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  • Climate Change: The Future of the Quality Movement

    By MARIE DUNN A little more than 20 years ago, the IOM report To Err is Human catalyzed the profession around the realization that our health care system was killing around 98,000 people a year from medical error. I am part of a generation of professionals that learned to adopt systems thinking; to measure, monitor, […]

  • The IT work that Covid halted & the hurdles to jumpstarting it again

    Though the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated some aspects of health IT, it slowed others, including EHR replacements and back-office system upgrades. CIOs from some of the nation’s leading health systems shared not only the projects they put on hold, but also how they made those decisions and the challenges they faced when trying to reignite their […]

  • Surprise pandemic lessons for pharma

    Ask people in most western nations to think back to 2019 and consider what they would have said then about the potential impact of a pandemic on their everyday lives and my guess is that the vast majority of us would have had little insight into what would happen. Residents of Southeast Asia who had […]

  • Oncology and a year of COVID: lessons for the future

    COVID’s impact on cancer care and oncology research has been devastating, but the pandemic has also opened up opportunities to take learnings and create long-lasting change in research, practice and education, says Lucid’s Frances O’Connor. The COVID-19 pandemic might finally be in its latter stages after a year and a half of disruption, but its […]

  • A Hamiltonian View of Post-Pandemic America

    By MIKE MAGEE “In countries where there is great private wealth much may be effected by the voluntary contributions of patriotic individuals, but in a community situated like that of the United States, the public purse must supply the deficiency of private resource. In what can it be so useful as in prompting and improving […]

  • HHS to create new tech fund through first VC partnership

    HHS is partnering with nonprofit Global Health Investment Corporation to launch a health security fund. The fund will be used to invest in technologies that can help prevent or respond to public health emergencies, like future pandemics.

  • A year on: pandemic driven trends in HCP engagement

    IQVIA’s John Procter explores why the industry should be paying attention to the changing HCP customer experience in the wake of COVID-19. This article appears in full in this month’s Deep Dive digital magazine on Market Access. Here is a preview: As we reach the end of the first quarter of 2021, our customers continue […]

  • Survey: 42% of Americans may not go back to in-person care this year

    Despite the ongoing Covid-19 vaccine rollout, a significant percentage of Americans say they are planning to delay care in 2021 or are unsure about in-person care, a new survey shows. Virtual visit options, insurance coverage and clear information on Covid-19 safety protocols are some of the factors that will drive provider selection this year.

  • The key IT decisions that helped providers survive April 2020

    As Covid-19 cases started escalating last April, providers in hotspot states, like New York, California and Washington, had to quickly pivot their IT plans. These are some of the decisions that five health IT leaders made — aside from expanding telehealth — that helped their health systems survive the first wave of the pandemic and […]

  • Could a smartphone cough app stop future pandemics?

    A host of companies are looking at cough apps to detect the presence of COVID-19. But one company called Hyfe wants to take the idea a step further and use them to detect future pandemics, reports Richard Staines.  The pandemic has seen a plethora of digital tools emerge to help manage patients remotely, with the […]

  • Could a smartphone cough app stop future pandemics?

    A host of companies are looking at cough apps to detect the presence of COVID-19. But one company called Hyfe wants to take the idea a step further and use them to detect future pandemics, reports Richard Staines.  The pandemic has seen a plethora of digital tools emerge to help manage patients remotely, with the […]

  • Abbott Launches Pandemic Defense Coalition to Detect Future Threats

    Shots: The coalition builds on Abbott’s excellence in virus surveillance and aid in analyzing virus samples for unknown diseases and detects mutations and variants including COVID-19 The goal of the Pandemic Defense Coalition is to identify new pathogens, analyze potential risk level, assess public health impact in real-time, and contain outbreaks when new virus threats […]

  • Pandemic Accelerants: Life Under the “New-Normal.”

