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  • The evolution of clinical trials: the pharmaphorum podcast

    In the latest episode of the pharmaphorum podcast, Dr Paul Tunnah speaks to head of Patient Engagement at Syneos Health, Marie Emms, and Elligo executive vice president and general manager of Worldwide Clinical Trials Early Phase Services, Keith Fern. Together they discuss the changing nature of clinical trials how COVID-19 impacted the sector, and the […]

  • Patient engagement processes: the pharmaphorum podcast

    This episode of the pharmaphorum podcast is the second in a limited series focused on patient engagement that’s being led by clinician, consultant and patient advocate, Mark Duman. Joining him to discuss the importance of patient engagement are Johnson & Johnson’s global patient engagement leader Katherine Capperella, Novartis’ head of patient engagement Mark Boutin, and […]

  • Real-world evidence and qualitative research: the ELICIT podcast

    In the first episode of the ELICIT podcast, a new series produced in partnership with Cerner Enviza, the speakers discuss qualitative real-world evidence and a unique dementia project from Singapore. First, they look at why qualitative real-world evidence is important to pharma, what the criteria is for good qualitative research and why stakeholder preference studies […]

  • Why Finding a Home Health Provider to Acquire Has Become Tougher

    When Coltala Holdings acquired a stake in Choice Health at Home in June, its co-founders – Ralph Manning and Edward Crawford – were ecstatic. After all, the Dallas-based private equity firm was looking to enter into the home health industry, but wasn’t sure it would be able to. Its confidence in finding the right provider […]

  • Sandoz’s Pierre Bourdage on biosimilars: the pharmaphorum podcast

    In the latest episode of the podcast Dominic Tyer speaks with Pierre Bourdage, who’s global head of biopharmaceuticals at Sandoz about the big issues in biosimilars. They look at how biosimilars are changing healthcare and what the market looks like today, as well as Sandoz’s involvement in the area and the company’s future plans in […]

  • Disrupt Podcast #50: Ralph Manning and Edward Crawford of Coltala Holdings

    The 49th episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available! For this episode of Disrupt, Home Health Care News sat down with Coltala Holdings co-founders Ralph Manning and Edward Crawford to chat about getting into the home health sector in 2021 through the acquisition of Choice Health at Home. Dallas, Texas-based Coltala Holdings is a […]

  • Patient engagement strategies: the pharmaphorum podcast

    This episode of the pharmaphorum podcast is the first in an occasional series focused on patient engagement that’s being led by Mark Duman, a clinician, consultant and patient advocate. Here he takes a helicopter view of patient engagement in a discussion with MSD’s European lead for patient innovation Paul Robinson, that’s moderated by pharmaphorum’s former […]

  • Disrupt Podcast #49: David A. Bell of GrandCare Health Services

    Most home health agencies are “generalists,” meaning they serve patients with a wide variety of in-home care needs. GrandCare Health Services, however, sees itself as an orthopedic rehab specialist, which is why it sold its non-medical home care division to 24 Hour Home Care in September. For this episode of Disrupt, HHCN caught up with […]

  • Disrupt Podcast #48: Tim Hanold of Care Advantage

    In June, Searchlight Capital Partners acquired a majority stake in Care Advantage, one of the largest in-home care companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. Aside from giving the company more firepower for future M&A activity of its own, the deal will likely help Care Advantage accelerate its value-based care strategy. The in-home care provider already has […]

  • Disrupt Podcast #48: David A. Bell of GrandCare Health Services

    Most home health agencies are “generalists,” meaning they serve patients with a wide variety of in-home care needs. GrandCare Health Services, however, sees itself as an orthopedic rehab specialist, which is why it sold its non-medical home care division to 24 Hour Home Care in September. For this episode of Disrupt, HHCN caught up with […]

  • BMS’ Catherine Owen on pharma commercialisation: the pharmaphorum podcast

    Episode 42 of the pharmaphorum podcast heard from Catherine Owen, who’s senior vice president of major markets at Bristol Myers Squibb, about the future of pharma commercialisation and communications. As part of that we looked at how she approaches the 19 markets she oversees and the challenges that can present. And Catherine suggests some areas […]

