment Management. – Elation’s API-enabled platform also allows organizations to […]

  • Pair Team Emerges Out of Stealth with $2.7M to Automate Primary Care Operations

    What You Should Know: – San Francisco-based digital health startup Pair Team emerges out of stealth with $2.7M in seed funding backed by Kleiner Perkins, Craft Ventures, & YC. – Pair Team provides both a remote team and AI that automates workflows, provides infrastructure & improves medical practices — efficiencies and billing as you’d expect, […]

  • Ensuring Telehealth Providers’ Virtual Care Dollars Make Sense

    Don Godbee Don Godbee, Mobile Solutions Architect at Stratix Don Godbee Telehealth and virtual care are not brand-new phenomena suddenly cobbled together as a rapid response to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the average US patient could be forgiven for thinking that it is. Indeed, virtual visits to care providers and remote patient […]

  • M&A: Ro Acquires On-Demand, In-Home Platform Workpath

    What You Should Know: – Ro announced it has acquired Workpath, a technology platform that powers on-demand, in-home healthcare and diagnostics services nationwide. – Through this acquisition, Ro’s platform will now uniquely bring together a patient’s doctor, pharmacy, and diagnostics/lab–offering a personalized, end-to-end experience with no insurance required. – Ro is also announcing a partnership […]

  • 5 Myth-Busting New Hospital ADT Notification Requirements

     Claudia Williams, CEO of Manifest MedEx When doctors know their patients have been to the hospital, they can act fast to provide needed support. Widespread use of hospital event notifications is associated with all kinds of health benefits, including a 10 percent decrease in readmissions for Medicare beneficiaries. These event notifications are one of the […]

  • Amazon opens 4 more primary care clinics with Crossover Health

    Amazon, which opened a primary care clinic for employees in June, has added four more such clinics — all operated by medical group Crossover Health. The new clinics are based in Texas, but Amazon plans to open more locations in Arizona, Kentucky and Michigan over the next year.

  • Stewardship: We Worry More About the Environment than Our Own Bodies

    By HANS DUVEFELT Sooner, rather than later, we will be driving electric cars because of the environment. We use energy efficient light bulbs and recyclable packaging for the same reason. And there is a growing debate about the environmental impact of what kind of food we produce and consume. But I still don’t hear enough […]

  • How Care Coordination Technology Addresses Social Isolation in Seniors

    Jenifer Leaf Jaeger, MD, MPH, Senior Medical Director, HealthEC Senior isolation is a health risk that affects at least a quarter of seniors over 65. It has become recognized over the past decade as a risk factor for poor aging outcomes including cognitive decline, depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, hypertension, heart disease, impaired immune function, […]

  • The Art of Listening: Beyond the Chief Complaint

    By HANS DUVEFELT A doctor’s schedule as typical EMR templates see it only has “Visit Types”: New Patient, 15 minute, 30 minute. But as clinicians we like to know more than that. One patient may have a brand new worrisome problem we must start evaluating from scratch, while another is just coming in for a […]

  • Intermountain Adds Omada’s Diabetes Prevention Program to At-Risk Patients

    What You Should Know: – Omada’s diabetes prevention program will be available to Intermountain’s at-risk patient population as part of a limited engagement in 2020 and 2021. – Omada’s diabetes prevention program is personalized to meet each participant’s unique needs as they evolve, ranging from diabetes prevention, type 2 diabetes management, hypertension, behavioral health, and […]

  • 4 Ways to Combat Hidden Costs Associated with Delayed Patient Care During COVID-19

    Matt Dickson, VP, Product, Strategy, and Communication Solutions at Stericycle COVID-19 terms such as quarantine, flatten the curve, social distance, and personal protective equipment (PPE) have dominated headlines in recent months, but what hasn’t been discussed in length are the hidden costs of COVID-19 as it relates to patient adherence.   The coronavirus pandemic has amplified […]

  • How RPA Can Help Get COVID-19 Vaccines to High-Risk Patients First

    Ram Sathia, VP of Intelligent Automation at PK While most of the public’s attention is focused on the horse race for an approved COVID-19 vaccine, another major hurdle lies just around the corner: the distribution of hundreds of millions of vaccine doses. In today’s highly complex and disconnected health data landscape, technologies like AI, Machine […]

  • How Data-Driven Technology Holds The Promise of Better Outcomes for Vascular Patients

    Abbott recently released global research on vascular patient care, designed to shine a light on the vascular patient journey. The report called “Beyond Intervention” uncovers the universal challenges faced by physicians who deliver vascular care, their patients, and the hospital administrators who support them. It also explores how the right use of technology and data […]

  • Nice Healthcare Nabs $5M to Power ‘Frictionless’ Virtual Primary Care

    What You Should Know: –  Nice Healthcare raises $5M in seed funding to power the next phase of growth of its in-home and virtual primary care services. – Nice contracts directly with employers to provide unlimited access to its service under a transparent and capitated rate of $30 – $36 per employee per month. Nice […]