    By MIKE MAGEE Confrontation is good. Governor Abbott’s “We are getting out of the business of telling people what they can and cannot do” was “Neanderthal thinking” as President Biden said. Insurrectionist Richard Bennett, whose feet sat on Speaker Pelosi’s desk two month’s ago, does need to cool his jets in jail awaiting trial. And […]

  • The post-COVID face of pharma research and development

    The acute phase of the COVID-19 pandemic not only brought delays, restrictions, and reconfigurations to pharmaceutical research & development in 2020, but also a more flexible response to some long-standing issues with the clinical trials process.  Lockdown rules and safety protocols certainly made it harder for patients to travel to trial sites, while a refocusing […]

  • How the pandemic transformed primary care for seniors

    Seniors in the U.S. are among the hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and providing them with primary care proved to be a major challenge. But several organizations rose to the occasion, deftly changing their care delivery strategies as the pandemic evolved.

  • Healthcare’s digital transformation began within weeks of pandemic – report

    Healthcare organisations that have been traditionally slow to adopt new technology produced a response to the pandemic that was almost in line with less regulated industries, according to a new report. Findings of research from the cloud communications platform Twilio based on 2,500 enterprise decision makers, including 117 healthcare organisations, showed it took 36 days […]

  • Wiping the Sleep From Our Eyes: The Pandemic Plan Trump Ignored

    By MIKE MAGEE When awakening from a long sleep, there is a transition period, when the brain struggles momentarily to become oriented, to “think straight.” When the sleep has extended four years, as with the Trump reign, it takes longer to clear the sleepy lies from your eyes. We are emerging, but it will take […]

  • Report: 40% of chronically ill Americans delayed care during pandemic

    As of September 2020, about a third of Americans said they delayed or avoided medical care due to the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a new report. That figure shoots up to 40% among Americans with chronic conditions, which means providers need to work harder to assuage patient fears, the authors wrote.

  • How can hospitals weather the financial storms of 2021?

    Patient volumes were uneven in 2020, and a new report shows volumes will likely remain below pre-pandemic levels in 2021. This indicates challenges for hospitals looking to stabilize their finances — but there are some key strategies that can help.

  • Workforce Upskilling in Pharma R&D

    There is comfort in habits. There is comfort in the familiar. In normal times, change usually only occurs at a relatively slow pace. When we update one of our cell phone applications, it usually takes a while before we adopt this new fancy functionality and take advantage of it. After all, it has been working […]

  • Highmark expands access to device that helps manage panic, PTSD symptoms

    The payer is expanding access to Freespria’s digital device that aims to eliminate or reduce symptoms of panic disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder. The expansion will give Highmark’s managed Medicaid and Medicare Advantage members access to the device as well as to telehealth coaching on how to use it.

  • Reimagining the Future of Healthcare through Innovation and Technology

    Australia is in the fortunate position of having COVID-19 largely under control. To use a relevant analogy for an Australian summer, thankfully, we are not dealing with a all-out bushfire but rather monitoring and responding to spot fires and ember attacks. Entire states in Australia have been largely case-free for months and have established strong controls through contact tracing and […]

  • How Mount Sinai is using tech to support cancer patients amid the pandemic

    The New York City-based health system implemented Current Health’s remote patient monitoring solution to enhance its cancer care services. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, cancer care has been severely delayed, and the health system aims to provide more consistent care to this patient group through the new solution.

  • Novartis hails digital strategy as profits hold up during pandemic

    Novartis has said that its investment in digital technology has helped it to ride out the worst of the pandemic, although sales of some of its newly-launched products have been affected by a fall in prescriptions and hospital visits. The big Swiss pharma still managed to grow sales in Q4 compared with the same period […]

  • Unlocking the potential in rare disease research with decentralised trials

    A survey by rare disease patient network Raremark found that 86% of the community members asked were interested in taking part in clinical trials. CEO Jeremy Edwards looks at how decentralised trial models can solve some of the challenges for clinical trial recruitment in rare disease. With low and geographically dispersed patient populations in rare […]

  • 2021 – The healthcare changes here to stay

    2020 was the year that changed everything, and as the new year begins many are wondering what awaits the world in 2021. Impetus Digital co-founder and CEO Natalie Yeadon reflects on the last 12 months and shares her views on the healthcare, research and digital changes that could be here to stay. I think it […]

  • How UCLA Health incorporated telehealth into its triage protocol

    In response to the spike in demand for virtual care services amid the Covid-19 pandemic, UCLA Health developed telehealth-specific triage protocols to ensure their patients are getting care through the appropriate medium — whether in person or via a video visit. Here’s how they did it.

