INVEST Pitch Perfect winner spotlight: Strados Labs and its ‘Holter for the lungs’

Strados Labs has developed a wearable device that senses lung sounds in patients with asthma, COPD, and other respiratory disorders. The startup, which has FDA clearance and a growing list of customers, was judged the winner in the Pitch Perfect competition at MedCity News’ recent INVEST Digital Health conference.

Amicus deal puts it on path to profitability, infuses its gene therapies with $400M

Amicus Therapeutics is spinning its gene therapy pipeline into a separate entity that will go public via a SPAC merger. Executives say the transaction puts Amicus on a path to profitability while simultaneously securing the cash needed to develop the gene therapy assets.

Genetic meds pioneer James Wilson has a new startup, this time in gene editing

Biotech startup iECURE is based on work from the University of Pennsylvania scientist, who has been researching ways to use in vivo gene editing as a way to “knock in” healthy versions of a gene to treat rare liver diseases. The company, which will develop therapeutic candidates from Penn, has raised $50 million in Series …

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Policy makers should ‘set their sights higher’ on U.S. drug pricing regulations, researchers say

A review published in JAMA found that bills introduced into the House and Senate don’t go nearly as far as existing drug pricing regulations other countries. The researchers listed eight key lessons from six nations.

Generic drugmaker Teva indicted in alleged price-fixing conspiracy leading consumers to be overcharged by $350M

The charges, filed in Philadelphia federal court, allege that Teva conspired with four other generic drug companies to fix prices, rig bids and allocate customers. Teva – which the Justice Department and New York’s state government also sued this month for unrelated allegations – said it rejected the allegations.