  • Novartis’ Amit Nastik on COVID’s supply chain impact: the pharmaphorum podcast

    Episode 41 of the pharmaphorum podcast heard from Amit Nastik about the impact of COVID-19 on pharma supply chains and how he and his team mitigated disruption to Novartis’ own operations. Amit’s the global head strategy and operations and local markets manufacturing at Novartis Technical Operations and discussed how his company ensured an uninterrupted supply […]

  • Virtual engagement and collaborations: the pharmaphorum podcast

    As the world passes the year and a half mark of the COVID-19 pandemic, the evolving ‘new normal’ experience across the healthcare sector has brought huge changes to the way pharma engages healthcare professionals. Joining the pharmaphorum podcast to discuss these changes is Impetus Digital’s co-founder and CEO Natalie Yeadon, in a special episode sponsored […]

  • Care Advantage CEO on Caring for Anthem’s ‘Sickest and Frailest’ Members

    Care Advantage has worked to solidify its place in the home-based care space over the past three decades. Now, its latest mission puts value-based care square in its crosshairs. Care Advantage offers a variety of services to patients across Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Delaware. The Richmond, Virginia-based company cared for roughly 12,000 patients last […]

  • Biotech Insight podcast: Overcoming planning challenges in oncology

    The first episode of Kantar Health’s new Biotech Insight podcast takes aim at the planning and forecasting challenges that biotechnology companies face, with a particular focus on oncology. Joining Dominic Tyer for this instalment of Biotech Insight are Prithu Somani, senior manager of forecasting and business analytics at Genmab, and Kantar Health’s vice president of […]

  • Vertex’s Nicola Massey: the pharmaphorum podcast

    In the latest episode of the podcast Dominic Tyer speaks with Nicola Massey, who’s Vertex’s senior country manager in the UK and Ireland. Having joined the biopharmaceutical company only fairly recently, they discuss her career path to Vertex, and also what it was like to join virtually – something that’s Increasingly common for many people […]

  • naviHealth CMO: Home Health Partnerships Critical to Successful Care Transitions

    The Brentwood, Tennessee-based naviHealth helps patients receive care where they can best be treated. Over its history as a convener, it has traditionally helped payers and providers with the coordination of care in facility-based settings. Now, it’s shifting with the health care world to help more patients receive care in the home. Recently acquired by […]

  • Organicell on regenerative medicine: the pharmaphorum podcast

    In the latest episode of the podcast Dominic Tyer speaks with Dr Maria Ines ‘Mari’ Mitrani, chief science officer at the clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company Organicell Regenerative Medicine. They looked at the development of regenerative medicine and where Organicell hopes to add to that field. Then, with the company pivoting to try and help tackle Covid, they […]

  • Disrupt Podcast #47: Dr. Jay LaBine of naviHealth

    For this episode of Disrupt, Home Health Care News sat down with naviHealth’s CMO, Dr. Jay LaBine, to chat about the role a convener plays in delivering more care into the home. Brentwood, Tennessee-based naviHealth is a large clinical services organization that works with payers and providers to deliver care in facility-based settings and in […]

  • Disrupt Podcast #46: Bill Dombi of NAHC

    The 46th episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available! This June, U.S. lawmakers unveiled a massive new bill to fund home- and community-based services, while the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released its proposed home health payment rule for 2022 - complete with national expansion plans for the Home Health Value-Based […]

  • Pharma’s post-COVID prospects: the pharmaphorum podcast

    In this latest podcast, pharmaphorum spoke to Andrew Meade, life sciences lead UK and Ireland at Accenture, about the trends that emerged in this year’s Q1 results season. Meade talked about the prospects for the industry as the UK and other economies beginning to recover from the devastating pandemic. He discussed how COVID vaccines have […]

  • Disrupt Podcast #45: Darby Anderson of Addus HomeCare Corporation

    The 45th episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available! Addus HomeCare Corporation (Nasdaq: ADUS) is one of the largest personal care services providers in the U.S., with growing footprints in both the hospice and home health spaces as well. Today, the home-based care provider delivers its services to about 44,000 consumers through 208 locations […]