  • 2021 Outlook: The future for life sciences customer experience

    Research from a large-scale survey of 1000+ senior pharma professionals has highlighted the divide between digitally adept companies and those that have been slow to adopt technologies. We look at how the customer experience is changing due to COVID-19. Historically, pharma has lagged behind other industries in adopting digital solutions, but with COVID-19 catapulting the […]

  • Nine for 2021: The COVID-19 legacy

    In the first of a two part series, IQVIA’s Sarah Rickwood covers nine key trends and events that will affect the global healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in 2021. One bright spot in an otherwise dreadful year: the pharmaceutical industry has discovered it can do things it never dreamed possible. Anyone who proposed that a novel, […]

  • How Big Data will accelerate the future of digital medicine in 2021

    The pandemic has shed light on inefficiencies in healthcare systems, and provided an opportunity to adjust how we manage care in the future. Jennifer Haas, executive vice president of Noteworth, shares her 2021 predictions surrounding the future of telehealth and big data.  Healthcare providers are grappling with the task of scaling digital care delivery operations […]

  • Moderna and BioNTech – who are they?

    Moderna and BioNTech, two rising stars in biotech, were in the limelight this year with their pioneering mRNA vaccines against COVID-19. Just who are these companies and who is behind them, asks Richard Staines. A year ago, the names Moderna and BioNTech were known mainly to those who followed biotech and pharma dealings. But the […]

  • Pandemic has little impact on pharma’s reputation, says report

    The pandemic has had very little positive impact on the public’s perceptions of pharma although the industry has fared much better than politicians, according to a report. According to the report from Takeda UK, only 17% of respondents said their impression of pharmaceutical companies had improved, based on how the industry had reacted to the […]

  • Healthcare’s COVID-19 backlog: how pharma can help

    IQVIA’s Sarah Rickwood explores how pharma can help healthcare systems address treatment backlogs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As lockdowns started in the West during March 2020, there was, inevitably, much punditry on exit scenarios – for economies, populations, and healthcare systems. Considerable time was devoted to the discussion of V- , U- and L-shaped […]

  • AdventHealth, BERG join forces to enhance Covid-19 care

    The health system and biotech company are collaborating to create a Covid-19 patient registry biobank, which will combine de-identified patient data and AI technology to identify characteristics and trends that have an impact on disease outcomes.

  • Regeneron’s COVID-19 antibody cocktail gets US emergency licence

    Regeneron’s antibody cocktail is the latest COVID-19 drug to receive Emergency Use Authorization in the US, becoming the first therapy of this kind to become available. The cocktail of casirivimab and imdevimab is still being investigated in trials but the FDA has enough data to grant a temporary licence while the pandemic continues. Formerly known […]

  • Viruses on Motorcycles

    By ANISH KOKA The most recent fiction dressed up as science about COVID comes to us courtesy of a viral Washington Post article.  “How the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally may have spread coronavirus across the Upper Midwest” screams the headline.   The charge made is that “within weeks” of the gathering that drew nearly half a million […]

  • The Story of an American Mask Distributor

    By SAURABH JHA Seven weeks before President Trump declared COVID-19 a federal emergency heralding the economic lockdown, Jesse’s customers began cutting their orders. Jesse sells garments and cotton, imported predominantly from India, to wholesalers and retailers, big and small, in malls across the North East corridor.  His business had a good January. December was like […]

  • [Podcast] How Cleveland Clinic Helps Employers Create a Safer Workplace During COVID-19

