AI-biotech Terray emerges with $60M and a solution for data problems in drug R&D

Terray Therapeutics uses tiny microarrays to test molecules against targets of interest, then applies artificial intelligence to build large chemical datasets. The startup’s Series A financing will support R&D initially in immunology; the first Terray molecule is expected to reach the clinic in 18 months.

GSK joins NASH chase, paying $120M up front for rights to Arrowhead RNAi drug

GlaxoSmithKline sees enough promise in the early clinical data of a novel NASH drug to pay its developer, Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals, $120 million up front for rights to the experimental therapy. The Arrowhead drug uses RNA interference to “silence” an enzyme associated with the progression of the fatty liver disease.

Eli Lilly gets glucose-sensing “smart insulin” via buyout of preclinical Protomer

Eli Lilly has Protomer Technologies, a preclinical startup developing next-generation insulin that senses blood glucose levels and adjusts its activity accordingly. The technology could eliminate the need for multiple insulin injections throughout the day.

Takeda strikes $1B RNAi deal with Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals

The companies will partner on development and commercialization of ARO-AAT, Arrowhead’s Phase II RNA-interference drug for alpha-1 antitrypsin-associated liver disease, a rare genetic disorder. An analyst wrote that the deal makes sense given Takeda’s position in the AAT-augmentation therapy market.