  • How American Advantage Home Care Grew Its Client Base by 1000% in 2 Years

    Cleamon Moorer Jr. is not a home health lifer, nor is he what you’d call a health care veteran. But he’s thriving in the space nonetheless. After taking over the relatively small American Advantage Home Care in 2019, he strategized to differentiate the agency from its peers. The Dearborn, Michigan-based provider has expanded its client […]

  • Disrupt Podcast #44: Clem Moorer, Jr. of American Advantage Home Care

    The 44th episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available! American Advantage Home Care is a small but rapidly growing home health provider located in one of Michigan’s most diverse cities. Founded more than a decade ago, the company was purchased by Cleamon Moorer, Jr., in 2019. Since taking over as president and CEO, Moorer […]

  • Galapagos UK’s Michael Smyth on RNA-based tech: the pharmaphorum podcast

    Episode 35 of the pharmaphorum podcast hears from Michael Smyth about Galapagos UK and joining the company as medical director just as COVID-19 hit. With RNA-based technology hitting the headlines in recent months due to its use in Covid vaccines, he also discusses the version of it that Galapagos uses and how it can produce […]

  • Disrupt Podcast #43: David Grabowski of Harvard Medical School

    The 43rd episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available! Several post-acute care policy leaders have entered the national spotlight during the COVID-19 pandemic, but perhaps none more than David Grabowski, a professor of health care policy at Harvard Medical School. In recent months, Grabowski has repeatedly addressed the need to rethink long-term care in […]

  • Big data and cell therapy development: the pharmaphorum podcast

    In the latest episode of the podcast pharmaphorum’s website editor Catherine Longworth speaks with Dr Darrin Disley, who’s the CEO of Mogrify. The UK biotechnology company is aiming to transform the development of cell therapies using a systematic direct cell conversion & maintenance platform powered by big-data. Darrin discusses the story behind Mogrify’s technology and his […]

  • The meaning of digital innovation: the pharmaphorum podcast

    This instalment of the podcast considers the meaning of digital innovation, both in pharma and outside the industry, and features digital transformation leader Edwin Erckens. Even though he is currently working in the HR services sector, Edwin started his career at P&G, moved to Heineken, then held regional and global executive IT and digital roles […]

  • Contessa Exploring New Service Lines, Solidifying Position at the Center of Hospital-at-Home Shift

    After once occupying a niche space in the health care sector, the hospital-at-home model has gained significant traction. In November, the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) even announced its “Acute Hospital Care At Home” wavier program. Under the initiative, eligible hospitals can receive newfound flexibilities around providing hospital-level care for patients in […]

  • Disrupt Podcast #42: Mark Montoney of Contessa Health

    The 42nd episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available! For this episode of Disrupt, Home Health Care News sat down with Contessa Health’s senior medical advisor, Mark Montoney, to chat about the booming hospital-at-home model in the United States. Nashville, Tennessee-based Contessa helps health systems provide hospital-level care in the home through its Home […]

  • New ways to treat COVID: the pharmaphorum podcast

    In episode 31 of the pharmaphorum podcast, Deep Dive editor George Underwood speaks to RedHill biopharma’s chief business officer Guy Goldberg about the potential for new COVID-19 therapeutics to help fight the pandemic and treat patients in the years to come. Prior to joining RedHill, Guy served as senior vice president of business operations at […]

  • The Alderley Park Discovery Podcast: The journey to accessing science funding and investment

    Episode 3 of the Alderley Park Discovery Podcast covers how to successfully access life science funding and investment, highlighting a range of ways companies can attract investors. In this instalment, Dominic Tyer is joined by Kinomica CEO Jane Theaker, BioCity investment director Claire Brown, Redx Pharma CEO Lisa Anson and Dr Kath Mackay, managing director at Bruntwood […]

  • Roche on COVID-19 healthcare and testing: the pharmaphorum podcast

    For episode 30 I spoke with Dr Ashton Harper, who’s head of medical affairs in the UK and Ireland at Roche Diagnostics, about the pressure COVID-19 has put on healthcare systems. A former NHS doctor, he noted how stressful and draining some days can be when working at healthcare’s frontline – even in normal times, […]