    Dr. Jim Merlino, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, Cleveland Clinic Despite having entered the US eight months ago, COVID-19 remains a topic enshrouded in confusion, conflicting information, hyperbole, and even conspiracy theories. Everyone, informed or not, seems to have an opinion about the coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, health systems, hospitals, and medical providers are  uniquely qualified to […]

  • How to Pandemic-Proof Our Healthcare Payment System

    By AISHA PITTMAN, MPH and SETH EDWARDS, MHA The pandemic has focused many policymakers’ attention  on strategies to make the healthcare system better. The obvious answer is one that we know is efficacious, if perhaps not the sexiest: value-based care. The current healthcare payment system – built around the fee-for-service (FFS) model in which healthcare […]

  • Mental health platform helps students facing exam results during pandemic

    The UK digital mental health support platform Kooth has joined with five of the UK’s well known Instagram influencers to launch a campaign to help students deal with the pressures of exam results season. The campaign encourages the hundreds of thousands of students waiting to receive their exam results, to stay mentally strong and know […]

  • COVID herd immunity: At hand or forever elusive?

    By MICHEL ACCAD, MD With cases of COVID-19 either disappeared or rapidly diminishing from places like Wuhan, Italy, New York, and Sweden, many voices are speculating that herd immunity may have been reached in those areas and that it may be at hand in the remaining parts of the world that are still struggling with the […]

  • Influential MPs ‘astonished’ at UK government’s delayed pandemic response

    As the UK’s economy is hit by its worst contraction for 41 years, an influential committee of MPs has blasted the government’s failure to plan for the economic impact of a pandemic and stock up on protective equipment for health staff. The Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC) said in a report that it was “astonished” […]

  • Collective State Action Is Needed to Fight This Pandemic Right Now

    By KEN TERRY As COVID-19 cases soar across the country, the federal government has lost control of the situation. Amid the Trump Administration’s happy talk and outright dismissal of the crisis, the U.S. is experiencing a forest fire of contagion and hospitalizations, and an upsurge in COVID-related deaths has already begun. Other countries like Taiwan, […]

  • Will the Drug Repurposing Industry Boom due to the Pandemic?

    Since, the outbreak of novel coronavirus, drug repurposing has become one of the core research strategies for finding a treatment. Several clinical studies for the already approved drugs, have been registered in order to identify cure for the novel coronavirus infection. It is known that on an average, it takes around 12 to 15 years […]

  • THCB Gang Episode 17, LIVE 7/9 1PM PT/4PM ET

    Episode 17 of “The THCB Gang” was live-streamed on Thursday, July 9th! Watch it below! Joining me were some of our regulars: patient advocate Grace Cordovano (@GraceCordovano), health economist Jane Sarasohn-Kahn (@healthythinker), WTF Health Host Jessica DaMassa (@jessdamassa), and guests: Tina Park, partner at Diagram (@diagramoffice) & Shannon Brownlee, Senior VP at the Lown Institute […]

  • COVID-19 Q & A with Animal-Borne Disease Detective Daniel Streicker

    TEDMED Speaker Daniel Streicker provided some great insights about bats and pandemics in his 2018 Talk “What vaccinating vampire bats can teach us about pandemics” and TEDMED blog post. Learn about this Animal-Borne Disease Detective’s perspective on COVID-19 in our Q & A below. TEDMED: What do we know about the origin of COVID-19? Which […]

  • Q & A with Anupam B. Jena

    2020 TEDMED Speaker Anupam B. Jena shares the power of creative observations in his Talk “The profound difference between seeing and looking.” In response to his Talk and his segment on TED Radio Hour, TEDMED spoke with Anupam about observing the changing world during COVID-19. TEDMED: Given the rise of COVID-19, what questions that are […]

  • Q&A with Peter Piot about COVID-19

    At TEDMED’s gathering in Boston, we had the opportunity to interview on stage the world’s top virologist, Peter Piot. In plain English, Peter provided solid scientific knowledge about COVID-19 and how to cope with it. Short answers, clear explanations. Based on that live interview here is a written Q & A supporting the responses to […]