  • CMS Direct Contracting Model Options for Value-Based Care

    Vanessa Kuhn, Director of Health Policy, PatientPing The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) created the Direct Contracting Model to expand opportunities for more diverse providers and healthcare organizations to participate in value-based care arrangements for Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) beneficiaries. The goal of the new model is to create the next generation of risk-sharing […]

  • Priority Health Launches Telehealth PCP Plans for Members in Michigan

    What You Should Know: – Priority Health launches its virtual-first coverage option with MyPriority Telehealth PCP plans, using top platform Doctor On Demand. – Members who choose one of the MyPriority Telehealth PCP plans will have a doctor assigned as their primary care physician (PCP) through Doctor on Demand and all visits will take place […]

  • 5 Trends Driving The Future of Healthcare Real Estate in 2020 & Beyond

    The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed patient expectations for healthcare delivery, including offered services and health office operations. Although health systems have remained dynamic in adopting telehealth capabilities, their long-term capital, like real estate and supply chain management (SCM) protocols, have not adapted to match these expectations. Health systems must be aware of current trends […]

  • Blue Cross NC Launches No-Cost Virtual Programs to Quit Smoking and Reverse Diabetes

    What You Should Know: – Today, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina partners with Carrot Inc. and Virta Health to help address two of the largest ongoing health issues facing Americans today – smoking and type 2 diabetes. – Virta and Carrot’s programs will be available to individual under-65 members and fully insured […]

  • The Future of the ICU? How Clinical Decision Support Is Advancing Care

    Kelly Patrick, Principal Analyst at Signify Research Without a doubt 2020 has been a devastating year for many; the impact of COVID-19 on both personal lives and businesses has had long-term consequences. At the end of September, the number of COVID-19 cases fell just short of 350 million, with just over 1 million deaths reported. […]

  • From Virtual Care to Hybrid Care: COVID-19 and the Future of Healthcare

    Amwell, a national telehealth leader, released the results of its annual Physician and Consumer Survey. The results show physicians and consumers expect to use telehealth more often following COVID-19 than they did before the pandemic. Telehealth usage is up considerably in 2020, with 22% of consumers and 80% of physicians having a virtual visit this year, up […]

  • 98point6 Lands $118M to Expand Text-Based Primary Care Platform

    98point6 App What You Should Know: – On-demand text-based primary care platform 98point6 raises $118M in Series E funding to further invest in research and development and expand its robust medical practice. – 98point6 offers patients easy access to primary care in the same way they’ve grown accustomed to receiving the majority of services today—on […]

  • Will AI-Based Automation Replace Basic Primary Care? Should It?

    By KEN TERRY In a recent podcast about the future of telehealth, Lyle Berkowitz, MD, a technology consultant, entrepreneur, and professor at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, confidently predicted that, because of telehealth and clinical automation, “In 10-20 years, we won’t need primary care physicians [for routine care]. The remaining PCPs will specialize in […]

  • Digital Behavioral Health: Addressing The COVID-19 Behavioral Health Crisis

    Victor Siclovan, Director of Medicaid Transformation Project at AVIA Living through a pandemic is stressful and anxiety-inducing. Stay-at-home measures are compounding this stress, resulting in social isolation and unprecedented economic hardship, including mass layoffs and loss of health coverage. Fully understanding the impact of these pernicious trends on overall mental health will take time. However, […]

  • How Low-Code Solutions Reduce Headaches for Healthcare CIOs

    Ruby Raley, VP of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Axway Twenty years ago, technology consultants started advising CIOs to build less. That’s when the movement towards Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) began.  Today, there are many shops, especially those in small and medium-sized organizations, with few programmers who build new applications from scratch.   Yes, they […]

  • Amwell, Tyto Care Expand Partnership to Power Augmented Virtual Care Experiences

    What You Should Know: – Tyto Care and Amwell® announced an expanded partnership, allowing the companies to develop new integrations to enhance virtual care offerings for providers. – By pairing Tyto Care’s TytoHome device and platform with Amwell’s platform, the two companies will together provide patients and providers with augmented virtual care experiences and broadly enrich the capabilities and satisfaction with healthcare organizations’ […]

  • Why Hasn’t A More Holistic Approach to Patient Care Become The Norm?

    When food production technology made it possible, wheat flour processors started to eliminate the tough exterior (bran) and nutrient-rich core (germ) of the kernel to get at the large, starchy part (the endosperm) only. The bread produced from this process is white and fluffy, and it makes great PB&Js and takes forever to grow mold, […]

  • Telehealth Reality Check: Who’s Really Going to “Win” the Race to Virtual Care Market Leadership?