  • Home Care Workers Vie for Access as US Surpasses 64M COVID-19 Vaccine Doses

    Although the overall infection rate is dropping as vaccine efforts ramp up, the U.S. is nearing the grim milestone of half a million COVID-19 deaths. Florida alone has reported more than 30,000 resident deaths linked to the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic, according to state data. And similar to other parts of the […]

  • Disrupt Podcast #41: Bobby Lolley of Home Care Association of Florida

    Across the country, home health, hospice and home care workers continue to struggle when it comes to COVID-19 vaccine access. Nowhere is that challenge more evident than in Florida, industry insiders note.  In our latest episode of Disrupt, Home Care Association of Florida (HCAF) Executive Director Bobby Lolley sits down with Home Health Care News to provide an […]

  • Richard Francis on his Purespring plans: the pharmaphorum podcast

    In this episode of the pharmaphorum podcast, our news editor Richard Staines talks to Richard Francis, who took over as CEO of gene therapy company Purespring Therapeutics earlier this month. Francis was previously CEO of Sandoz, Novartis’ generics and biosimilars division, where he led the development of biosimilars and also sat on the Swiss pharma […]

  • CareCentrix CEO: Don’t Bet Against ‘the Empire’ of Institutional Health Care Providers

    The U.S. health care system has rapidly accelerated away from hospitals, nursing homes and brick-and-mortar facilities over the past year. As a result, more attention and resources have been given to home-based care organizations, a trend that will likely continue in 2021. But that isn’t entirely guaranteed, according to CareCentrix CEO John Driscoll. Hospitals and […]

  • AstraZeneca on diversity: the pharmaphorum podcast

    The theme for episode 28 of the pharmaphorum podcast is diversity and inclusion in pharma, ably addressed by AstraZeneca’s Rebekah Martin. Serving as senior vice president of reward and inclusion at AstraZeneca, Rebekah discussed how the pharmaceutical industry approaches the promotion of diversity. In an episode that was recorded in December 2020, she also talked […]

  • Disrupt Podcast #40: John Driscoll of CareCentrix

    The 40th episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available! For this episode of Disrupt, Home Health Care News sat down with CareCentrix CEO John Driscoll to talk about emerging health care trends and his company’s plans for 2021. Originally founded in 1996 by major home health provider Gentiva, CareCentrix is a national at-home care […]

  • The Alderley Park Discovery Podcast: Life science skills, staffing and support

    Episode two of the Alderley Park Discovery Podcast covers access to skills in the life sciences sector, with a focus on support for aspiring scientists and UK staffing trends. In this instalment Dominic Tyer’s guests on the podcast are Sai Life Sciences’ head of global R&D Dean Edney, Joynes & Hunt’s managing director Steve Joynes […]

  • How CommonSpirit Health at Home Launched a 27-Market Telehealth Program in 2 Weeks

    For the home health industry, 2020 was the year agencies unquestionably embraced telehealth. Amid the COVID-19 emergency, virtual visits have become a key tool utilized in the delivery of care. One company, CommonSpirit Health at Home, has long recognized the value of telehealth. Prior to the COVID-19 emergency, CommonSpirit Health at Home had plans to […]

  • J&J and medical device innovation: the pharmaphorum podcast

    In episode 27 of the pharmaphorum podcast I’m joined by Erin McEachren, who’s EU regional vice president at J&J Surgical Vision. She talks about her priorities at J&J – having joined the company six months ago, the current state of the medical devices sector and some of the trends she’s keeping a close eye on. […]

  • Tay-Sachs and rare disease registries – the Health Heroes podcast

    Episode four of Kantar Health’s Health Heroes podcast tackles pharma’s rare disease challenges, the role of patient registries and hears a moving story about the rare genetic disorder Tay-Sachs disease. Joining me for this instalment of Health Heroes are Geneviève Bonnélye-Fesnien, global head of real-world evidence, research and consulting at Kantar Health, and Dan Lewi, […]

  • Disrupt Podcast #39: Trisha Crissman of CommonSpirit Health at Home

    The 39th episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available! Formerly CHI Health at Home, CommonSpirit Health at Home is a Milford, Ohio-based health care organization that provides home care, home infusion, home respiratory care, hospice and medical transportation services. As with most home health providers, COVID-19 has become the “new normal” for CommonSpirit. Throughout […]

  • Disrupt Podcast #38: Mark McPherson and Ruth Martynowicz of Trinity Health at Home

    The 38th episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available! Trinity Health at Home currently ranks as one of the largest home health providers in the country. It’ll be even bigger next year, thanks to an ongoing consolidation strategy to combine its national and regional locations. Home health veteran Mark McPherson leads Trinity Health at […]

  • Disrupt Podcast #37: Ryan Iwamoto of 24 Hour Home Care

    The 37th episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available! In 2008 — amid the last recession — Ryan Iwamoto and his co-founders started Los Angeles-based 24 Hour Home Care with $160,000 total of investment cash from family and friends. The company is now one of the largest privately owned home care companies in the […]

  • GSK and eosinophil research: the pharmaphorum podcast

    GlaxoSmithKline’s Nucala (mepolizumab) last month became the first and only biologic treatment approved in the US for Hypereosinophilic Syndrome (HES). It’s part of the company’s focus on eosinophil-driven diseases, and ahead of that regulatory milestone I spoke with Tiffany Robinson-Smith, global medical affairs lead for biologics at GSK, about eosinophils and why they’re an important […]

  • Wildfires, COVID-19 and PDGM: Growing a Home Health Business During Moments of Crisis

    Home health agencies are used to operating during moments of crisis. That’s especially true for California-based Medical Home Care Professionals, which has had to overcome several over the past few years. In 2018, for example, Medical Home Care Professionals operated during the historic Carr Fire that devastated nearly 230,000 acres across California’s Shasta and Trinity […]

  • Disrupt Podcast #36: Elaine Flores of Medical Home Care Professionals

    The 36th episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available! Headquartered in Northern California, Medical Home Care Professionals is a small home health agency that has had to overcome big challenges over the past few years. In 2018, Medical Home Care Professionals had to operate through the historic Carr Fire. Right after that, it had […]

  • Alnylam, gene-silencing and biotech in 2020: the pharmaphorum podcast

    Alnylam’s Brendan Martin joined the pharmaphorum podcast for episode 23 to talk about his company’s work in gene-silencing and how it could offer a route to target the current coronavirus pandemic. Brendan joined Alnylam in 2016 as one of the company’s first Europe-based employees and has helped to build and establish a presence in the […]

  • Disrupt Podcast #35: Dr. Clive Fields of VillageMD

    The 35th episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available! In 2013, co-founder and CMO Dr. Clive Fields helped launch primary care provider VillageMD as a 13-physician practice. Seven years later, VillageMD has grown to a 2,500-physician practice — one with an innovative care model partly shaped around the home. As one of its leaders, […]

  • [Podcast] How Cleveland Clinic Helps Employers Create a Safer Workplace During COVID-19

    Dr. Jim Merlino, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, Cleveland Clinic Despite having entered the US eight months ago, COVID-19 remains a topic enshrouded in confusion, conflicting information, hyperbole, and even conspiracy theories. Everyone, informed or not, seems to have an opinion about the coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, health systems, hospitals, and medical providers are  uniquely qualified to […]

  • Telehealth and COVID-19: Overcoming New Challenges for Providers and Payers

    Telehealth has quickly transformed the healthcare industry. Rather than scheduling an appointment, waiting up to a few weeks, and going to a doctor’s office or another healthcare facility, we can now access many types of care from the convenience of our smartphones.  However, telehealth has also brought in its own set of new challenges that […]

  • Novartis, company culture and COVID-19: the pharmaphorum podcast

    Novartis’ Steven Baert joined the pharmaphorum podcast for episode 22 to discuss how COVID-19 will change the face of company culture, now and in the future. We also looked at how Novartis’ own operations had to change in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the considerable challenges that presented him as its chief people and […]

  • Disrupt Podcast #34: Ken Albert, CEO and President of Androscoggin

    The 34th episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available!  Founded in 1966, Androscoggin Home Healthcare + Hospice is the largest independent, nonprofit provider of home health and hospice services in the state of Maine. On top of those core services, Androscoggin also offers palliative care, transitional care, virtual care and more. At the helm of Androscoggin […]