    By JESSICA DaMASSA, WTF HEALTH It’s the telehealth market reality check you’ve been waiting for! “Rogue” digital health consultant Dr. Lyle Berkowitz unpacks the numbers and the market potential for virtual care from the unique vantage point of a primary-care-physician-turned-health-tech-entrepreneur with nothing to lose. Having been 1) a clinician, 2) the Director of Innovation at […]

  • Meaningful U’s

    By HANS DUVEFELT Meaningful Use was a vision for EMRs that in many ways turned out to be a joke. Consider my list of Meaningful U’s for medical providers instead. When electronic medical records became mandatory, Federal monies were showered over the companies that make them by way of inexperienced, ill-prepared practices rushing to pick […]

  • The Coronavirus Crisis’ Silent Death Toll: Chronically Ill Patients

    Dr. Kayur Patel, Chief Medical Officer of Proactive MD The impact of the coronavirus crisis is shining a bright light on many of the challenges facing the U.S. healthcare system.  So much more than a lack of primary care physicians and hospital beds, the all-hands-on-deck approach to combating the spread of COVID-19 has forced patients […]

  • I Cured My Patient, But What Was His Diagnosis?

    By HANS DUVEFELT He cancelled his followup appointment because he was feeling fine. He didn’t see the point in wasting a Saturday to come to my clinic when he had lawns to mow and chores to do. Less than two weeks before that he was sitting on the exam table in my office, again and […]

  • CancerIQ Raises $5M to Expand Genetic Cancer Risk Assessment Platform

    What You Should Know: – CancerIQ raises $5M in Series A funding led by HealthXVentures to accelerate the growth of its genetic cancer risk assessment platform to identify and manage patients at high risk of cancer. – CancerIQ’s technology enables hospitals to use genomics to personalize the prevention and early detection of cancer. – Two […]

  • Can Walmart change healthcare?

    Walmart caught the healthcare industry’s attention when it began opening primary care centers across Georgia, Florida and Illinois. But without its leader, will the effort still be able to keep its momentum?

  • Analysis: July Health IT M&A Activity; Public Company Performance

    – Healthcare Growth Partners’ (HGP) summary of Health IT/digital health mergers & acquisition (M&A) activity, and public company performance during the month of July 2020. While a pandemic ravages the country, technology valuations are soaring.  The Nasdaq hit an all-time high during the month of July, sailing through the 10,000 mark to post YTD gains […]

  • Primary care startup Oak Street Health goes public for $328M

    Oak Street Health, which operates primary care centers for Medicare patients, went public on Thursday for $328 million. Its capitation payment model has helped the company continue on where many clinics have struggled during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Lemonaid Health Raises $33M to Expand On-Demand Consumer Telehealth Platform

    – Lemonaid Health, a direct to consumer telehealth company raises $33M in Series B funding to expand the company’s medical team and number of services being offered to patients. – To date, the company has treated more than a million patients online for a variety of medical conditions ranging from erectile dysfunction to sinus infections to […]

  • The Adoption of Telehealth During the Pandemic will Shape Healthcare’s New Normal

    Abhinav Shashank, CEO and Co-founder of Innovaccer Inc. COVID-19 has presented healthcare with a challenge like no other, with nearly nine million cases all over the world and over 470,000 lives lost. The speed of the outbreak and the disruption caused by it has created unforeseen challenges for communities and economies, and it’s especially apparent in […]

  • How ADT-Based E-Notifications Can Enable Better Safety for COVID-19 Patients

    Jay Desai, CEO & Co-Founder, PatientPing As COVID-19 continues to impact the country, providers across the continuum face new challenges delivering care and ensuring safety for their patients and themselves.  During this period, sharing real-time information about patients’ care encounters across provider types and care settings matter more than ever. In particular, hospitals sharing admission, […]

  • Why We Need to Unlock the Full Potential of Primary Care

    Why We Need to Unlock the Full Potential of Primary Care There are powerful reasons to move to a value-based primary care system. Highly effective Primary Care 3.0 is an indispensable piece of that effort. The Doctor Weighs In

  • Alphabet spinoff CityBlock Health raises $54 million

    CityBlock Health, a company building out healthcare services for low-income communities, raised $53.5 million in a series B extension. The company plans to use the funds to expand its clinical programs and further develop its technology.

  • Oak Street Health files for IPO

    Oak Street Health, a Chicago-based company that operates primary care centers for Medicare patients, filed initial IPO paperwork on Friday. The company has not yet priced the offering, but it plans to use the proceeds to repay a loan and grow its business.

  • Walgreens to Invest $1B in VillageMD to Open 500 to 700 Full-Service Doctor Offices

    – Walgreens will invest $1 billion in equity and convertible debt in VillageMD to open 500 physician-led primary care clinics in more than 30 U.S. markets in the next five years. – VillageMD and Walgreens also recently announced the availability of Village Medical telehealth providers on Walgreens Find Care™, which is an online platform that […]

  • Doctor On Demand Raises $75M to Expand Comprehensive Virtual Care Platform

    What You Should Know – Doctor On Demand raises $75M in Series D funding led by General Atlantic to expand comprehensive virtual care. – Doctor On Demand is seeing record usage this year – up 139% – for COVID-19 screenings, routine health issues, chronic conditions and behavioral health. San Francisco, CA-based Doctor On Demand, today announced it has raised $75 million in […]

  • Reflections on Death with Dignity

    Reflections on Death with Dignity Facing a painful death from incurable cancer, Brittany Maynard had to move to Oregon so she could control her destiny & die with dignity. Why do so few states allow this? The Doctor Weighs In